UPDATED: UNITE-HERE, Moreno Choreographing Staged Mass Arrest In Front Of NAMM Show

UNITE-HERE Local 11 is choreographing a stage-managed mass arrest during its planned disruption of the NAMM Show’s opening day tomorrow evening. The leading man in this “civil disobedience” production? District 3 Councilman Jose F. Moreno.

News began leaking out earlier today that UNITE-HERE Local 11 had informed the Anaheim Police Department of its plans to break the law tomorrow evening – even providing a list of the designated law-breakers.

Talk about kabuki protest. Any OC leftists who is anyone will be there.

Ada Briceno – the Local 11 boss and new chair of the OC Democratic Party – announced on her Facebook page this afternoon that Moreno would be headlining their staged arrest/media opportunity:

Councilman Moreno has expressed his concern – on several occasions – about the strain on finite police resources and manpower. Apparently, that concern is trumped by the political necessity for him and his union allies to waste police effort and man-hours conducting and processing deliberately-provoked arrests for purely political purposes.

Keep in mind that in order provoke arrest by the Anaheim police, Moreno, Briceno and their comrades have to engage in acts the police deem as endangering the public. Think about that: an Anaheim councilman will engaged in behavior that by definition endangers the public, in order to provoke an arrest for purely political purposes.

This is the same Moreno who a week ago publicly castigated the Orange County Sheriff’s Department for – in his opinion – violating SB 54, the Sanctuary State law. Apparently, Moreno believes breaking the law is OK if it helps a union ally win a labor dispute.

In the conversation thread of her Facebook post, Briceno assured progressive activists they could attend without worrying that being booked would interfere with their schedules – since only pre-designated protesters would be arrested:

Later, Anaheim council gadlfy and activist Duane Roberts explains how union-choreographed “arrests” work:

You can’t make this stuff up.

The call is going out over social media for progressive activist bodies to wave UNITE-HERE signs:

Briceno and Moreno claim their fighting for “fair wages” for UNITE-HERE members who work at the Anaheim Hilton and Sheraton Park hotels – where starting hourly wage for housekeepers is about $17. According to sources, the union is demanding the same deal they extracted from luxury hotels in Los Angeles last month: escalating the starting hourly wage to $25 by 2023.

What Briceno and Moreno ignore is – as always – economics. Average room rates at those luxury hotel properties in Los Angeles are significantly higher than at the Anaheim Hilton and Sheraton Park. Leftists like Moreno and Briceno must believe all businesses have the equivalent of Scrooge McDuck’s treasure vault – stuffed with an inexhaustible supply of gold to satisfy their demands.

The Anaheim Hilton is one of a very few Anaheim Resort hotels whose workers represented by UNITE-HERE Local 11. The Hilton is also characterized by regular changes of ownership. Coincidence?

This is most likely part of the opening act of a Jose F. Moreno primary challenge to Rep. Lou Correa or Assemblyman Tom Daly – both of whom he despises as “corporatist” Democrats.

Indeed, what we are seeing tomorrow is the Jose F. Moreno who ran for city council in 2016 but went into hibernation after the drawing of lots meant he had to run for re-election in just two years. During 2017 and 2018, candidate Moreno was replaced by the carefully modulated, circumspect Councilman Moreno 1.0 – who quickly forgot his campaign promises to repeal the anti-campaign ordinance and support making Anaheim a Sanctuary City.

Councilman Moreno 2.0 is termed out with nothing to lose politically, and his leftism is presenting itself fully. Engaging in some labor martyr street theater helps burnish his progressive street cred with the restive radical Left.

District 3 residents will be gratified to know their council representative is devoting his time to wasting their police resources on self-serving political grandstanding – while simultaneously causing Anaheim’s biggest, most lucrative trade show to have second thoughts about staying in Anaheim.

But hey – all revolutionaries understand that revolutions have casualties and collateral damage.


  1. Were these folks at Loara HS last night to say “thank you ” to NAAM, ?

    • David Michael Klawe

      Seems like Dr. Moreno cares a lot about Anaheim Public Schools.

      UNITE HERE 11 can do what it wants, but I have a serious issue of a city representive, the District 3 Councilmember Dr. Jose Moreno taking away from the LARGEST Convention event in the facility the city owns and focusing it on Dr. Moreno being arrested. And what does that say, having a city councilmember being arrested by the city’s own police force.

      And can the council reprimand a member for committing an illegal act?

  2. Stand For Anaheim

    What a loser, Mr. Moreno. Geez. Thanks for wasting city resources.

  3. Why does this not surprise me? Take Moreno‘s bloated ego, add a heaping dose of stargazing/adoring leftist fan-gazers, mix that with a new Council & Mayor who can see past his self centered arrogance and actions were taken. Jose went from a braggadocio Mayor Pro Tem to a no vote bystander overnight. As with the law of physics, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Of course he is compelled to grandstand using civil disobedience to elevate his ego, appeal to his activist following, and feel relevant once again. If Cable TV news coverage is involved at NAMM he’ll think he won the political lottery. The fella has a huge chip on his shoulder. Mayor Sidhu don’t let your guard down. We see thru Moreno’s shenanigans.

