Anaheim PD To Field Its First All-Female Team Of Sworn Officers At Baker-To-Vegas Run

Twelve of the 20 women (plus four alternates) from the Anaheim PD that will be competing in the upcoming Baker to Vegas 35th Annual Challenge Cup Relay 2019 are shown here after the final team meeting on March 13. Photo by Steven Georges/Behind the Badge

From Behind The Badge:

The three female Anaheim PD officers were cooling their jets at happy hour following a long day of participating on an oral board panel.

Then, the idea hit them:

Why don’t we try putting together an all-female team of sworn officers for the Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay for law enforcement?

The conversation happened last year, just before the annual 120-mile weekend adventure that attracts some 260 teams and 8,000 runners, staff and supporters.

For Officer Flora Palma and Det. Leslie Vargas and Det. Julissa Trapp, it was an audacious plan.

Never before had the Anaheim PD fielded an all-female team of 20 runners and four backup runners who all were sworn officers.

Palma whipped out a pad and the three of them started writing down the names of all the female APD officers they knew. They came up with more than 25 names and signed their names below the list in a written oath to follow through with their plan.

Later, Palma, Vargas and Trapp were pleased to learn the APD has a total of 32 female officers, out of a total of 400 sworn personnel.

Now, with this year’s running of the Baker to Vegas relay set for next weekend, March 23-24, the “8 Percenters” — women ages 24 to over 50 — are ready to pound the pavement in the Mohave Desert (the team name refers to the percentage of APD officers who are female).

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  1. Good luck APD. Run on!

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