Jose Moreno

Tait Tilts Against “Special Interests”; Hit-Lady Ward Threatens

Anaheim Insider here. The real one. Tom Tait had a campaign fundraiser last week. It was mildly attended from what this insider’s sources have said: about 40 people, give or take. Many were family members or staff, along with those you’d expect: Amin David, Jose Moreno, Cynthia Ward; the mayor’s personal clique of supporters more than neighborhood representation. No surprising given ...

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Preaching to the Single-Member Districts Choir

Judging from the OC Register coverage and Facebook photos, the single-member council districts rally organized by the left-wing non-profits OCCORD and OCCCO, it was a case of the choir preaching to the rest of the choir. The Register pegged attendance, which seems a tad generous judging from photos posted by organizers, but OK. If the point of the rally was ...

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Santa Ana Provides a Glimpse of What Progressive Government in Anaheim Would Look Like

Interested in the kind of governance progressives have in mind for Anaheim? Watch Santa Ana under the Sunshine Ordinance regime. Last night, the Santa Ana City Council approved a 5-year strategic plan required by the so-called “sunshine” ordinance adopted in 2012.  Both were largely the products of lobbying by SACReD (the Santa Ana Collaborative for Responsible Development). SACReD is Santa ...

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ACLU and Jose Moreno Cost Anaheim Taxpayers $2 Million

As part of the settlement between the city and the ACLU the left-leaning group’s lawsuit seeking single-member districts for Anaheim City Council elections, the city has to pay the ACLU’s legal costs, which are reportedly to be $1 million. Single-member council district proponents are now trying to shift blame to the councilmembers who oppose single-member districts — which utter nonsense. ...

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Anaheim Council Expected To Settling ACLU’s Single-Member Council Districts Lawsuit

What’s been buzzing around Anaheim for a few weeks is bleeding into the media (OC Register and VOC): during tonight’s closed session, the Anaheim City Council is expected to settle the ACLU’s lawsuit (for which the lead plaintiff is Anaheim City School District Trustee Jose F. Moreno) to replace the city’s at-large council elections with a system of single-member council ...

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AUHSD Going to By-District Elections; Jose Moreno and ACSD Stick With At-Large System

Last week, the Anaheim Union High School District held a series of community forums “seeking community input into the boundaries that will be established under the new by-trustee-area method of electing the Board of Trustees” according to an e-mail sent out by the district.” Earler this year, AUHSD Board decided on a policy of pre-emptive surrender to the possibility of ...

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