  4. NAMM do not pay attention to this grandstanding. Most residents appreciate what you have done for Anaheim and what you bring to Anaheim.

  5. Moreno needs to be recalled. What a shame he has brought to Anaheim. He shows us by his action of allowing it to be publicized that he is going to be arrested in front of a respected client of our city. He is using said client to try to force us to bend to what he wants. Say no NAMM. Say no Anaheim.

    A city representative has already ensured Anaheim is deemed as a hostile business environment by our biggest employer and now a very important long standing client is used in his leftist scheme to force Anaheim’s hand. NO we must stand resolute and say NO. NAMM stand with Anaheim. Anaheim appreciates you.

    Anaheim police how about not arresting any of them and therefore not giving them the publicity the crave. How can we let an Anaheim councilman represent us in this way

    Not surprised. Use your votes wisely.

  6. David Michael Klawe

    Anaheim has a chance to get Comic-Con, due to problems in San Diego. First, UNITE HERE causes the loss of Three 4 Diamond Hotels that Comic-Con was demanding.

    Now another black eye being caused by an elected city representative.

    Like it or not, The Tourism industry is the main Economic Engine for this city. UNITE HERE is taking actions that will reduce the size of its union, how does that make sense?

  7. Seriously, this needs to be infiltrated. Rip up his signs. Make Moreno pay a higher price for his duplicity. Make him stay a night in jail. Then get him recalled.

  8. There’s more then enough police in Anaheim which have nothing better to do then go around harassing the homeless, making up things to arrested them or ticket them, cops go around like a gang stopping anyone that looks homeless, at least some cops will layoff the homeless for the night, the arrest won’t endanger anyone unless the police decide to shoot someone.

  9. David Michael Klawe

    6 PM and the volunteers are staging all the corner of Harbor and Katella. What a mess. The worst traffic is South on Harbor and East on Katella.

  10. Moreno is a narcissistic piece of trash. Plain and simple he cares about no one but himself.

  11. Al Jabbar proudly posts protest film. Jose Moreno poses getting arrested. Al Jabbar is a school district representative and chief of staff and can post film of himself at the protest. Jose Moreno proudly gets arrested posing on one of the busiest streets in Anaheim the city he serves. There were others in attendance.

    Shame on these public figures protesting in the streets. blocking traffic, wasting police’s time and our city funds.

    How much do we need to take before we get this group out.

    Recall Moreno
    Oust Al Jabbar

    Two shamefully poor representatives of Anaheim.

    How many of those protesters actually live in Anaheim?

    Disgusting display today. Have we had enough?

  12. This group is trying to damage Anaheim’s economy to force their wage demands on us? NAMM, Disney fight the bullies back by not being intimidated.

  13. Anaheim area resident

    Lou Noble
    Gee do you really think the police are to blame for the behaviour of the homeless?

  14. Starting teacher pay for maid service. Ridiculous.

    Say no more.

    • Another sad detail is Anaheim school officials were in attendance and participating. What are these officials telling those they represent, both teachers and students? Is is okay to hold a city hostage and try to force them to give you what you want by bullying them into concession? Is it fiscally smart?

      We need to stop this behavior in our city. We need to be thought of as a city that is lawful. We need to stop this group NOW.

      Anaheim Blog please reach out to NAMM and convey that we understand their importance and we appreciate their partnership with our city.

      Thank you Mayor Sidhu for working to change the council meetings. Please speak to NAMM on behalf of the residents of Anaheim and convey the aforementioned sentiments as well.

      Those that live in Anaheim and care about its future would not want NAMM to leave Anaheim.

  15. The most important thing to remember is that you want the convention organizers to have a successful event. NAMM does not have to hold their convention in Anaheim, there are plenty of cities that would love to host this event. Another thing you do not want to do is make any conventioneers uncomfortable. Running business out of our community is unforgivable. Then on top of that they want to increase wages, this is an oxymoron at is finest.

  16. Well said J Mac. Who would ultimately pay the price for running business out of town? The residents of course.

  17. “Running business out of our community is unforgivable. Then on top of that they want to increase wages, this is an oxymoron at is finest.”

    • Anaheim District 3

      Why go to college or even learn a trade? Heck, you can go make $25 an hour as a maid or janitor. What a joke. MORENO- please step down. Go be a political activist and sue people on your own dime. Stop turning District 3 into your personal political agenda. You are an embarrassment to us. Go Away, Please GO!

  18. Moreno can no longer complain about the high cost of police services. If Spitzer doesn’t prosecute, he has no nerve.

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