Ryan Ruelas

AUHSD Leadership Traveling To Asia, Europe To Recruit Students From “High Net Worth” Families

The Anaheim Union High School District is sending district staff – including Superintendent Mike Matsuda and Anaheim High School teacher Ryan Ruelas – on recruiting trips to Asia and Europe to convince “high net worth families” to enroll their children in AUHSD schools. The Recruited students would pay tuition of nearly $14,000 to attend an AUHSD high school for their ...

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Anaheim Elementary School Board Endorses Ballot Initiative To Raise Property Taxes

At its October 23 meeting, the Anaheim Elementary School District Board of Education voted unanimously for a resolutions of support for a proposed ballot initiative that would strip Proposition 13 protections from commercial property. If the initiative qualifies for the ballot and passes, it would result in massive increases in commercial property taxes, which would be passed on to small ...

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Should Anaheim Public School Teachers Push Radical Politics On Their Students?

Should public school teachers use their jobs to indoctrinate their students, impressionable young people, in political ideology – especially ones far out of the mainstream of the taxpaying public? Should they hold up violent communist revolutionaries and domestic radicals as objects of esteem for their students? Sadly, that is a question to which citizens and taxpayers must give increasing thought ...

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Local Progressives Go Ballistic On Assemblyman Daly For Not Joining The Anti-Charter School Jihad

The fervor of the Anaheim progressive political claque’s freak-out over Assemblyman Tom Daly’s vote an a teacher union bill is testament to the almost religious intensity of their opposition to charter schools. On May 22, the state Assembly voted 44-19 to approve AB 1505, a teacher union-backed bill to squash charter schools. 17 legislators didn’t cast votes – including Democratic ...

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Ryan Ruelas & Anaheim Teachers Union Picket Award-Winning Charter School

Last month, unionized teachers at The Accelerated Schools (TAS) went on a nearly two week strike against The Accelerated Schools – an award-winning charter school in South Central LA. Picketing with them were officers of the Anaheim Secondary Teachers Association (ASTA) – the Anaheim Union High School District teachers union: Among the ASTA leaders picketing with the strikers was Ryan ...

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Anaheim School District Hires Radical Group To Train Leadership Staff

The Anaheim Elementary School District has hired a radical identity politics advocacy group to train district leadership in “cultural competency relative to Muslims and Islam communities.” At its September 27 meeting, the AESD Board of Education approved an independent contractor agreement with the Los Angeles chapter of Asian Americans Advancing Justice, an progressive legal advocacy group driven by identity politics. It ...

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