Re-Elect Tom Tait Mayor: Why?

This week, the Orange County Register (OCR, 2014) endorsed the re-election of Tom Tait as Anaheim’s mayor, calling him the “best [candidate] to lead the city.” Examining the rationale presented in its endorsement, however, I found little to justify the paper’s support. The OCR cited Tait’s quelling anger and potential violence following riots during 2012 and supporting citizens’ oversight of ...

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Tait Family Hits Anaheim Council Women With Not-So-Subtly Sexist Mailer

Anaheim Insider here. In a condescending, inaccurate mailer funded by the Tait Family Trust, Mayor Tait accuses council women Gail Eastman and Kris Murray of giving a “sweetheart” deal to the city’s public employee unions. The mailer is covered with feminine touches such as hearts, lipstick marks and pink-colored lettering. The Tait family’s mail consultant must have been in a ...

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Tom Tait Joins Other CA Mayors In Sponsoring Pension Reform Initiative for 2014 Ballot

A group of California mayors, including Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait, have submitted a request for title and summary for their Pension Reform Act of 2014 initiative. All are Democrats, except for Tait. From The mayor is proposing a state constitutional amendment intended to allow cuts in pensions earned by current state and local government workers in the future, while ...

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New Police Contract Could Save Anaheim $1.6 Million

Last night the Anaheim City Council voted 4-1 to approve a new, two-year contract with the Anaheim Police Association that ends a practice that increased pension benefits, and starts new hires at a less generous defined-benefit retirement. Mayor Tom Tait voted against approval. From the Voice of OC: Under the contract, the pension formula for new members of the Anaheim Police Association ...

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Large California Cities With Council Districts Are Basket Cases

Proponents of council districts like to say “Anaheim is the largest city in California without council districts” as if that isolated fact were an argument in and of itself. Anaheim is also the largest city in the California with a major Disney theme park. So what? In my experience, denizens of the Left think that sort of rhetoric is extremely compelling. How many ...

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Can You Give Up What You Don’t Need?

I was looking at council candidate John Leos’ campaign website and saw this promise: “I pledge to decline the City car allowance, medical benefits and pension.” – John Leos Except for the car allowance part (and good for John Leos on that count), that’s like a non-smoker promising to give up cigarettes, or a teetotaler promising to give up drinking. ...

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