June 1 Protests In Anaheim Mostly Non-Violent; Two More Planned This Week

Several hundred people, mainly youth, protested in Anaheim yesterday against the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and against what they view as systemic police violence against African-Americans.

While there were incidents of vandalism, hurling illegal fireworks at the police, and other instances of disorder, the protests were mostly non-violent.

The Anaheim Chamber of Commerce rallied a small army of people, primarily volunteers, who spent the day boarding up businesses adjacent to the protest site as a precaution against the rioting and looting that has characterized many initially-peaceful protests nationwide. Considering the abundance of graffiti left on the protective plywood, those efforts likely spared those businesses from property destruction.

The protest began in the late afternoon at La Palma Park, which was planned and organized by District 3 Councilman Jose F. Moreno, Aanaheim Union High School District Trustee Al Jabbar, and AUHSD educators/progressive activists Liz Gracian and Jose Lara. AUSHD Trustee and District 4 council candidate Annemarie Randle-Trejo spoke to the students. AUSHD Superintendent Mike Matsuda and Anaheim Elementary School District Trustees Paolo Magcalas and Mark Lopez participated.

In other words, the core of the Jose Moreno political operation.

The crowd was overwhelming high school and college age kids. They wore masks, but there was pretty much zero social distancing. They sported the protest placards that have become standard at these protests, ranging from the conventional “Black Lives Matter” to the more radical “Fuck AmeriKKKa” and “ACAB.” The latter stands for “All Cops Are Bastards”:


“There’s a lot of people hoping you are going to lose your sanity and attack our city and we are here to prove them wrong,” Gracian told the students (as reported by OC Register reporter Jeong Park).  Hopefully, she was referring to the violent elements who’ve been exploiting these protests:

Certainly, no productive member of society harbored any hope these students would participate in looting or rioting.

The students engaged in a rollicking chorus of “F— Trump!”:

Good to know the educators in charge of the protest are encouraging civil and respectful discourse by their students.

Also on hand to exhort the students was Jose Lara, the assistant principal at Dale Junior High School. Lara is a radical political firebrand and exponent of forcing all high schoolers to take Ethnic Studies – i.e. using public school resources to encourage a racial grievance mindset among minority students. Lara views Ho Chi Minh and Che Guevara as role models for our youth.

The following day, June 2, voters overwhelmingly recalled Lara from his seat on the El Rancho Unified School District in Pico Rivera.

The protest organizers clearly anticipated their charges would move on the join the “Fuck The Police” protest in City Hall immediately afterward. Give Lara and Gracian credit for drilling into the students the necessity of behaving peacefully and not engaging in destructive behavior. However, Gracian’s motives were not to avoid property destruction or spare innocent downtown businesses struggling through the COVD-19 shutdown. As she told progressive activist/photographer Gaston Castellanos, she wanted to avoid “another occasion for police brutality.”  Apparently, preserving public order and preventing riots and looting is “police brutality.”

At the same time, Lara’s comments made it clear this protest furthered the organizers’ complementary goal of enlisting these students in Councilman Moreno’s campaign to take control of the city council in November 2020.

La Palm Park Protestors Merge With “F—The Police” Rally

The La Palma Park protest organizers billed it as an alternative to the “Fuck The Police” protest planned an hour later in front of City Hall. Jabbar claimed he and Moreno and their comrades organized the protest “because we don’t want our youth going down there and getting involved in anything that is happening there.”

In other words, in order to avoid having a youthful mass join up with the “Fuck the Police” protest, the Moreno political clique concentrated several hundred young protesters a short distance from “Fuck The Police” rally, an hour before its start time.

That would strike any person of common sense as, at best, a risky plan. And many residents expressed trepidation and questioned the wisdom of assembling hundreds of youth who could then march the short mile and a half to join the “Fuck the Police” event.

Which is what they did, contrary the purpose articulated by the Moreno clique.

It could well have one sideways. Fortunately, the students ultimately took to heart the message of non-violent behavior. Plus, the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce-led effort to protect DTA businesses the violent extremists who showed up of tempting targets (District 3’s councilman was nowhere to be seen as local businesses scrambled to board up their storefronts). While there was some mayhem – spraying graffiti on the boarded up businesses and at least one attempt to break into storefront – the combined protest came off largely peaceful.

Anaheim Chamber of Commerce-led efforts protected downtown Anaheim businesses from destructive protesters, who nonetheless sprayed graffiti. “ACAB” stands for “All Police Are Bastards.” Very peaceful.

Councilman Moreno, Al Jabbar and the other organizers rolled the dice with other people’s property, and won. Moreno was retrospectively nonchalant on Facebook when someone pointed out the students merged with the protesters who were throwing mortars at police officers:

What would Moreno have said if everyone hadn’t “handled it”?

There were instances of violence as instigators attempt to provoke the police by throwing illegal mortar fireworks:

After demonstrating in front of City Hall for a time, the protesters marched around and up and down city streets, the crowd thinning as time went on.  By late in the evening, it was down to some small groups meandering down neighborhoods streets are marching up and down State College Boulevard:

By 10:00 p.m., the affairs was over as law enforcement arrested 20 protesters who attempted looting at the Anaheim Market Place shopping center:

There are two Black Lives Matter protests planned for this week:

Here’s hoping Anaheim’s good luck continue to hold.


  1. Steven Jesse Lewis

    I believe in free speech except when it comes wrapped in communism! Don’t like America, hate whites, then please leave!

  2. Paul Aguirre Martin

    I would like to speak to someone regarding police brutality.
    I’m an 81 year old senior citizen, and have a story to tell about an experience I had with the Anaheim Police Department.
    I can be reached at area code 714 742 1556.

    Thank you,

    Paul Aguirre Martin

  3. Rocio Martinez

    Jose Lara is a parasite. He wasn’t there because he cares. He was there precisely so you guys would write a story about him so he can rebuild his imaginary “political career”. Kicked out of LAUSD, Pico Rivera, always looking for ways to take public funds. He’s being investigated by the county for what he did in Pico Rivera. Don’t leave your wallet unattended around that lap band fatso!!

  4. I Pledge Allegiance To The Flag Of The United States Of America And To The Republic For Which It Stands One Nation Under God Indivisible , With Liberty And Justice For All.

  5. David Michael Klawe

    This week, Jose Lara was recalled from the El Rancho Unified School District, while not final, the current results has 91.64% of voters in favor of the recall.

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