Kaiser Permanente Conducts Trial Run Of Drive-Thru Coronavirus Testing At Anaheim Facility

Earlier this week, residents and motorists near the intersection of Riverdale and Lakeview noticed large, quonset hut-like tents and an  array of EZ Ups in the parking lot of the Kaiser Permanente building.

Yesterday, it popped up on Nextdoor.com and created a stir, with comments such as: “Does anyone have info on what this is about? Why this is being done? Is this a City thing? A County thing? This is a Testing and/or Containment area being setup in our local neighborhood!!!! Has anyone been informed about this?”

Earlier today, Kaiser Permanente’s senior public affairs director John Stratman issued a statement explaining the purpose of the tents:

“Late Tuesday afternoon Kaiser Permanente set up a series of tents in the parking lot of our Lakeview Medical Office Building. The purpose of the tents was solely to do a trial, logistical run, should the County and/or Kaiser Permanente experience a surge of potentially infected COVID-19 (Coronavirus) individuals in need of drive through testing. Let me stress, this was only a test for our future planning purposes should the need arise. Please know that any tents and infrastructure currently in place, will be removed after we have finalized our proof of concept, pending any inclement weather.”


  1. Thank you for preparing

    • Thank you for this info. We saw it yesterday when we drove by.
      As a Kaiser member and living in the immediate area, this is important information.

  2. I’m hoping they will let us know if they begin testing. I’m a member and live in an assisted living facility so need to get checked but will have to take the our bus there along with a few others from here.

  3. I am so pleased and proud of you, Kaiser Permanente leaders! You have always given to the community and staff with your labor/management efforts to understand the needs of each other and seek to achieve both. In my 41 years working mostly in the GI department I have never been disappoint in how I was treated by the personnel, including physicians in every department I needed to interface with. You also strive for excellence raising the bar to be the leader and at the forefront in best practices to keep ahead of all infectious deases and threats to your community. Whatever you have been doing at
    the Lakeview parking lot I know it’s great and will be a tremendous help for the neighbors around.

    Best regards!
    Janice R. Wood RN, BSN, MSN, Nurse endoscopist

  4. I’m hoping you keep Kaiser members like me informed about ALL updated testing information in Orange County. I am a long time Kaiser member. I live in Anaheim. How will we get this information?

  5. Testing without symptoms of a virus is NOT what you do. It’s also good to see they are preparing for a possible big outbreak.

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