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More Money From San Francisco Promoting Council Districts for Anaheim

PowerPac.org Voter Fund, a progressive political advocacy group based in San Francisco, has donated another $5,000 to the Yes on Measure L campaign, which seeks to replace the current at-large system for electing the city council with a by-district system. Currently, each Anaheim voter is represented by the mayor and four council members who are accountable to them. If Measure ...

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Militant Union “UNITE-HERE” Puts $25,000 Into Measure L Campaign for By-District Council Elections

The campaign for by-district council elections has received another big union check: UNITE-HERE Local 11 contributed $25,000 to the Committee for District Elections, which is the “Yes on Measure L” campaign.  Who does UNITE-HERE Local 11 represent? Hotel workers (and food service employees). Of what does Anaheim have thousands? Non-unionized hotel workers that UNITE-HERE not only wants, but needs as members.  ...

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ACLU Contributes $10,000 to Measure L – the Campaign for By-District Elections

Here’s news for any conservatives and Republicans out there still clicking the heels of their ruby slippers together and telling themselves the campaign for by-district elections is NOT a left-wing political initiative to capture Anaheim city government: the ACLU of Southern California has donated $10,000 to the Committee for District Elections. The Committee for District Elections is the “Yes on ...

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Open Letter to the OC GOP: It’s Time for Clarity on What’s Happening in Anaheim

Yesterday evening, I e-mailed this open letter to members of the Republican Party of Orange County Central Committee: Dear member of the Republican Party of Orange County Central Committee: With the November election is only 10 weeks away, there is an urgent need for clarity among Orange County Republican activists, donors and officeholders about the true political situation in Anaheim. ...

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OCEA Gives $2,135 To Al Jabbar’s AUHSD Trustee Campaign

During the last few days, the Orange County Employees Association has donated $2,135 to the election campaign of Anaheim Union High School District Board of Trustees Al Jabbar, who was appointed to in 2013 to fill a vacancy created by Jordan Brandman’s election to the Anaheim City Council. Jabbar, a Democrat, ran for the Anaheim City School District Board of ...

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By-District Council Elections Initiative Will Be Called “Measure L”

The three initiatives on Anaheim’s November ballot have been christened with their letter names: Measure L: whether to replace at-large council elections with by-district elections. Measure M:  whether expand the city council from four to six members. Measure N:  whether to amend the “Anaheim City Charter regarding water and electric rates be amended to: update language regarding financial reserves, reaffirm ...

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