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Jason Young Re-Emerges

Halloween approaches, and like a bad horror franchise, Jason Young – the Tonya Harding of Anaheim politics – has re-emerged to sling mud in the Anaheim City Council races. Young is possessed of a simplistic idea: Disney is evil and any candidates it supports must be mindless puppets. The corollary is any candidate or elected official who criticizes Disney is a pure ...

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Brian Chuchua, Jason Young First Big Donors To Jose Moreno Campaign

According to the Anaheim City Clerk’s website, the first big donors to left-wing Chicano Studies professor Jose Moreno’s city council candidacy were Brian Chuchua and SaveAnaheim.com’s Jason Young. Moreno filed to run for Anaheim City Council on August 8. The next day, Chuchua wrote him a check for the maximum contribution of $1,900 and Young cut one for $1,000. Chuchua ...

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Pot, Meet Kettle

Anaheim Insider here. Julie Tait, the wife of Mayor Tom Tait, sent an e-mail to supporters yesterday with a link to an OC Weekly puff piece on the Mayor. In the e-mail, she writes: “When the special interests groups and their lobbyist start coming after Tom, please don’t believe the nasty things you might hear or read.” Yes, because only ...

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SaveAnaheim.com: Gone With the Wind

That was quick. SaveAnaheim.com has come and gone. Jason Young started this his attack blog last year, using it to personally malign political figures he disliked and to apotheosize those he liked.  Young, a wedding videography with a checkered past, employed a simplistic, manichean blogging style that reminded me of old communist organs like Pravda and consiting mainly with re-gurgitating ...

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Jason Young’s Shameful Attempt to Intimidate CAC Member

Anaheim Blog readers remember Jason Young, gadfly wedding videographer with a court record. Jason is about as subtle and nuanced as a sledgehammer. Jason’s favorite tactic is accusing people of being “liars” – an interesting approach from someone convicted of burglary and identity theft. Today, Jason unsheathed his stiletto in an attempt to slash (figuratively speaking) the newest member of the Anaheim ...

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Pro-“Take Back Anaheim” Blogger: “The People Don’t Know What Is Going On”

Let me say right off the bat that I’m not according Jason Young undeserved credibility, but it is worth highlighting a comment he made on the Voice of OC yesterday while tangling with Anaheim Blog contributor Anaheimocrat — if only because Jason’s cognitive dissonance is held in such high esteem by the crowd that opposes the GardenWalk agreement while simultaneously wanting to put it ...

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