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UNITE-HERE Pushing Anaheim To Adopt “Retention” Policy

Wondering what kind of anti-business policies single-member council districts would make more likely in Anaheim? Look no further than UNITE-HERE Local 11’s lobbying of the City of Anaheim to adopt a “retention” policy a la that paragon of mismanagement and ill-governance, Los Angeles. To illustrate how “retention” works, I’ll excerpt from Los Angeles International Airport’s retention policy, which imposes these requirements on LAX contractors: ...

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UNITE-HERE: A Big Cog In Single-Member Council Districts Coalition

I published a series of posts delving into the origins, funding and self-proclaimed mission of OCCORD, one fo the left-wing groups spearheading the drive for electing the Anaheim City Council from single-member districts. You can read those posts here, here, here and here. Another major cog in that coalition is Local 11 of the militant union UNITE-HERE, which represents “more than 20,000 ...

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Citizens Advisory Committee Chairwoman’s Political Tie To Union Staffer Pushing for Council Districts

The Anaheim Citizens Advisory Committee on Elections and Community Involvement meets again this Thursday, March 14 at 6:30 p.m. at the Anaheim Central Library, 500 West Broadway. On the agenda: an overview of the cost of Anaheim elections and the size of the city council, plus a staff update on the ACLU lawsuit against city. If past CAC meetings are ...

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