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What Is The Coalition Of Resort Labor Unions?

Yesterday, the Coalition of Resort Labor Unions held a press conference to announce their class action lawsuit against the Disneyland Resort and SodexoMagic (a Disneyland Resort tenant), alleging the company is not complying with Anaheim’s “living wage” ordinance. It received plenty of media coverage – none of which relates much information about the CRLU member unions and their “allies” who ...

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Resort Unions’ $18 Minimum Wage Initiative Will Be On November 2018 Ballot

On Tuesday, the Anaheim City Council voted to place the Resort union coalition’s $18 minimum wage initiative on the November 2018 ballot, but failed to authorize an economic impact study after an acrimonious council debate. Last week, the Orange County Registrar of Voters certified the initiative had sufficient valid signatures to qualify for the November ballot. The council’s could vote ...

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UFCW Funnels Pro-Moreno IE Through San Francisco-based PAC

The United Food and Commercial Workers union has funneled a $20,000 independent expenditure for Jose Moreno, the left-wing academic running for Anaheim City Council.  UFCW ran the money through PowerPac.org Voter Fund, depositing $36,500 in mid-September and expending it as follows yesterday: – $1,600 to pay for Field Director Javier Mendoza – $13,099.50 for a mailer – $3,345 for phone ...

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