UPDATED: Radical Left Slate Aims At OC Democratic Party Takeover

UPDATED DECEMBER 11, 2018:  radical progressive activist Victor Valladares has officially announced his candidacy for DPOC Western Vice Chair:

As we reported last month, Valladares is part of a progressive identity politics slate seeking to win leadership of the Democratic Party of Orange County and shift it even further to the Left.

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON NOVEMBER 30, 2018: OC Democratic Party Chair Fran Sdao’s unexpected resignation last week has set off a scramble for the suddenly more relevant leadership of an energized Democratic Party in OC.

We reported earlier this week on former Irvine City Councilwoman Beth Krom dropping out of the 3rd Supervisor District special election to run for DPOC Chair.

UNITE-HERE Local 11 leader Ada Briceno and Jose F. Moreno.

At the same, more radical forces of progressive identity politics are maneuvering to seize control of the DPOC. Ada Briceno, the militant chief of UNITE-HERE Local 11, is running for chair. Briceno – along with her close ally, now-Councilman Jose F. Moreno – has played a leading role in organizing and funding the ongoing progressive political project of taking over Anaheim city government, beginning with campaign to replace at-large council elections with district elections. This election cycle, UNITE-HERE led the Resort union coalition that spent more than a million dollars to impose an $18 minimum wage on certain Anaheim Resort businesses.

According to her Facebook page announcement, Briceno is “running for chair because I bring experience and passion to help transform our blue wave into an effective, unified, and progressive leadership into 2020 and beyond. As a labor and community leader, woman of color, and proud democrat I see the need to fight for progressive democratic values. Orange County is at the heart of the resistance, and our party needs voices that focus on representing our working-class families, support higher wages, defend undocumented communities, protect LGTBQ+ rights, and promote a clean and green future.”

Not exactly mainstream.

Victor Valladares

Briceno is running with a slate of fellow radical progressives: Jeff LeTourneau for North Vice Chair (running for re-election), Victor Valladares for West Vice Chair and Beatriz “Betty” Valencia for Central Vice Chair.

Brea-resident LeTourneau is a pugnacious long-time left-wing activist who frequents the public comments at Anaheim City Council meetings.

Huntington Beach-resident Valladares is a protege of Couniclman Moreno and vocal advocate of ethnic identity politics. He is founder of OakView ComUNIDAD, a progressive political advocacy group, and a co-founder – along with Moreno – of the Chicano Latino Immigrant Democratic Club of Orange County. Most recently, Valladares has been advocating that Central American immigrant caravaners have the “right” to live in the United States while their asylum claims are processed – even raising supplies for the caravaners:

Valencia is a progressive activist who ran a strong but unsuccessful race for Orange City Council this year, finishing in third place with 13.9%. Her campaign message was off-key for Orange but she benefited from dogged canvassing efforts and the huge ballot harvesting and provisional ballot push from the Katie Porter for Congress campaign.  Valencia plans to run again in 2020.

The DPOC is already a reliably liberal organization. A successful takeover by the Briceno slate will push it decisively leftward into radical identity politics territory.  If the Briceno slate is successful, expect the DPOC leadership to support an expected attempt by Jose Moreno to challenge either Rep. Lou Correa or Assemblyman Tom Daly in the March 2020 primary.  It is no secret Moreno and his Berniecrat political allies hold both Correa and Daly in contempt as “corporatists.”

One party activist observed a DPOC under Briceno leadership would be inordinately focused on Anaheim and Moreno’s political fortunes. “The Democratic Party of Orange County would become the anti-Disney Democratic Party of Anaheim,” this politico said.

Orange County Democrats successfully generated and surfed a blue wave to score historic victories in Orange County. Let the post-victory intra-party blood-letting and scramble for power begin.


  1. I sincerely hope the DPOC radical leftists are successful. 😉

  2. I sincerely hope the radical leftists are successful in their quest for DPOC leadership. 😉

  3. Before they get all wet in their pants I will tell them I don’t give a dam. The must protect everyone’s rights equally and that no one… group, class or race has rights over another.

  4. Jeff LeTourneau is a party bully. Threatened people who won’t go his way. The threats are empty. Ada can’t raise money. The building trades hate her. Victor Vallederes is bad news. But his inclusion on the ticket speaks to Ada’s poor judgement

  5. Ada’s judgement should be questioned. Victor has a criminal record. Still does. Jeff is weak and a criminal himself (sending marijuana products across state lines) ada can’t raise $$$$. Give it up Ada. You chose wrong

  6. Scary stuff.

  7. It’s obvious this is all very frightening to you, Matt, but you should really proofread this piece.

  8. VPN: It is frightening to a good many people and I hope this blog continues to print anything and everything that they can to WAKE ANAHEIM UP before it is too late, and it is NOT too late yet.

