Public Employee Union Spending Big To Support Ward for Mayor, Nelson in District 3

The Orange County Employees Association (OCEA) – which represents 16,000 county employees as well as Anaheim city employees – is opening its campaign warchest to help mayoral candidate Cynthia Ward and District 3 candidate Robert Nelson – both Republicans.

Anaheim voters today received an independent expenditure from a committee called the “California Taxpayer Protection Committee,” attacking Harry Sidhu and praising Cynthia Ward. The mailer is paid for by the OCEA, which dumped $100,000 into the California Taxpayer Protection Committee in August:

The same committee is also using government union money to promote the candidacy of Robert Nelson in District 3.

OCEA’s real purpose: try to split the opposition and help the union’s chosen candidates win the election. In the mayoral race, that means liberal Democrat Ashleigh Aitken. One of her political mentors is Nick Berardino, who ran the OCEA until handing the reigns over to Jennifer Beuthin a few years ago. Berardino serves on the OC Fair Board of Directors with Aitken, and has a handsome consulting contract with his old union to provide political direction and advice.

In the mayoral race, the goal is to help Aitken by knocking Republican voters from the Sidhu into Ward’s column.  Ward can’t win, but with the help of IEs like this, she can play the spoiler by siphoning votes from Sidhu.

OCEA is taking a page from the national Democratic playbook playbook. Faced with the nightmare scenario of two Republicans on the November ballot in CD48, House Democrats spent $100,000 mailing Republican voters urging them to vote for an also-ran GOP candidate named Paul Gabbard – more than doubling the vote share Gabbard would otherwise have received and likely keeping Scott Baugh off the November ballot with Dana Rohrabacher.

While OCEA and Ward have been allies in the past, the left-leaning county employees union is all in for progressive Democrat Ashleigh Aitken. This pure and simple a ploy to help Aitken into the mayor’s office.

Likewise the independent expenditure for Robert Nelson – a ploy to split the anti-Jose F. Moreno vote and help OC’s most left-wing local elected into a second term.


  1. Wow, how Maciavellian. I’ve been walking for Cynthia just because I think she’d be the best mayor.

    Though it’s true, Ash would be the second best.

    • Vern, You’ve been walking because you don’t have a drivers license. Because you were convicted of FIVE DUI’S. The last at a place where 10,000 children were present.

      • And you do what, you “drive for Harry?” That sounds stupid.

        • No Nelson. I have a job and a family and NO criminal record. I have NEVER drank so much that my “GoPhone” died and could afford an Uber. Than again, Unlike You, have all my teeth.
          Cynthia Ward is a pawn. A Gladfly big mouth who ALLOWED the goings on to happen because of her “White Noise”.

          You I am told, lived in your Mom’s basement in Huntington Beach until you were fifty. Explain that one Mickey Rourke.

  2. How insulting to us voters. I am a conservative Republican who supports Cynthia Ward. She will make a better Republican Mayor than sidhu

  3. Whispering Winds

    Interesting approach, apparently the “California Taxpayer Protection Committee” hasn’t done their homework on this “Citizen Watchdog”.

    -As of September 2017, the California FTB suspended Ward’s Coalition of Anaheim Taxpayers for Economic Responsibility “CATER” company. Nothing like not paying your dues and becoming delinquent…
    -Check it out for yourself on the CA Secretary of State site! Entity # C3602121

    Oh, and it gets better! The Ward’s FAILED TO PAY THEIR RENT for an apartment in San Clemente in July 2011… But, WAIT…. WARD CLAIMS TO HAVE BEEN LIVING IN ANAHEIM FOR HOW LONG? The court found them in default and judgment in favor of the Apartment Owner. Check out the Unlawful Detainer Case… Case# 30-2011-00490299 Whispering Winds vs. Richard & Cynthia Ward

    Seems that she “FORGETS” A heck of a lot…

    That’s what I call a platform of Integrity…. NOT! Unless, forgetfulness is a new defense.

    • Jesus, you did opposition research on this woman?

      I knew you people were afraid, but DAYM!

      Look at this house that Pringle bilt! Threatens to fall over at just the sound of a stiff wind!

    • Better go over your ‘facts again. As a 40 year personal friend of Cynthia Ward, I know for a fact the only years she was away from Anaheim was when she was a kid going through high school. There are other Ward’s in the world. After high school Cynthia came back to Anaheim, in the 80’s, and never moved out of town. Don’t spread fake news.

  4. Anaheim Resident

    Harry Sidhu is a man of high principles. He will stand behind his campaign promises and will not waiver in supporting Anaheim’s residents and their progress towards a better future. Let’s vote for Harry Sidhu.

  5. Harry Sidhu has my vote. I’m hoping that voters will recognize his community cenetered approach to politics, he will keep his promise to us and act on our local interest and betterment.

    Richard Castro
    Anaheim Resident

  6. Those 16,000 employees should be outraged to find out their union is supporting a carpetbagger! No thank you, go back to San Clemente Ward!

    • Again, never a San Clements resident. Sorry you believe that.

      • Ward is a dirty pawn with lack of character.

      • These idiots obviously have Cynthia mixed up with San Clemente’s great Mayor Cathy Ward.

        So much bs gets said on blog comments that people take as fact. I try not to correct any of the rumors about me cuz then when do you stop? But actually I’ve lived all over the country since I was 18 – HB, Orange, Berkeley, San Francisco, New Haven, Austin, Fountain Valley, Anaheim… married thrice… it’s been a great life so far. I guess some loser found out I was staying with my elderly parents and helping them out for a couple years. Whatever.

    • Freedom Foundationlover

      Not 16000 members. More like 11000, and we are very angry that our dues is being spent on aligning Jennifer Buethin with anyone of importance, just to take a picture. She should never have been elected to be OCEA’s GM. DISGUSTING THAT US MEMBERS HAVE TO SUFFER


    Harry has my vote. He is our best chance to fix Anaheim’s issues.
    A vote for Aitken or Ward turns Anaheim into Santa Ana.
    I have always found Ward to be a a smart woman. Sad that she is allowing herself to be used as a pawn in a political game of chess by Tait. I figured she had more morals than that. Guess not.

  8. Keep it up Whispering Winds. Expose the Jose Moreno and Co. Thank you.

  9. I have met Harry, and I trust my instincts that he is a principled man. Above, I read foul-mouthed attacks on him (and others) but I won’t play that game. I won’t speak to anything but Harry’s genuine goodness and political track record. In his own endeavors, he has been successful and turned profits. On city council, he served the city, and worked to create job fair and medical fairs here in Anaheim. I am impressed to see yet another person come to this country from halfway around the world and make something out of nothing.

    Harry will be a good mayor, and he has my support.

  10. So this is where my dues is going?!? Hey OCEA, about standing by the employees you represent? How about showing up for investigations? Better yet, HOW ABOUT NOT DISCRIMINATING WHO YOU CHOOSE TO REPRESENT! Jennifer Buethin, Nick Baradino and Charles Barfield are snakes! They will lie straight to your face, and btw…OCEA doesn’t represent 16000 people. Those are old statistics!

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