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More Liberal Special Interest Money for By-District Elections: OC Labor Federation Contributes $10,000

On August 7, the OC Labor Federation, via its Orange County Dignity PAC, contributed $10,000 to the Committee for District Elections, the committee running the campaign for by-district council elections. So, we have another contribution from another liberal special interest group interested in carving Anaheim into single-member council districts. The OC Labor Federation joins OCCORD, San Francisco-based PowerPac.org and left-wing ...

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Pro- And Con Arguments Against Single-Member Districts Initiative Filed

This November, Anaheim voters will decide on two initiatives: whether to replace the current at-large council election system with the single-member district (or “by-district”)system being pushed by a left-wing coalition; and whether to expand the city council from four to six members. Ballot arguments for and against the by-district initiative were filed on Monday. The pro argument is signed by ...

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Councilmembers Opposed To Single-Member Districts Not Allowed To Officially Sign Ballot Arguments

UPDATED: After consulting an expert legal mind about the nuanced language of the staff report, the settlement agreement’;s restrictions on single-member district ballot arguments isn’t as draconian as I initially concluded. I’ve revised the post accordingly. Apparently, the commitment of single-member council districts to “authentic representation” doesn’t extend to free and unfettered debate with opponents. Item 18 on tomorrow night’s ...

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