Moreno Thinks Anaheim Should Listen To Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

After drawing the figurative short-straw in December 2016 requiring him to run for re-election in just two years, Councilman Jose F. Moreno turned down the temperature on his public leftism. Campaign promises to repeal the anti-camping ordinance and make Anaheim a Sanctuary City were plopped down the memory hole. Gone was regular promotion of left-wing politics and policies on social media.

Moreno was re-elected last November and due to term limits cannot run for another consecutive council term. The leftist politics he downplayed between 2016 and 2018 are back on full display.

For example, last week he shared a video of democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria “Green New Deal” Ocasio-Cortez speaking at a hearing called by congressional Democrats to promote HR 1 – a bill that would introduce taxpayer funding of campaigns and increase federal government control of campaigns and political speech.

Using a panel of like-minded progressive campaign “reform” activists as a Greek chorus, Ocasio-Cortez riffs through the tired claim that corporations succeed in the marketplace via campaign contributions (not by innovation or creating necessary or desirable products).  Moreno praises AOC for giving us a “public education” and thinks her simplistic exposition is applicable to Anaheim and Orange County:

Moreno’s political ally and former campaign manager Al Jabbar shared the same post:

It’s worrisome that Moreno and Jabbar consider AOC to be credible. She also believes that through massive government intervention in our lives (her words) – we can, by 2030, ban all fossil fuel use, replace air travel with high-speed trains, get rid of cars that use gas, give everyone a guaranteed government job (whether they want it or not), end air travel, give everyone a government-guaranteed job (and mandate union membership), retrofit or replace every building in America to meet “state-0f-the-art”energy efficiency – just for starters.

Democratic strategist Mark Penn says her “Green New Deal” has more in common with Mao Zedong than FDR. AOC’s Green New Deal is the political equivalent of belief in the Tooth Fairy.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez occupies the ideological fringe. She is far outside the political mainstream where most Americans – regardless of party affiliation – live. Yet, that’s who Moreno and Jabbar would have us look to as an expert on governance and campaign reform. It also a reminder of the two Anaheim progressives’ selective dislike of money in politics.

Moreno led the push for council districts in Anaheim. The campaign for Measure L – the 2014 ballot initiative that instituted by-district council elections in Anaheim – spent more than $422,000, nearly all of it from political interest groups from outside of Anaheim. Moreno had no problem with out-of-town special interests spending big to re-structure city governance.

Jabbar is deputy chief of staff for Supervisor Doug Chaffee. Last year, the Orange County Employees Association spent $545,706 to elect Chaffee – who will be voting on collective bargaining agreements with OCEA. Public employee unions are government organized as a special interest. Neither Jabbar nor Moreno had any issue with OCEA opening the spigots to pick the supervisor that would vote on its contracts.

Apparently it’s OK when progressive special interest spend huge sums of money to elect politicians and influence public policy.


  1. I love this site. I found it while looking for news in my city, little did I know that I was reading Breitbart’s Orange Country division. Now I just read this site to keep my finger on the pulse of the ideological nutballs behind the orange curtain. Your creative choices of adjectives to describe The Opposition™ and facebook meme-sourced bullet points belie any sort of neutrality that “anaheimblog” ought to have. Was conservativeanaheim not available?

    • The main author here uses the old-school conservative talking points when it suits his purpose. But this is mostly a site devoted to crony capitalism and corporate welfare, which are not real conservative values.

    • Ken Wo, keeping hate alive.

      • Is nutball a term of hate? I’m not sure that would square with the traditional definition of hate but you do you. You are a unique and precious snowflake and I apologize for invading your safe space.

        • KW your comment was hateful. Fairness here yes. Caring about Anaheim and all of its citizens does not make the commentary published here snowflake like. Im not sure that your use of snowflake and safe place would “square with the traditional definition, but you do you.”

  2. Jose thinks he is the male equal of AOC. He’s not. He is a pendejo seekibg higher office against Tom Daly or Lou Correa. He is a joke. Ask his brother in law Izzy.

  3. David Michael Klawe

    Why did Dr. Moreno pull Item 7, a consent Item last night at the council meeting? He knows exactly how it works, or should have asked the question 2 years ago, as this basic process has been done on a regular basis.

    But it was his only opportunity to speak and hear his own voice for 5 minutes, nothing else.

    But he wasted everyone else’s time, and cost the city money in paying the staff to stay longer than necessary.

  4. We need to get Jose Moreno, Al Jabbar and their comrades out of Anaheim. The fact that these two find
    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez credible should scream who they are. He has shown who he is many times. Anaheim should have enough criteria to say we have had enough.

  5. I agree but Mayor Kring, Brandman, ONeil, Fassel, and wannabe Mayor Sidhu are way worse than Moreno. They control the majority on the council. Sidhu has already given money back to those who gave him campaign money, while he tries to stop free speech. He and his cronies must go. I agree Moreno is a socialist all ways has been and always will be, the difference it Tait is not there to reign him in.

  6. TheDPOC will entertain a resolution to abolish ICE pushed for by Moreno. Let’s get him on the record to abolish Anaheim PD. Donna Acevedo will support it.

  7. I am very interested in the proposal you describe. The eradication of ICE (or ABOLISH ICE) movement is theatre.

    Do Moreno, Nelson, Valladares, Briceno and Judah support the exploitation of young girls?

    More than 100 victims under 16 were saved in 2016 in ANAHEIM ALONE. See US DOJ Figures. So lets presume that the authorities saved 50% of the victims and Anaheim represents 35% of the county (sex trafficking is not unique to underserved, poor communities, like Anna Drive).

    So lets guess that more than a THOUSAND children were victims of rape and abuse and even worse, like torture.

    This makes Mirevette, Ada, Vern and the other morons look complicit in supporting the ABUSE of children.

    How about smuggled goods, animals, technology? These idiots have no idea what they are saying.

    ABOLISH ICE is a stunt. Yeah credibility central.

  8. “AOC for giving us a “public education” and thinks her simplistic exposition”? Really? You call her quack ideas public education? I will say they’re simplistic, they sound like a 3th grader writing a paper how to save the world.

  9. DPOC experts candidates and elected to tow the party line. Or else. Ada has already lost control

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