Sidhu Makes Appointments To Elections Advisory Commission

Mayor Pro Tem Harry Sidhu has named his appointees to the Citizens Advisory Committee on Elections and Community Involvement: Peter Agarwal and Vic Real. No biographical information to offer at the  moment, but in terms of geographical distribution of commissioners’ residences, Agarwal lives further east than any commissioner, and Real lives further west than any other member of the commission. ...

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Who Is Jason Sumague-Young?

Or Jason Garner Young, depending on the circumstance. In any case, the question isn’t easy to answer. He runs an obscure blog called SaveAnaheim.com that is mainly devoted to attacking the character and integrity of anyone who disagrees with his view of Anaheim politics — especially Councilwoman Kris Murray – and runs a few obscure Facebook pages dedicated to attacking Murray and ...

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Welcome to Anaheim Blog! Anaheim is a great city, in large part due to city leaders with the vision to look far down the road. Leaders who valued business development, keeping neighborhoods safe and conservative ideals. Lately, turmoil has come to Anaheim. Gang members and anarchists manipulate protesters in front of City Hall, sparking riots that have damaged Anaheim’s reputation ...

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