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City Releases Conceptual Plan for La Palma Park Revitalization

The City of Anaheim published on its Facebook page a conceptual plan for a “re-imaging” of venerable La Palma Park, located on La Palma Avenue between Anaheim and Harbor boulevards in District 3. Here’s the current state of La Palma Park (via Google Maps): From the city’s Facebook page: “After community meetings, we took into account much of the feedback ...

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Cinco De Mayo Festival This Weekend At La Palma Park

The annual Cinco de Mayo fiesta in La Palma Park continues through this weekend. The celebration, which Fiesta United has been putting on in the park since 1971, offers live music, dance performances, carnival rides, games and food, a folklorico competition –  basically lots of ways for the entire family to have fun. Last year, the festival drew an estimated ...

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Homeless Encampments Cleared From La Palma, Schweitzer, Maxwell Parks, Other Locations

[H/T to commenter David Michael Klawe for bringing this to our attention.] The City of Anaheim posted this update yesterday on Nextdoor.com: Anaheim Shelter Plan update: Park encampments cleared More than 150 people have moved to an interim emergency homeless shelter from Maxwell, La Palma and Schweitzer parks, a west Anaheim street corner, an underpass at Gene Autry Way and ...

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La Palma Park Becoming A Homelessness Haven…Again

District 3 Councilman Jose F. Moreno posted this on his Facebook page earlier this week: Fortunately for Moreno’s constituents, they don’t have to go far to do that: La Palma Park in District 3 is again becoming a homeless haven, as these photos taken earlier this week illustrate:   Transients are noticeably absent from the section of La Palma Park ...

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Anti-Camping Ordinance Is Pro-Public, Not “Criminalizing Homelessness”

Some thoughts on the ongoing debate over Anaheim’s recently adopted anti-camping ordinance. For starters, it was good to see the City Council unanimity on the matter. This really isn’t a complicated issue: there is a homeless encampment in La Palma Park which has a deleterious effect on the life of neighboring residents and is effectively denying the use of a ...

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UPDATED: “Is It La Palma Park or La Palma Shelter?”

UPDATED: I’ve added a video clip of Mr. LaFontaine’s remarks at the end of the post. I’m glad the Anaheim City Council acted with unanimity to enact the anti-camping ordinance. I was impressed by the testimony from the many residents who live near the park, who addressed the council last night. They spoke with plain and direct eloquence about their ...

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