Is It OK For A Union Boss To Headline An Event At A Hotel That Her Union Is Picketing?

Ada Briceno, the jefa of UNITE-HERE Local 11 and now also chair of the Democratic Party of Orange County, has been publishing Facebook posts asking people to come join her union in picketing and noise-making in front of the Anaheim Hilton – most recently earlier today:

A few hours later, Briceno published another Facebook post urging support for the Access California Services annual gala she is headlining on February 9… at the same Anaheim Hilton that her union is actively picketing:

Here’s Briceno and her members picketing the Anaheim Hilton a few days ago demanding “fair wages”:

It seems a little strange for Briceno to headline a banquet event served by UNITE-HERE employees of a hotel that her union is actively picketing.


  1. Sergio E Gonzalez

    Several years ago, while Mayor of Los Angeles, Anthony Villaragosa proudly shouted out to the crowds; “WE CLEAN YOUR TOILETS! all while waving toilet wands. Well… if one is proud of cleaning toilets then do the job you were hired to do. If you are not happy cleaning toilets then find another job. Don’t agree to take a job which really requires no skill and then complain that you are not getting a “fair wage”. The terms were agreed to when you took the job. If you want to get paid more then acquire a skill set that is marketable. As for protesting the very venue where you wish to host guest at an event, well … there is an old saying..” Don’t sh** where you eat” Ironic that socialist wish to host an event at a highly capitalistic venue.

    • I agree Sergio. What will a trained certified technician expect in pay if the janitor gets paid more than they do? It’s ridiculous. I’m all for making money, but you should be paid what you are skilled for. I doubt maid service turnein down bed sheets should make the same as an electrician. It was a choice of careers.

  2. Me: “Alexa, define hypocrite?”

    Alexa “Do as I say, not as I do. Also see Ada Briceno.”

  3. They are a bunch of hypocrites. Who has a Disney pass, along with his family, yet decries how unfair they are, to the point of getting Anaheim to be known as a hostile business climate? They would sell anyone even themselves, in order to advance.

    Look at this example and the many others this group provides and really ask yourself what do they stand for? The answer is themselves.

    Totally agree Sergio

  4. I worked for that Hilton some years ago (key word WORKED) and attended HERE meetings and I can attest as a bilingual speaking WASP to the fact that she is a bigoted, nepotistic liar.! ! !

  5. If there’s a picket line she crossed, she’s dumb

  6. David Michael Klawe

    So tomorrow night is the big Gala at the Hilton.

    Will UNITE HERE be picketing the Hotel that night, since the Hotel and UNITE HERE have not reached an agreement.

    Will Ada Briceno and Dr, Moreno cross that picket line?

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