Beth Krom Drops From 3rd Supervisor District Special Election To Run for OC Democratic Party Chair is reporting that former Irvine Councilmember Beth Krom is ending her candidacy in the upcoming special election for the 3rd Supervisor District, and will instead run for chair of the Democratic Party of Orange County.

DPOC Chair Fran Sdao recently announced her resignation.

Excerpted from the LiberalOC:

Former Irvine mayor and city council member Beth Krom has decided to withdraw from the special election for Third District Supervisor and announced on her social media feed that she’ll run instead for chair of the Democratic Party of Orange County.

In exiting the race, Krom threw her support to for the Third District supervisor’s race to former Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez.

You can read the entire post here.

Last week, following former Rep. Loretta Sanchez’ entry into the race, Krom published a Facebook post asking for feedback on whether she should remain in the race:

A few days later, DPOC Chair Fran Sdao announced she was stepping down,leading Krom to drop out and throw her hat in to the DPOC chair race instead.

The 3rd Supervisor District field is robust and could very well grow.  Announced candidates include Anaheim Councilwoman Kris Murray and Irvine Mayor Don Wagner (both Republicans), as well as Sanchez and rich and liberal Villa Park resident Andy Thorburn. Sanchez and Thorburn are Democrats.

Orange Mayor-elect Mark Murphy, Yorba Linda Councilwoman and Assemblyman Steven Choi are also potential candidates.


  1. Vern Nelson is obsessed with the LiberalOC and news they break lately. Crazy

  2. I am no political expert, but it occours to me the 20-30 or so readers at the Orange Juice Blog, that might, be able to vote for 3rd District Supervisor, is NOT WORTH THE RISK of Loretta standing with the Anaheim Democratic Club Saturday.

    Consider this:

    The club president is Vern Nelson. Vern is a convicted Felon. He is currently on FELONY PROBATION with the county of Orange through 2021! HE HAS 5 DUI CONVICTIONS!

    The Club President, Vern Nelson has been publically accused of sexual misconduct by Lorri Galloway.


    If Loretta had a brain, she would cancel tomorrow, and STAY FAR AWAY from VERN and GREG. But, nobody ever accusd Congresswoman Sanchez of intelligence.

    OH YEAH, How about their fellow blogger, touting her RACIST REMARKS…………..

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