Howard Ahmanson’s Orwellian Campaign Against Trevor O’Neil

Savings and loan heir Howard Ahmanson is waging an Orwellian campaign of political doublespeak against Trevor O’Neil, the conservative Republican businessman running for Anaheim City Council from District 6.

What might be termed the Robespierre faction of the OC GOP has targeted O’Neil, an independent conservative who has not bent the knee to Mayor Tom Tait.

Ahmanson is a reclusive man of quirky politics.  He was a life-long Republican until switching his party affiliation to Democrat in the wake of Barack Obama’s inauguration. He’s been a reliable funder of Tait’s chosen council candidates. For example, in 2016 Ahmanson paid to include the left-wing Democrats whom Tait endorsed for city council – Jose F. Moreno and Arturo Ferreras – on the conservative Landslide Communications slates operated by Jim Lacy. That was a nice trick played on Anaheim Republican voters  who assumed inclusion on fhte “Save Proposition 13!” slate meant a candidate was conservative.

Also in 2016, Ahmanson spent thousands of dollars on independent expenditures on newly-minted Republican Mark Lopez in District 5. Lopez was supported by Tait. During the campaign, Lopez endorsed ending the anti-camping ordinance and sanctuary state status for Anaheim. He lost and subsequently threw in his political lot with the Anaheim Left.  A few weeks ago, Lopez switched his registration from Republican to No Party Preference, snagged a job as a substitute teacher and is running for the Anaheim Elementary School District Board of Education as the candidate of the teachers union candidate, Moreno’s anti-charter school progressive cadres and Tom Tait.  Mayor Tait and the Ahmanson operation sure know how to pick the conservative leaders of the future in Anaheim.

Now, Howard Ahmanson is paying for mailers to Republicans painting Trevor O’Neil as a crypto-Democrat. At the same time, he is funding hit pieces to Democrats demonizing O’Neil for being a conservative Republican.

In this mailer, Ahmanson and his consultants attack O’Neil for three $1,000 donations from his company to three Democratic legislators.  I don’t know the back story on these three contributions, but they hardly obliterate Trevor O’Neil’s long track record of activism and support for the conservative cause.

This attack is also hypocritical coming from Ahmanson. In addition to abandoning the GOP for the Party of Obama, Ahmanson has contributed many thousands of dollars to Democratic elected officials and candidates. This year, he gave a $1,000 to a Democratic candidate of governor of California. In 2014, Ahmanson gave $1,500 for Jerry Brown’s gubernatorial re-election campaign.  Ahmanson spent $7,400 to help elect Democrat Nathan Glazer to the state Senate. In 2014, Ahmanson donated $4,100 to Steve Fox, a Democrat candidate for state Assembly.

The mailer is also dishonest: O’Neil was not “rejected” by the Orange County Republican Party. He chose not to seek the endorsement.

At the same time, Ahmanson’s consultants are sending mail to Anaheim Democrats warning them that Trevor O’Neil is a “lifelong Republican” and “partisan GOP activist” who has “contributed thousands of dollars to right-wing GOP candidates.”








How can In George Orwell’s dystopian classic 1984, this was known as “doublethink.”

Welcome to the Ministry of Truth, paid for by Fieldstead & Company. War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.

It’s pretty clear the real winner of the “will say anything to get your vote” award goes to Team Ahmanson. Revolutionary morality – it’s not just for leftists anymore!

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  1. LOL, sounds like how Disney/SOAR/Chamber attacked John Leos in 2012: with mailers to Democrats calling him a “tea party Republican” and mailers to Republicans calling him a “union thug.”

    My take on Trevor is he’s able to conveniently come along speaking conservative language about how government shouldn’t get involved in business … after the subsidies he supported are a fait accompli.

    And also he’s got this macho thing where he says “Not on my watch!” and “I will NOT allow that to happen!” … when even if he wins he’ll just be one vote out of seven!

    But still apart from politics I like him cuz he plays piano good.

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