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Democrat Voters Dominate In 5 of 6 Anaheim Council Districts; “People’s Map” A Big Win For Progressive Interest Groups

The “People’s Map” pushed by a coalition of left-wing pressure groups has taken a largely nominal city-wide Democratic voter registration advantage in Anaheim and converted it into large Democratic advantages in five of the six council districts.  This should come as a surprise to no one since that was always the objective of the campaign for by-district elections, notwithstanding the ...

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Dates Set For Community Input On Drawing Council District Boundaries

The Advisory Committee of six retired Superior Court judges has set the dates for a series of public hearings at which the public can provide their input into where the boundaries of the coming council districts should be drawn. Per the City of Anaheim’s press release: During the first organizational meeting to gather input on drawing Anaheim’s City Council voting ...

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Election Results Illustrate How Measure L Passage Paves Way For Democratic Majority on Anaheim City Council

After reading Chris Nguyen’s analysis of which sections of Anaheim voted for whom, an insightful reader shared with us a different take on the numbers: Chris Nguyen’s analysis missed one key point for the future: turnout levels. Looking just at the numbers in the post, a total of 16,127 votes for Mayor were cast in the Hills, while a total ...

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Anaheim Elections Advisory Committee Member Gloria Ma’ae: “Measure L is Not the Answer for Anaheim”

Gloria Ma’ae is a long-time resident of Anaheim’s flatlands who is active in the civic affairs of the city. When the City Council appointed the Anahem Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) on Elections and Public Participation in 2012 following the ACLU-Jose F. Moreno lawsuit seeking the imposition of by-district council elections without a vote of the people, Gloria applied and was ...

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Life-Long Anaheim Resident Ron Bengochea: “No On Measure L”

Ron Bengochea is a life-long resident of Anaheim and a committed (although I believe now retired) union member and activist. I add the latter for those tempted to dismiss him as “Tea Partier.”  He was one of the few Anaheim residents to faithfully attend meetings of the Anaheim Citizens Advisory Committee on Elections, at which he always took the opportunity ...

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OC Labor’s Top 2014 Priorities: Re-Electing Quirk-Silva and By-District Council Elections in Anaheim

The Orange County Labor Federation’s (OCLF) top two 2014 election priorities are: 1) Re-Elect Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva 2) Adoption of by-district council elections in Anaheim. This is according a presentation in January 2014 – several days after the City of Anaheim-ACLU settlement agreement placing by-district elections on the ballot – by the OCLF, entitled “Analysis of the 2014 Elections In ...

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