Mayor Sidhu Calls Emergency Council Meeting To Deal With Homeless Crisis

In his first act following his swearing in, Mayor Harry Sidhu is calling an emergency city council meeting for Thursday, December 6 to take up the city’s need for temporary homeless shelter beds as an interim step pending completion 325 shelter beds as part of the previously authorized Center of Hope and Piano store shelters.

Sidhu said it would be an “interim solution towards helping these individuals get into a safe place to stay, receive services and to start getting back on their feet.”

Since the two newly-authorized shelters will not be available until February 2019 at the earliest, Sidhu wants to immediately bring emergency beds online.

“These individuals, these human beings, are camping in our parks and public spaces,” said Sidhu.  “This is not good for them,  it is not good for the neighborhoods.”

Santa Ana brought a sufficient number homeless beds online to allow it to enforce its anti-camping ordinance, which it began doing over the weekend. Other adjacent cities are or will be doing the same. One side effect is “service resistant” homeless people – faced with a choice between going to a shelter or being arrested for violating anti-camping laws – will migrate to cities where enforcement is still constrained by federal Judge David O. Carter.

Sidhu broached that possibility while explaining the need for the emergency council meeting

Maxwell Park

“And with some nearby cities opening up their new shelter to comply with Judge Carter’s orders, we could be seeing more homeless people, more homeless individuals coming into Anaheim – where we do not have the right today, under the court order, to enforce our anti-camping and anti-littering laws,” said Sidhu.

Citing the oncoming inclement weather, Sidhu said it is “human tragedy that these fellow human are left to fend for themselves as best they can in our parks and public spaces.”

“Therefore I would like to convene an emergency meeting of the council this Thursday evening to address this crisis,” said Sidhu. “We need a way to fast track the creation of temporary shelter to provide a place for these people to stay now while the work is being done to open up two permanent shelters in Anaheim.”

The upshot of bringing quickly bringing sufficient beds online to comply with Judge Carter’s settlement order: Anaheim could begin enforcing its anti-camping ordinance and bring an end to the homeless encampments that have overrun city parks such as Maxwell, Twila Reid and La Palma. For residents who have been living with the blight associated with these expanding encampments, that day can’t come soon enough.



  1. David Michael Klawe

    The Agenda is out, the meeting is tomorrow at 4 PM (FOUR).

    The proposed location is at 2040 and 2050 S. State College Blvd, near Angel Stadium at the North East corner of State College and Orangewood. It will be open for 90 days, which will allow the two new sites to be converted for long term use and open.

    The first group involved is Visit Anaheim Cares, the Resort District tourism board run by Todd Ament. They are putting up $600,000 as a loan.

    The Illuminations Foundation will run the shelter at a cost of $805,000

    I will also mention the other key player, Bill Taormina.

    Both Todd and Bill worked with Mayor Sidhu over the weekend to get this done.

    Mayor Sidhu went to India to attend his Mother-in-Law’s Funeral and arrived back Monday. Tuesday morning at 5 AM he was in Judge Carter’s chambers to make sure the new facility would allow the city to enforce the Anti-Camping and Loitering when the Interim shelter opens in about 2 weeks.

    He should up at the City Manager’s office at 9 AM for his orientation, and told Mr. Zapata his plan and to arrange for the Special Council Session ASAP.

    So glad to see this move forward, both for the Homeless to get out of the cold and wet weather, and for the residents who will get their parks and sidewalks back.

  2. I feel so very sorry for the residents who live right next to that.
    I feel so bad for the kids who will never use that park again.
    I feel bad that we didn’t have a strong representative to fight for us.
    (too late now Denise Barnes)

    But I do not feel sorry for the drug addicts taking advantage of our parks, sidewalk, our system, our weakness, or what they have done to our community.

    And I feel nothing for the enablers “dropping off” stuff for them to ease their own conscience…without opening their OWN door, just increasing the transient population at Maxwell.

    A police officer I know recently asked a transient “why do you live like this”
    He replied “I need a job”
    “Then why don’t you go look for one right now?”
    “It’s raining”
    And the cop replied “really? I’m working right now”.

    Because THATS the mentality.

    • David Michael Klawe

      I am truly happy and feel true progress is happening, Compared to how Mayor Tait, James Vanderbilt and Denise Barnes operated.

      I live on the edge of District 1 and 2, I am on a side street off Orange Avenue just east of Magnolia in District 2. Maxwell Park is just West of Magnolia between Orange and Broadway.

      I happen to make a statement regarding the sidewalk issues near Maxwell Park to the Police Homeless Outreach Team this afternoon for documentation for the ongoing Settlement agreement. I need to use a wheelchair/electric scooter due to medical issues.

      But I was talking to Jordan Brandman after the Oath Ceremony, and you could see/feel how excited he was to see a positive step forward being made by the Mayor on Day 1 in regards to the Interim shelter.

      Denise Barnes made a joke last night calling the new council, the city staff’s new Girlfriend. IMHO, I think the city staff is getting a major upgrade with the new makeup.

      Jordan and I on day 1 knew we would disagree on things, but we both want what is best for the city and its residents. And that requires civility and compromise.

      Time to move forward and get things done!

      • Anaheim homeowner

        Denise also “joked” how he should expect being verbally attacked. No…that’s all on you Denise, for doing nothing.

        You will only be applauded if you do your job well.

    • Dear Anaheimemergency, you are so misinformed about these people. Many of the 700 people evicted from the Santa Ana riverbed are not drug addicts at all, as a matter of fact a poll was taken of roughly 450 human beings from the river and only about 43 % of the homeless are actually drug addicts. This wipes out your statement. You have not a clue what your talking about, in fact these words you submitted aren’t even your words, do you know how I know this, because you have never spoken to the people from the riverbed. I am from the riverbed community. These people experienced some tragedy in their lives which left them disabled in some way. Mainly due to a family member passing away. The rest of the family cant cope so maybe there is a divorce that will cause one of them to lose everything, first the job and health insurance, next their home is gone, then their car, and finally their savings. Now imagine yourself in this situation with no family or friends able to help you, or they help you for awhile but you just are unable to find work they cant continue to support you, the church is done supporting you, You have nothing left but the clothes on your back and a bag with a few things you managed to save. Now tell me where you would go to shower and change ? Where will you sleep? What will you eat? Omg nothing to say? Your damn right because you would be left on the streets to get your needs met you may need to break the law to get the basic needs met. Please see the other side of the coin. And REMEMBER GOD knows you are trying to do his job by judging his people. Shame on you p.s. I had a stroke, lost my home, used all my savings, became homeless after the hospital, I slept at a church at night until I was raped one night thr police officer who took the report told me to go to the riverbed where I would be safer. I am 60 yrs old. Worked from 13 yrs old until i was 56 i have social security I’ve been waiting for for almost s year. They got their money, the IRS now i want mine I’m a 100% disabled on the street. What would I do?

      • Oh then that makes it ok. Break the law.

        Now you will be given a shuttle service, warm bed, kennels for animals, showers, hot food and shelter.

        Now what?

        Sincerely…good luck to you.

  3. Wow. The guy has been in office for a day, he’s done more than TAIT did in 3,000!

    Tait is more concerned with Laguna Beach. Where he lives.


  4. I would like to come but have an HOA meeting at 6 and I am a board officer… please keep me informed on future meetings. Thank you

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