Trevor O’Neil Elected to Anaheim City Council From District 6

Businessman Trevor O’Neil has been elected as the first directly elected Anaheim City Council member from District 6, by a decisive margin:

O’Neil is a businessman and conservative Republican who threw his hat into the ring more than a year ago. He was recruited by no one, and by dint of hard work, a fully-formed political philosophy, the ability to continually improve as a candidate, articulate his vision to voters and more hard work, has prevailed in a bitter election victory over the Tait political operation in Anaheim Hills.

O’Neil will be forceful addition to the Anaheim City Council.




  1. David Michael Klawe

    Matt, why do you add a second L to Trevor O’Neil’s name.

    That said, congrats to Mr. O’Neil

  2. Trevor”

  3. This shows the total collapse of Mayor Tom Tait!
    His wife’s best friend – Patty Gaby- could not get over 35% of the vote in their own neighborhood.
    Finally, even those closest to the Taits see through the scann- and know the Taits are phonies.
    Goodbye Tom Tait and good riddance in your permanent move from Anaheim! We are celebrating here!

  4. Congratulations to Trevor.
    We trust you will be a fighter for Anaheim.
    And we know you will scrub away the Tom Tait stench.

  5. Trevor-
    I have been a lifelong Republican and a member of the Lincoln Club of Orange County.
    I am so proud the Lincoln Club endorsed you and know you will do great in supporting conservative fiscal policies in Anaheim.
    My best to you- do well!

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