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What Is The Coalition Of Resort Labor Unions?

Yesterday, the Coalition of Resort Labor Unions held a press conference to announce their class action lawsuit against the Disneyland Resort and SodexoMagic (a Disneyland Resort tenant), alleging the company is not complying with Anaheim’s “living wage” ordinance. It received plenty of media coverage – none of which relates much information about the CRLU member unions and their “allies” who ...

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LA Times’ Disney-Anaheim Hack: Sins Of Omission

If case you missed the second installment of the LA Times’s two-part, one-dimensional series on Anaheim and Disney, here’s executive summary: Two anti-Disney candidates – Jose F. Moreno and Arturo Ferreras – ran for Anaheim City Council in November 2016. Disney spent a lot of money on council campaigns. Ferreras lost big and Moreno barely won. This represents a voter ...

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