Anaheim Councilman Jose F. Moreno Wants Correa To Support Medicare-For-All…For Santa Ana Residents

Adding more fuel to speculation he will mount a left-wing primary challenge to Democratic Rep. Lou Correa, Anaheim Councilman Jose F. Moreno continues baiting Correa on supporting Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare-for-All” legislation:

Medicare-for-all gets rid of all private health insurance and Medicare, and replaces them with a government-run health system into which we would all be forced.

Note that Anaheim Councilman Moreno claims Medicare-for-All is needed by “our families” in Santa Ana – which happens to be the largest city with the largest body of voters in the 46th Congressional District. In fact, no mention of Anaheim.

Note also Moreno’s classic progressive framing: if Correa sides with common sense and fiscal sanity, then it means he is being “intimidated” by corporate special interests. It’s interesting that when it comes to deciding whether to throw our current health care system out the window, Moreno wants Correa to ignore the people who create life-saving drugs, operate the hospitals we depend on and the insurers who enable Americans to access the best health care in the world.

That may be how ivory tower ideologues living in the realm of academic theory approach using government to re-order society. But it isn’t what reasonable people operating in the realm of wisdom and common sense do.

The estimated 10-year price tag for Medicare-for All is a staggering $32.6 trillion – that’s trillion – dollars. That price tag will rise significantly since Sanders wants to add in generously-defined long-term care  – with no income or assets tests to qualify, and no co-pays or deductibles.

There aren’t enough rich people in this country to generate enough tax revenue to pay for this scheme – even if the federal government confiscated all of their money. So how does Councilman Moreno propose paying for the scheme for which he demands Correa’s support? Don’t expect Moreno to provide an answer. After all, after traveling as far as he has into democratic socialist fantasyland, why bother with bothersome details like financing and economic impacts?

Moreno’s fervent support for this destructive socialist program does paint an interesting contrast with the image of fiscal probity he tries to project from the council dais. Next time the District 3 councilman tries to play fiscal watchdog when attacking policies he dislikes, his colleagues might point out his support for a policy that would bankrupt the country while worsening health care for all.

Again, if Moreno runs against Correa, it will be interesting to see if the democratic socialist from District 3 runs as a full-throated supporter of Medicare-for-All, since polling shows that voter support for it drops significantly as they learn more about it.

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