Dale Jr. High Asst. Principal Jose Lara Recalled From School Board

Earlier this month, Jose Lara, the assistant principal at Dale Junior High School, was recalled from the El Rancho Unified School District Board of Education by a whopping 91% of the vote.

Lara is a political lightning rod and strident advocate of radical politics, including making Ethnic Studies a high school graduation requirement.

The Los Cerritos News has been reporting extensively on Lara and his controversial tenure on the ERUSD Board, including allegations of pay-to-play and mismanagement of school bond construction.

Ironically, Lara had resigned his seat in January of this year in the face of near-certain recall. However, the recall had already qualified and ERUSD voters had their say  on Lara and fellow Board member Leanne Ibarra.  Lara and Ibarra were part of the three-member majority that had controlled the ERUSD Board.  Ibarra was also recalled, by an overwhelming 87% of the vote.

Lara was hired by the Anaheim Union High School District in 2018 to be assistant principal at Dale Junior high School. During Superintendent Michael Matsuda’s tenure, the AUHSD has become a veritable jobs program for progressive politicos.  Lara was hired from the LA Unified School District, where he ran an after-school center that encouraged students to view murderous Communists such as Ho Chi Minh and Che Guevara as role models.

“Che Guevara did fight against dictatorships, right? And if you’re against dictatorships, then you support somebody like Che Guevara,” Lara told Russia Today.. “

Lara has also stated that any school that does not offer an Ethnic Studies curriculum is guilty of “structural racism.”

In 2009, Lara tweeted out this joke:

Image courtesy of Cerritos Community News

Lara now seems focused on helping Councilman Jose F. Moreno campaign to take over the Anaheim City Council. The day before being recalled by by more than 90% of ERUSD voters, Lara and other left-wing AUSHD educators helped Moreno organize a protest march by hundreds of students on June 1 – the same weekend that peaceful protests around the country were degenerating into rioting.

“Keep on organizing. We’ll keep coming here again because we won’t stop until the city hall changes,” Lara told the student protesters at La Palma Park on June 1, according to the OC Register.


  1. Teaching kids to riot protest and loot. News to me that assistant principles removed need to have a vote. He was a hired employee.

    • Drain the swamp

      This is what needs to happen in Anaheim. We are tired of the puppet masters- And the only thing that we can do to change it is to vote out the Matsuda / Moreno connected board members. They have control of the elementary and high school districts.

  2. Anaheim Resident

    Drain the swamp.

  3. I second – Drain the swap. Anaheim will continue to go in the wrong direction until we get this group out of power. The schools their students will be better off when it happens. Our city and its residents will be better off when it happens.

    In the upcoming election we need to identify members of this group and keep them from getting elected. Anaheim blog will you do a story on this? They are looking to take over the Anaheim City Council. Watch your districts and vote wisely.

    • Looking??? They already are. Check out AESD which employs Annemarie Trejo (by the way she is worthless to the students, teachers and Anaheim taxpayers) who uses her position as an AUHSD board member to do as she pleases knowing that none of her supervisors can touch her because AESD’s superintendent Chris Downing is unwilling to allow disciplinary action to take place. Downing and Matsuda are puppeteered by Moreno. We all know that Mrs. Moreno became a principle when her husband had Matsuda installed with the help of his chronies.

  4. Well and we better do it fast because he and his puppet Denise Barnes are threatening To “ If the City Council does not work with business partners to create an agreeable solution, it is certain that an outside group will force the issue through a citizen initiative and special election, likely without the input of those whose patrons will be contributing the fee.”.

    This is what they wrote in that most objective example of journalistic rectitude, the OC Voice. This is so vintage D-bag Moreno pretends someone else will do the deed as if we aren’t aware he’ll launch the grenade and hide the hand. He’s a coward.

    • David Michael Klawe

      Well, at the end of the 10+ hour Council Session, Councilmember Barnes requested a discussion of an Entertainment Tax at the next Council Meeting. Dr. Moreno seconded, but there was no third, even with Denise pleading for one.

      So failed to move forward.

      So if UNITE HERE or another group wants to write a ballot initiative, that is legal (and we know they have had difficulties with that), try and gather signatures during the current COVID-19 situation, and having a bunch of union members wanting to decertify the union due to the attempt to try and prevent Disneyland from reopening, well, they can try.

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