Local Leftists Romanticize Minneapolis Rioting

In the wake of the horrifying, senseless killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer, the Twin Cities have been predictably engulfed by rioting and looting.

Judging by subsequent news, the police officer who killed Mr. Floyd, Derek Chauvin, shouldn’t have been wearing a badge. He is being charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter, and hopefully meets the full measure of justice.

But don’t expect the rioters to stop their rampage anytime soon.

And night follows day, the rioting has been met with excuse-making – and even glorification – by denizens of the political Left, including here in Orange County.

Victor Valladares, the social justice warrior recently ousted as West Vice Chairman of the Democratic Party of Orange County, actually hosted a watch party on his Facebook page of two livestreams of rioting and looting in Minneapolis. Valladares headlined his watch parties with the hollowed-out cliche “No justice! No peace!”:

In one of the videos, you can see one of the rioters holding a walkie-talkie while taunting riot police. These guys are organized and coordinate their actions.

Another local radical, Anaheim Elementary School District Trustee J. Paolo Magcalas, signaled his solidarity with the rioters with the clenched fist of identity politics:

Note the use of the term “Filipinx” – like Latinx – the woke jargon used by no one outside progressive identity politics circles.

Anaheim Unified High School District Trustee Al Jabbar posted this progressive political video fretting that “white dudes” are giving the “uprising” a bad name:

Why do leftists insist on dignifying rioting mobs as “uprisings”? And amidst all the wanton destruction, why are this “news service” and Jabbar concerned that an violent antics of an antifa thug might tarnish the rioting? It’s hard to believe they don’t recognize an antifa thug when they see one. They are fixtures at these “uprisings.” It’s what they do. A better question is whether there is any real moral distinction between antifa thugs and the other radical ringleaders – or ordinary people exploiting the chaos to loot.

Local progressive blogger Vern Nelson had this to say:

Maybe Vern can answer his own question: how many police stations is he willing to see burned? Talk about a moral blind spot.

Valladares mentor and defender, Councilman Jose F. Moreno, also offered his two-cents on social media. The Chicano Studies professor reached into his bag of shopworn aphorisms and pulled out Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous canard “riot is the language of the unheard”:

There was a minor riot in Anaheim in 2012. Given that history, it is reckless for an Anaheim councilman to justify rioting as the “language of the unheard.”

Dr. King was a great man of true moral courage, but he was off-the-mark when he said this – and his implicit justification of rioting has not held up well over time. It is enough to condemn mob violence on its own terms. Regardless of his own intent when uttering them, radicals continue using his words to justify mob violence.

It was African-Americans who suffered the worst from the urban riots of the 1960s.  Not only did many die in those riots, but it was black neighborhoods and business districts that were destroyed – often for decades. Thousands of black-owned businesses were ruined – never to recover.  The four days in rioting in Washington DC following King’s assassination laid waste to the city’s black business and shopping district. It would be decades before those areas recovered – and it would be due to the “gentrification” that Councilman Moreno deplores.

For all their rage about race relations, the rioters color-blind when it comes to looting businesses. Even black business owners who have taken public stands against police brutality are fighting off looters to protect their businesses and livelihoods.

What happened to George Floyd was hideous. He and his family deserve justice. But it is wrong to romanticize the burning and looting in Minneapolis as an “uprising” or some “manifestation of generations of pain.” That’s social science nonsense. Are there those among to rioters voicing genuine frustration and anger? Of course. What there is more of is people taking advantage of the chaos to act out their darker impulses without fear of consequence. And there are the organized elements – the antifas, the Party of Socialism and Liberation and other anarchic and anti-police groups who are drawn to civil disturbances like moths to flame. They revel in it.

What we are seeing in the Twin Cities is a phenomenon as old as mankind: the violent mob.  And it is law abiding citizens, property owners and the people who live and work in the riot-torn neighborhoods who are paying the price.

But don’t expect much hand-wringing on their behalf by Messers. Moreno, Magcalas, Valladares and Jabbar.

Normal people are disturbed, sickened and angered by the video of Officer Chauvin killing George Floyd.  And normal people watch the scenes of rioting. burning and looting, they reaction isn’t to thrust a fist in the air and shout “No justice! No peace!” Whey they see businesses that are already struggling to survive the COVID-19 pandemic being burned to the ground – or watch a jubilant mob jeering police cars escaping a burning precinct building – they don’t ruminate about it being the “language of the unheard.” They grasp what escapes the radicalized apologists: mob violence undermines the institutions of ordered liberty and lawful society.


  1. Larry herschler

    Mob violence always cheapens the actual incident. The police officers should be tried and found guilty. The thugs and rioters should also be tried and prosecuted. The losers in these situations are the families and businesses that are destroyed.

    • David Michael Klawe

      Here in Anaheim, we are looking to find Affordable Housing when feasible, and doing better at it.

      But to see folks burn down a project designed to help the neighborhood, you ask, Why?

      And who burned it down, the locals who are outraged, or those “regulars” who came from out of the area to cause chaos and destruction? The latter need to be punished, including trying to recoup costs, or be forced to provide free labor as part of their sentence.

      I hope we have a fair trial for all four officers, and they get a full sentence if found guilty. Everyone deserves a fair trial, including officers and looters and arsonists.

  2. Until we remove the”qualified immunity” in the justice system our broken legal system will keep deciding 98% of the time in governments favor. Tort reform is another major issue that needs to happen.

    • Thank you for acknowledging the crippling impact “qualified immunity” has on the American justice system.

      Here’s one group taking it on police accountability – National Police Accountability Project: https://www.nlg-npap.org/about-npap-justice/

      Also, here’s an anti-riot interview from a father who’s son was wrongfully killed by a Minneapolis police officer 4 years ago – https://cbsloc.al/2AkloMf He believes the riots are hurting the cause to hold bad cops accountable. We need to listen to him.

  3. Jonathan Cherry

    You are joke. You are inserting your political bias in what would otherwise be informative journalism. So sad you you can’t see the forest for the trees.

    • It’s called opinion journalism. This article is entirely factual, and the statements/posts by the leftists in question are presented in their entirety. If you’d care to have a discussion, by all means. If you just want to be a troll, we’ll take that for what it is.

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