Yesenia Rojas Arrested For Outstanding Warrant; Says Police “Are The Gang” in Anaheim

Yesenia Rojas, an SEIU-USWW organizer from Anna Drive who has become a de facto media spokesperson for that neighborhood and an active supporter of by-district council elections, as arrested this morning by Anaheim police. According to posts by her network of supporters and friends on Facebook, Rojas was brought in on an outstanding warrant for either interfering with the justice ...

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Body-Worn Cameras Modify Criminal Suspect Behavior, Too

Tomorrow night, the Anaheim City Council will consider spending $1.25 million over five years or the purchase, maintenance, etc. of 250 body-worn video cameras for Anaheim police officers. There will doubtless be a parade of the usual “cops are racist murderers” types who will exploit this item during public comments tomorrow night, and media coverage tends to reinforce the perception ...

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Misplaced Outrage

“Outrage Over Police Shooting Dominates Council Meeting” So reads the headline of the March 26 Voice of OC article on public speakers who voiced their outrage at last week’s  city council meeting. To recap the shooting: Two probation officers checking up on a parolee, approached three men in broad daylight near the intersection of La Palma and Citron. Two of ...

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