Cynthia Ward Campaign Raising Little Money, Dependent On Public Employee Unions

Council gadfly Cynthia Ward’s campaign reported raising only $90 between September 23 and October 10, according to her most recent periodic campaign report.

According to the Ward for Mayor campaign’s Form 460 covering that critical period,  the campaign spent $3,218 – mostly on printing flyers.  Her campaign has spent a total of $17,826 to date, and reported $2,518 cash-on-hand.

Yesterday, Ward did report late campaign contributions totaling $5,900 – including a $2,000 check from Rev. Lou Sheldon. Sheldon founded the Traditional Values Coalition and authored the bookThe Agenda: The Homosexual Plan to Change America.”

Thus far, virtually all voter advocacy for Ward’s candidacy has been via independent expenditures by the Orange County Employees Association (OCEA), the liberal county government union that also represents Anaheim city employees. OCEA has endorsed progressive Democrat Ashleigh Aitken for mayor, but is targeting GOP voters with pro-Ward mailers in an attempt to help Aitken by drawing votes away from Republican front-runner Harry Sidhu.


  1. SomeDayzRDiamonds

    Any money from Greg Diamond or Vern Nelson? Hahaha. What am I saying? They have no money.

  2. Vern, you can afford signs opposing Jordan, but, your Grandkids (step) are on public assistance and you chose jail time over a small fine in your FELONY Conviction case.

    I think the term “loser” is mis-applied by you.

  3. SomeDazeareDiamonds

    It’s all true. You chose jail time over paying a fine.

    • I don’t know which one of you came up with that fantasy, but just because one of you said it once doesn’t make it true.

      No step-grandkids on public assistance either.

      Losers. (Or ONE anonymous loser with several fake namea?)

  4. Vern. You’re an idiot. You’ll be removed from club leadership. Resign now. You spent money on Jordan when you should have spent it on family. You. Are. A. Dick.

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