Aitken, Moreno Support Prop. 10, Allowing Cities To Impose Rent Control

District 3 Councilman Jose F. Moreno and Anaheim mayoral candidate Ashleigh Aitken are both supporting of Proposition 10, which would repeal the Costa-Hawkins Act – a 1995 state law that prohibits local governments from imposing rent control on newly constructed buildings, single-family homes and condominium units. It also allowed owners of already subject to rent control laws to increase the rent on a unit to market value a new tenant move in. It also prevents rent control laws in place in 1995 from being made more stringent.

If Proposition 10 is approved by the voters this November, cities like Anaheim would be free to enact price controls on how much rent property owners could charge – whether for an apartment building or private home.  The end result would to increase the shortage of affordable housing.

Moreno, who is seeking re-election to the Anaheim City Council, and his progressive activist base were canvassing for the initiative this Saturday:

At last week’s mayoral candidate forum at Katella High School, Aitken also endorsed Prop. 10:

“I support the repeal of Costa-Hawkins, because I fundamentally think that housing and housing development should be a local issue. I think that is is something that each municipality should look at what their needs are, and should be able to decide. That being said, I am not a fan of rent control. I think that the way we aggressively bring down the cost of living in this city – which is not an Anaheim issue, this is a statewide issue – is really, start looking at our affordable housing programs. In a city of our size, we do not have an affordable housing ordinance. We don’t have any consistent requirements for our developers to do set-asides for affordable housing. We don’t have a streamlined process for people that want to build affordable housing or to build grandma units in their backyard so that they can have more units in Anaheim. Right now I think it’s really an issue of we need to build more housing in Anaheim, and all that housing that is built – unlike what has been going on in the last decade – needs to have an affordable housing component under an ordinance.”

An interesting answer that begs the question: if one is not a fan of rent control, then why repeal Costa-Hawkins? Aitken also voices her strong support for inclusionary zoning – but inclusionary zoning and rent control are two sides of the same price controls coin. They both entail government artificially suppressing rental and sale prices for some at the expense of everyone else – who pay for it in the form of higher rents and mortgage payments for themselves.  Zeal for inclusionary zoning casts doubt on discomfort with rent control.

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association President Jon Coupal described the initiative’s negative impacts in an op-ed in the OC Register:

Proposition 10 would allow cities to enact any type of new rent-control law. New bureaucracies could impose new rules, fees and price controls on old buildings, new buildings, small buildings, garage apartments, granny flats and even single-family homes and condos. Proposition 10 would make California’s well-documented housing crisis even worse by discouraging investment in rental housing and incentivizing conversions or even demolition of existing rental property.

What’s more, the initiative would unleash a massive new regulatory bureaucracy in control of all housing. Unelected rent boards would have the power to raise fees on housing without any caps, and no vote of the people or the local elected body is required.

Rent control is a deeply flawed policy. It forces property owners to subsidize tenants regardless of need. The property owner might be a retiree who’s barely getting by and the tenant might be a highly paid Google engineer. It’s just unfair for the government to require one person to subsidize the living expenses of another.

Rent control is unfair to renters because it artificially inflates the rental price of all other available rental units. It is simple supply and demand, new rental units are not developed because housing providers cannot long stay in business with a ceiling on revenue but not on costs. So there are fewer units in the market (supply), increasing demand for open units and making prices go up.

History shows that price control schemes like rent control are failures. Nonetheless, progressives love rent control – it translates their compassionate impulses into government coercion. As Moreno has made clear in his comments about a like form of government economic diktat – inclusionary zoning – he business won’t do what he considers the right thing unless government forces them.

There is a genuine shortage of affordable housing in California – and in large part due to misguided government policies. We all want to put housing within reach of more Californians, but increasing government interference in and control of the housing market will only make things worse. Yet, progressives like Moreno are inexplicably more trusting of governmental planning than the power of the free market – despite the miserable track record of the former when compared to the latter.

If Prop. 10 passes and both Moreno wins re-election, don’t be surprised if a rent control ordinance find its way onto a future Anaheim City Council agenda.


  1. I’ll tell you one thing. If Moreno and Aiken are for it, I’m 100% against it.
    They are both against everything our community wants, needs, deserves.

    • You know what else Ashleigh and Jose are for? Food, water, oxygen, exercise and love. Sounds like you’re in trouble, Anaheimer!

      • We saw Jose’s version of love first hand, when his wifes brother tried to beat to death his wife.

        But that was just the booze too, right Vern?

        No wonder you support Moreno.

  2. Rent control does not work. It reduces the supply of rentals, and encourages slumlord behavior, deferring maintenance, to make margins on the rents.

    A better process is for the City to rezone the while city for a higher density, and let the market do the rest.

  3. Vern Nelson, We all noticed your STOP DISNEY FB page has given way to your new ANAHEIM VOTERS AGAINST KLEPTOCRACY FB page. It’s clear, you believe your grass roots activism supported by the dregs of society (You, Donna, Mark Daniels, The Cigar guy and his old lady, the silly long haired homeless loser and the “I live in a church, therefore I am protected Loser”. I am sure I am forgetting the other brilliant minds that hover the internet.