    Keep printing Anaheim Blog!

    We need people to understand just who this group is and their leader is Jose Moreno. Investigate this election and this group.

  9. LeTourneau wants another puppet for chair. Adaloves the microphone but will let Jeff do whatever he wants

  10. Maybe the DPOC should invite Victor’s ex-wife to make a statement before the party She has police records and everything

  11. JB: Well said. This is who leads them? The rest of us not led by them must stand up and be counted for. These lefties should be easy to defeat if we unite to do so.

    Leaders should be accountable and be examples of what we stand for.

  12. First, I should say that there is no such slate. At least half the people named in this alleged progressive slate don’t know anything about there being a slate and haven’t even made their minds up if they’re running or not. Not to say it couldn’t eventually become one. IF all four of these people decide to run.

    The problem is, your DPOC source (whose identity we can all guess) is a person that no progressive would talk to, let alone confide in. So all he has to go on is third-hand rumors; you, Matt, make it fourth-hand.

    When you gird your loins to fight the left (as opposed to defending the local corporatocracy), you use such funny old buzzword cliches, it’s like you think it’s still 2003 and you’re still whipping up the “Red County.”

    One of your most revealing moments is when you write “Not exactly mainstream” as a summarizing reaction to “representing our working-class families, support higher wages, defend undocumented communities, protect LGTBQ+ rights, and promote a clean and green future.”

    Um, yeah, all of that IS mainstream, Matt. Even in the OC now.

    That’s it, for now.

    • With all due respect to Vern Nelson, who is not entirely liked, welcome or regarded in OC Democrat circles, he’s WRONG, many of those named have FB posts up claiming a slate.

      My bigger problem is with Ada and here divisiveness and lack of education, like victor, she has no degree and little experience. Moving forward, the DPOC needs someone like Beth Krom to lead them forward.

    • Vern, you have no idea who my sources are. You’re talking out of your ear, as per usual.

      I fully recognize the reality of political changes afoot in Orange County. I’ve been observing them longer than you have. This year’s blue wave notwithstanding, OC is not a Blue County. It is less Red and more Purple. And leftists like Ada Briceno are not representative of the views of mainstream OC residents.

  13. It’s going to be an interesting race; both Ada and Beth are good friends. And I like both of them. My understanding is Fran has asked both not to run slates but there are claims of slates made to members getting calls. The party is a big tent and its a big county. The candidate who demonstrates the ability to serve every part of the county is the one who ought to win.

  14. Vern,


    Looks like your nemesis just gave them $50K. Dummy!

  15. Hey Vern,
    I got banned for posting the following on your little rag, so I will try here:
    Jose Moreno is not an honest crusader for all that is good. It well documented how he has used the school districts to enrich his family and boost his votes (thanks bros). But any cooperation by other democrats with Republicans results in all manner of righteousness. This is not big tent guy. He has no loyalty and has burnt bridges with the following dems. Lou Correa, Loretta Sanchez, Sharron Quick Silva, Jesus Silva, Jordan Brandman and Tom Daley. As a moderate Democrat I can not tolerate his intolerance and race baiting.

    • Thank you Believer, don’t forget the vote harvesting that was shamelessly done. As I have said before JOSE MORENO IS OUT FOR JOSE MORENO. His is so condescending and when he speaks he speaks to only a few. He should be investigated.

      Wake up Anaheim.

  16. Vernal Equinoxious

    That’s because Vern is a dishonest coward. He’s an alcoholic with 5 DUI convictions. FIVE!!! A former Anaheim councilwoman says he sexually assaulted her. He thinks the despicable, crazy William Fitzgerald is one of the good guys. Vern has squandered his life so he spends his time attacking others.

  17. OCEA and all building trades will abandon the OCDP if Ada gets chair. Say goodbye to $$$$$. And the real chair is Jeff Latournow.

  18. Will the voting members of DOOC be made aware of Victor’s criminal record? That he is still under probation? Did he really kill a kitten by throwing it off a second story balcony? That his kids refuse to go with him for visitation. Or that he hasn’t paid child support in months? If Victor were a republican, you’d go nuts.

  19. The OC GOP (or what’s left of it) welcomes Ada’s election.

    There are SO SO many unreported facts regarding November’s election or “Blue Wave”. Consider this:

    EVERYONE of the losing candidates used the same consultant, None of the defeated countered the mis-alligned Trump smear (silly), Dana would have CRUSHED Harley Rouhda (r) Laguna Beach, had he stood up independently, and if NOT FOR THE $% MILLION DOLLARS from Bloomberg.

    With that said three of these congressional seats are already in play.

    That said what is Ada going to do? Does she have the chops? We’ll see.

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