Al Jabbar Joining Supervisor-Elect Doug Chaffee’s Staff As Deputy Chief

New 4th District Supervisor Doug Chaffee has hired Al Jabbar, a leading Anaheim progressive activist, as his deputy chief of staff. The 4th Supervisor District includes all of the Anaheim flatlands.

Jabbar is member of the Anaheim Union High School District (AUHSD) Governing Board. Under the leadership of Jabbar and fellow progressive activist Superintendent Michael Matsuda, the AUHSD has become increasingly politicized and a center of anti-charter school activism.

Jabbar is a close friend and political ally of District 3 Councilman Jose F. Moreno, serving as campaign manager for Moreno’s narrow 2016 victory of then-Councilman Jordan Brandman. In 2018, Brandman returned to the council as the representative of District 2.

Jabbar is currently a manager with the county Health Care Agency and is an active member of the Orange County Employees Association. He served for a time on the Board of Directors of the powerful county employees union.

He lost a campaign for the Anaheim Elementary School District Board of Education in 2012, finishing fourth in a field of five candidates. When a vacancy appeared on the AUSHD Governing Board in 2013, Jabbar secured the appointment to serve the remainder of the term. Running as an appointed incumbent in 2014, he won election in his own right, and was re-elected last year with the endorsement of Mayor Tom Tait.

An ardently left-wing Democrat, Jabbar lives in Anaheim’s council District 3, which is currently represented by Moreno.  When Moreno is termed out in 20022, a number of Anaheim political observers expect Jabbar to run as Moreno’s anointed successor.


  1. Stand for Anaheim

    So Chaffee is the vote (forced by Tait) to appoint Moreno to OCTA and now he hires Moreno’s BFF Jabbar? It’s clear Chaffee is anti-business. Has Chaffee reached out to the Anaheim Chamber or Visit Anaheim to meet? Sadly, Chaffee is not winning anyone over here.

  2. We need to expose all the individuals listed especially Jabbar/Moreno and Matsuda. We need to find out what deliverables they produce to earn their posts/salaries. Those mentioned are using their positions as platforms to further their cause and themselves. Our schools are failing. They fight to keep failing the students. They need to be exposed. They need to be accountable for their records and for the salaries they are given.

    Thank you for posting this article, please keep posting them. Leave no rock unturned.

  3. Go Al!

  4. Really? What has al jabbar done to raise the scores of our students? What has he done for our schools? I am speaking of quantifiable results rather than photo ops? Who has benefited is Al Jabbar himself and of course his friends and family.

    Again show the people of Anaheim improved scores, as well as Anaheim’s admission/retention/graduation rates under Al Jabbar’s groups tutelage?

    Anaheimblog how about an article on the statistics under the reign of this group including Al Jabbar. Please include how they fought to retain Palm Lane School, spending a vast amount of money to retain the right to FAIL OUR CHILDREN.

    Maybe some will be convinced then not to follow Al Jabbar or any of this group.

  5. Look on Al Jabbar and Jose Moreno’s Facebook to see what they are up to. Promoting each other to include our schools, unions, council and boards.

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