How UNITE-HERE Stages Choreographed “Arrests” – Explained

UNITE-HERE Local 11 is organizing a protest this evening with the intent of disrupting the opening day of the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Show. This carefully scripted protest will climax with the staged arrest of dozen or so people, including left-wing Councilman Jose F. Moreno.

“Staged” does not mean fake: the arrests will be real but they will be highly choreographed. UNITE-HERE Local 11 boss Ada Briceno has a list of designated arrestees. The Anaheim police know they’ll be making these arrests and who they’ll be arresting.

So how does one choreograph these symbolic arrests? Anaheim resident, council gadfly former council candidate Duane Roberts described the process in a comment last night on Briceno’s Facebook page, responding to this very question, based on his own experience participating in UNITE-HERE staged arrest event:


Duane Roberts‘ politics are very different from the political philosophy of this website, and while he almost certainly supports the Local 11’s goals, Robert’s is his own man politically.

As noted, these planned arrests may be staged, but the waste of public safety resources to subsidize the political agenda(s) of Briceno and Moreno is very real.


  1. The Anaheim PD needs to bill them for taking up police resources don’t arrest them until they demand to be charged for it.

  2. Let NAMM go elsewhere. Then Ada can explain to union members why their jobs went away

    Wonder if Long Beach State can terminate Jose over his arrest?

  3. David Michael Klawe

    I was a press reporter years ago, when UNITE HERE 11 was on strike against the three Disney Hotels.

    The Union staged near the Paradise Pier Hotel, then marched east on Katella and then North on Harbor to Disney Way, making sure they arrived at the intersection at a specific time.

    The Anaheim Police was there, ready to block the intersection. In fact, the blocked Harbor South at Manchester and Harbor North at Katella before anyone entered the street.

    Only when the APD gave the all clear was the press allowed to enter the intersection first, followed by those who were “willing to be arrested”. The protest went on for a few minutes, with most remaining on the sidewalks, while the cameras rolled. Then at a specific signal, the APD came in with the one way cable ties and started to read the demand to dispurse. After which the person’s, one by one, were handcuffed with the ties and walked east on Disney Way to a set of Police vehicles, where they were started to be processed, driven to the APD building on Harbor and quickly released.

    Not one Disneyland Cast Member entered the intersection, as that could have caused a problem with their employment record, just volunteered.

    So structured, we were given the timeline in Advance, so we knew where the best photo ops would be, and how to plan the day.

    Of course, the timing was designed for the TV News reports.

  4. David Michael Klawe

    How much money do the UNITE HERE 11 members make in Tips and Service Charges this week. A news article placed the pay starting at $17.

    A recent SCNG article discussed another UNITE HERE member who stated those at minimum wage of $11 actually was over $24 after the service charges they got.

    So that means at least $32 a hour, with many making more than that.

    Why does Unions demand that a “Living Wage” not include tips and Service Charges, especially since that is a significant amount of money earned and can be used toward household expenses.

  5. This guy puts his principles where his mouth is.

    Better than anyone running this rag of a blog.

    Good for Moreno. Glad he’s not pretending to be anything.

    • “Glad he’s not pretending to be anything.”

      I think you mean at least he’s stopped pretending he’s not a left-wing radical. Mao Zedong put his principles where his mouth was, too. The problem is his principles sucked. So do Moreno’s.

    • Are you stupid?

  6. I hope our officers know tighter than tight. I also wish Ben Hittesdorf still worked there.

  7. Fake news. Moreno is a pendejo.

  8. David Michael Klawe

    Well the plan is to block Harbor and Katella.

    All public buses on Harbor and Katella have been rerouted to avoid the intersection. Both OC Bus and ART tourist buses.

  9. And they have nothing to do with NAMM, they just think $17.00 isn’t enough in janitirial.THE WANT $25.00… What about the certified jobs that actually took schooling, they’ll be making less. THE UNIONS ARE SUCH A JOKE. MORENO IS A JOKE

    GET MORENO OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Leave Moreno in jail

  11. Jose Moreno has a big smile while being arrested, and this is who we elected to represent District 3. Nice our councilman trying to embarrass one of our biggest clients therefore forcing the city he represents to comply with those protesting.

    Just another example of who he is and what he stands for.

  12. Moreno is disgusting. He in no way shape or form represents the residents of District 3. Never has and never will. 1382 days until the next election and counting.

  13. Harry Sidhu send Unite Here the bill for the show. Why did the police allow the grandstanding. They should have been left in jail and they definitely should be prosecuted.

    Who are they to protest in the street that 17.00 an hour is not enough? In reality most are paid based on their skill set. If they union feels so strongly maybe they should not charge the workers because they are doing all of this because they care about them so much. You can choose to leave a union and not lose your job. Are the workers to about that? They should be.

    Unite Here owns Jose Moreno. He would not have been elected without them so he must do their bidding, or their support dries up.

    What a disgusting, laughable display by those elected officials in attendance. What are you teaching kids?

    Todd Spitzer throw all the charges you can at them.
    Harry Sidhu do all you can.

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