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Anaheim School Trustee Juan Alvarez: People Who Didn’t Vote For Bernie Are “Greedy, Racist, Sexist”

When socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders ended his quest for the Democratic presidential nomination last week, it prompted much wailing and gnashing of teeth from his fervent base of revolutionary progressives. Many of the Bernie Bros on Orange County also hold elected offices in Anaheim, Santa Ana and Garden Grove. Juan Alvarez was especially out-out by the demise of the Sanders’ ...

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Sanders’ Minimum Wage Hypocrisy Takes Center Stage

The controversy stemming from Bernie Sanders’ labor dispute with the union representing his campaign field organizers had laid bare the hypocrisy of his attacks on business, especially his fixation on Disney. A centerpiece of Sanders presidential campaign has been his call for more than doubling the federal minimum wage – from $7.25 to $15 an hour.  “There’s nothing “extreme” about ...

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US Chamber of Commerce To Senators Sanders, Warren: Debate Minimum Wage in D.C., Not at Disneyland

[from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce] Debate in D.C., Not at Disneyland by Glenn Spencer Senior Vice President, Employment Policy Division U.S. Chamber of Commerce A batch of Democratic lawmakers from Washington, D.C. recently weighed in on an economic issue most prominently raised by the Fight for $15 campaign over the past several years—specifically, higher wages.  On this occasion, however, ...

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Bernieheim: Barnes Feelin’ The Bern

Anaheim Insider here. Socialist U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders came to Anaheim this past Saturday to plump for the unions’ $18 minimum wage initiative that’s expected to be on the November ballot. The venue was The River Church arena next to City Hall, and the arena was packed with Resort union activists and progressive Democratic activists. It was unsurprising that left-wing ...

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Bernie In Anaheim: Class Warfare Rhetoric Misses Resort Reality

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, the socialist from Vermont, brought his class warfare road show to Anaheim this past Saturday, tossing out the standard progressive tropes about “corporate greed” and throwing his support behind a union initiative to impose an $18 an hour minimum wage on targeted Anaheim Resort businesses. Sanders tried to imbue the union initiative with a moral patina:  ...

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Jose Moreno Thinks Anaheim Should Listen To…Socialist Bernie Sanders!

A few days ago, Jose Moreno, the left-wing academic and candidate for Anaheim City Council, posted this on his Facebook page: Bernie Sanders, for those who don’t know, is a self-described socialist. His solution for “income inequality” is to classic left-wing “soak the rich” tax increases and re-distributive economics combined with restricting our 1st Amendment political free speech rights (to ...

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