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Main Street Electrical Parade Returns For Limited August-September Run

Beginning on August 2 the instantly recognizable notes of the iconic “Baroque Hoedown” will waft through Disneyland as the classic Main Street Electrical Parade returns to the Disneyland Resort for an engagement scheduled of nightly performances through September 30. The Electrical Parade has been an institution at Disneyland since it debuted in 1972, and has been enjoyed by generations of ...

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VidCon Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary At Anaheim Convention Center

VidCon – the annual gathering of social media platforms, influencers, brands, industry execs and boat loads of fans – is back at the Anaheim Convention Center today through Sunday, celebrating its 10th anniversary. VidCon’s tremendous growth and influence has paralled that of the social media universe itself, and it has called the Anaheim Convention Center its home since its inception. ...

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OC Register Editorial Page AWOL On Rent Control Push In Anaheim

An OC Register editorial from last week criticized the City of Anaheim’s recently approved contract with the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce, under which the city renewed its traditional, long-standing partnership with the Chamber to promote economic development in Anaheim.  The editorial attempts to contrast it unfavorably with the city council’s mid-2000s approach – praised as a time when “Anaheim made ...

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Campaign 2020: Denise Barnes Veers Left

District 1 Councilmember Denise Barnes campaigned in 2016 as an opponent of government intervention in the marketplace. Two years later, the first-term Republican has veered sharply to the Left – most recently in joining democratic socialist Councilman Jose F. Moreno in supporting price controls on rental properties in Anaheim. Barnes Embraces Rent Control  Rent control is a top political priority ...

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Anaheim City Council Votes Down Rent Control, Saying It Will Not Solve Affordability

The Anaheim City Council last night voted 5-2 to reject a 6-month rent control ordinance proposed by District 3 Councliman Jose F. Moreno. The ordinance would have limited rent increases to 5% plus the Consumer Price Index. Mayor Harry Sidhu, Mayor Pro Tem Lucille Kring and Councilmembers Trevor O’Neill, Jordan Brandman and Steve Faessel opposed the measure, while Councilwoman Denise ...

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Moreno Attacks Colleagues Integrity – Then Complains They Aren’t Cooperative

Councilman Jose F. Moreno regularly accuses or insinuates – without proof or evidence – that his council colleagues trade votes for campaign contributions. At the same time, he also regularly whinges that his council colleagues do not extend him courtesies and considerations for his requests. Here’s a thought: maybe routinely smearing one’s council colleagues isn’t the best strategy for winning ...

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