    The best thing I heard at the recent debates was advice to Ashliegh: “If you give Vern Nelson a ride, make sure you’re wearing jeans” Great reputation, a DRUNK. Yeah we take you seriously.

  4. Ooh, the natives here are definitely unhappy!

    • I for one am pleased, Vern. I K-N-O-W that it’s only a matter of time before you self destruct (again) and take down you political alcolytes, chosen candidates and just about EVERYONE associated with you.

      When was the last time you consumed alcohol? Are you simply one step above your dead brother John, dead loser buddy Perry? No about a half a step in my estimation. You are a 55 year old man living in a barrio apartment. Despite the FINEST education that money could buy, you insult your parents and family by not even having a full mouth of teeth. REALLY? University of Texas and you live in a dumpster, taking the bus? Get a life, better yet, don’t. This is NOT GOING TO END WELL FOR YOU and your candidates.

      When you fall off the wagon this Holiday season and KILL a family, will Cynthia back off? What about Lou Correa, SQS? What about Tom Tait, who has been outspoken in your defense? NO THEY WILL GO AWAY. Right now, you and your wife, your neighbors are POLITICAL PAWNS.

      Good for a photo Op in the Ghetto, toss some crayons and wink at the Mothers of the dead kids……But, really you are a toy, not a tool. Something politicians PLAY WITH and then get tired and throw away.

  5. Look at who else is in that photo with Moreno: Tom and Julie Tait, working hard to keep this democratic socialist in office, so he can help elect other democratic socialists in OC. Not the same Tom Tait many of us supported in 2010.

    And there’s Mark “I have no core beliefs” Lopez, too!

  6. And let’s not forget Jackie Filbeck, the RINO who sold her political soul to Moreno, Jabbar, Ruelas and those clowns to get appointed to the Anaheim Elementary School District board.

    She towed the progressive-union line and voted to keep suing the Palm Lane parents. Way to stand up for The People, Jackie!

  7. Also pictured is Al Jabbar, and J Paulo Magcalas (sp). They are a group trying to get each other elected in order to keep their hold on Anaheim.They are in it for their own interests. Make no mistake they Socialists. Please go on social media and see who they associate with and who they are exactly.

    If you care about Anaheim you will not waste you votes on anyone in this group.
    Why you may ask? Well look around.

    Is Anaheim looking better?
    Are our streets safer?
    Are our streets cleaner?
    Are our parks safer?
    Are our parks maintained/improved?
    Are the police able to answer calls in a timely manner?
    Are our schools all maintained/improved?
    Are our schools test scores failing?
    Are our tax dollars spent well?
    Are you happy paying higher taxes with more to come?
    Are you okay with a city that changes the flag without alerting all citizens?
    Are you happy with a city that changes the flag after studying how to change said flag?
    Are you happy with a city that spends money to change a flag instead of using the money for other needs?
    Are you happy with how the river bed issues were handled?
    Are you happy with our homeless crisis despite all the studying?
    Are you happy with our leadership?
    Are you happy with the direction Anaheim is going?
    Are you happy with the quality of life our leadership has provided us with?



    • Oh my, find a job already or just move out of the city if you’re not happy. You don’t have to stay, you have a choice. Useless comments….once again

      • A. Mouse: Is that your intelligent reply? Really? No substance in your comment. Let me assure you my family and I all have jobs, pretty good ones. I am not the one commenting at 12:30 in the afternoon.

        We are long time residents who care about our city. We intend to make informed choices with our votes. We hope this election brings new leaders, who will turn our city around.

        The questions in my prior post are valid questions that every Anaheim vote should be asking themselves.

        Frankly, it scares me that you are not. You have your bar set way too low. This Socialist group led by Jose Moreno are not the answer for Anaheim.

        I hope Anaheim Blog and Disney put all they can into this election to defeat Jose Moreno and all of his coconspirators, for the betterment of Anaheim.

        There is much to do in Anaheim to restore our quality of life. You are right I have a choice. My family and I choose to stay and fight for a city we are invested in.

  8. Misery does love company – Mouse Hunter. Surely you jest – Jose Moreno is a fraud.

  9. On the question of rent control……if you put your hard earned money into a home or apartment building as an investment for yourself and your family, how would you like the government telling you that you couldn’t raise the rent ? It would belong to you and you would be a slave to the state! What is wrong with this picture?

  10. Of course, Aitken if for higher rents and rent control, she lives in the hills and is supported by DADDY’S money. Do you want another mayor from the hills who cares less about all of Anaheim or do you want a mayor who cares about the whole city? Aitken says she was a girl scout troop leader if we elect Her, Brandman and Caldwell she will be a girl scout troop leader again!! We must elect the only qualified leader to be our next mayor, Cynthia Ward.

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