Jose F. Moreno Charged With Conspiracy, Loitering By OC District Attorney In Illegal Protest Action

Anaheim Councilman Jose F. Moreno has been charged with one misdemeanor count each of loitering and conspiracy to for his part in an illegal union demonstration action that shut down the busy Harbor and Katella intersection during the Anaheim Convention Center’s biggest trade show this January.

The arraignment is scheduled for April 19, 2019, at 8:30 a.m. in Department N-8, North Justice Center, Fullerton.

You can read more about the incident here and here.

“As the District Attorney, I respect the right to protest, but all of us are required to do it in a lawful manner,” said Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer. “The right to protest is afforded to everyone; exercising that right does not allow anyone to break the law and bring traffic to a complete standstill.”

In a statement, the District Attorney’s office said the “intersection of Harbor Boulevard and Katella Avenue is one of the busiest intersections in the Anaheim Resort District with nearly 40,000 vehicles traveling through the intersection daily.”

According to the OCDA, the following defendants each face one misdemeanor count of unlawful loitering upon public passageway so as to obstruct free passage (Anaheim Municipal Code section 7.28.010), and one misdemeanor count of conspiracy to violate that code section:

  • Irene Elizabeth Arellano, 29, Anaheim
  • Matthew Ross Bell, 43, Garden Grove
  • Ada Francis Briceno, 46, Stanton
  • Lori Anne Elizabeth Condinus, 54, Hawthorne
  • Abigail Espinosa, 26, Anaheim
  • Jaime Gomez, 29, Costa Mesa
  • Andrew R Hausermann, 31, Long Beach
  • Margarita Hernandez Hernandez, 47, Anaheim
  • Emma Rebekah Jensen, 37, San Clemente
  • Jeffrey Brian Letourneau, 62, Brea
  • Martin Gerardo Lopez, 53, Anaheim
  • Jesus Herera Manjarrez, 66, Anaheim
  • Joseph Savoy McLaughlin, 55, Irvine
  • Susan Michi Minato, 57, Los Angeles
  • Jose Frank Moreno, 49, Anaheim
  • Caroline Phuong Bich Nguyen, 28, Fullerton
  • Manuel Otilio Ortiz, 59, Garden Grove
  • Maria Guadalupe Ortiz, 58, Garden Grove
  • Kurt Patrick Petersen, 53, Los Angeles
  • Tim Phan, 29, Whittier
  • Ana Maria Rodriguez, 47, Buena Park

Ada Briceno is the head of UNITE-HERE Local 11 and chair of the Democratic Party of Orange County.


  1. Good for District Attorney Spitzer. Interesting that only 6 of the 21 LIVE in Anaheim. Those participating should be subject to our laws.

  2. Love it… now make him reimburse the City for the expenses of his grandstanding!

  3. Cathy D: I second as I could not agree more.

  4. David Michael Klawe

    If I was the Judge, I would request from the city of Anaheim a detailed cost breakdown due to the protest, and then divided that amount by 21. For example, if the costs were $63,000, I would fine each charged person $3,000 plus court costs for the arrest, and then 2 days in jail (no early release) for the conspiracy.

    The County does offer a weekend jail program, but charges a fee to cover the costs. So let them pay and check in Friday Night at 6 PM, and then released Sunday Night at 6 PM. For those not wishing to pay, then they will spend two weekdays in jail.

    Also place a stipulation that if any of them are arrested again due to a protest, that the second arrest would have much steeper penalties, to try and prevent something similar happening in the future.

    • DMK: Your suggestions are fair and will send a message of how unacceptable this criminal behavior is and that Anaheim will not stand for it. Those living in Anaheim are affected. Negotiate/protest your wants/dislikes within the confines of our laws and if you do not you will be subject to them.

  5. I’m sure Gregory A. Diamond will be able to represent this group in court and talk the judge into making this misdemeanor charge murder one.

  6. Hey Matt, you really put some effort into this one 🙂 – a copy and paste job from the DA website. I’m glad I’m not paying you for this stuff. For the record, my last name is spelled with a capital L – McLaughlin.

  7. Cleveland Browns Fan

    Here’s hoping the judge orders everyone arrested to pay a fair share of the cost for Anaheim’s costs for policing this stunt. Jail time should be mandatory.

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