2014 Election

The Cult of Personali-Tait

Anaheim Insider here. Has anyone else noticed how the Tait campaign and Tait supporters in general react to any criticism of their man they way Scientologists do toward critics of L. Ron Hubbard? They come unglued at the suggestion the Mayor is wrong on something, being unkind to his colleagues or distorting facts. At the same time, they either enthusiastically ...

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Anaheim in Wonderland: Tait Family Trust Helping the Left-Wing With Misleading Attack on Eastman

The latest example of the topsy-turvy nature of Anaheim politics is a Tait Family Trust-funded attack falsely claiming Councilwoman Gail Eastman is not a good Republican and too close to public employees unions, while simultaneously urging support for Measure L – an  initiative to pave the way for a Democratic take-over of the Anaheim City Council that is sponsored by ...

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Anaheim Maibox: IEs Hitting Jose Moreno On Taxes

For more the last week a series if independent expenditures have been hitting the two official and one unofficial member of Team Tait with a series of negative mailers. Most have been hit against James Vanderbilt and Jose Moreno from the OCTax PAC. The mailers targeting Moreno have focused on his “openness” to a variety of new and increased taxes ...

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VIDEO: Jose F. Moreno “Open” To Gate Tax, Utility Tax, Hiking Local Sales Tax and “Split-Roll” Property Tax

One of the questions put to the candidates at the Anaheim Buzz/Anaheim Hills Community Council forum was a speed-round on taxes. They were asked for a yes-or-no response to whether they supported or opposed: Imposing a “gate” tax on entry to Disneyland Resort, Angel Stadium, the Honda Center and other sports and entertainment venues” A utility tax Raising the sales ...

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Anaheim Mayoral & Council Candidates Forum: The Mayoral Candidates Introduce Themselves

Anaheim Buzz and the Anaheim Hills Community Council (AHCC) sponsored a mayoral and council candidates forum on October 9 at the Influence Center. The forum was recorded on video and the initial segments are being uploaded to the AHCC YouTube channel. Here are self-introductions by Mayor Tom Tait, Councilwoman Lucille Kring and former Councilwoman Lorri Galloway. Mayor Tom Tait: [youtube ...

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Mayoral/Council tracking Poll In The Field

A friend of mine was called for a tracking poll less than an hour ago (about 5:30 p.m.): 1. Will you be voting in the November 4 election?   2. Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Lorri Galloway? Lucille Kring? And Tom Tait?   3. For the election of mayor, which of the following would you pick: ...

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