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Moreno Receives Another $3,800 in Left-Wing Money

Left-wing Chicano Studies professor Jose Moreno received two more checks from his fellow travelers on the political portside. $1,900 From UNITE-HERE Local 11 On September 5, UNITE-HERE Local 11 – the militant union representing hotel and food service workers – gave him the maximum contribution of $1,900. This is no surprise, given the ties of ideology and association that bind ...

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Dark Money and San Francisco Bay Area Dollars Sole Financial Support for By-District Elections Campaign

Take a gander at the campaign finance report filed by the campaign to carve Anaheim into single-member council districts. Two things jump out beside the $101,100 in contributions: 93% of that total is the “dark money” hated by the progressives running this campaign  and not a penny of it comes from Anaheim – most is from Northern California. The biggest ...

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Why Hasn’t Robert Rubin Sued the Anaheim City School District?

From the Los Angeles Times: Opening a new front on efforts to improve minority representation on local elected boards,  attorneys  representing several Latino citizens have accused the Coachella Valley Water District of violating the California Voting Rights Act. In a letter delivered Monday to John Powell, the district’s board president, lawyers Robert Rubin and Megan Beaman said the district’s  at-large ...

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