District 3: Anaheim Firefighters Endorse Mitch Caldwell For Anaheim City Council


From the Anaheim Firefighters Association:

Firefighters Announce Endorsement for Contested 3rd Council District Race

Anaheim, CA. – September 7, 2018. The Anaheim Firefighters Association, Local 2899 is pleased to announce its support for candidate Mitch Caldwell to represent the City’s 3rd Council District. Caldwell is challenging incumbent Councilman Jose F. Moreno for the seat.
According to Association President Rick Cheatham, the organization’s members picked Caldwell because, “He’s a man committed to results, not the rhetoric we’ve become accustomed to.”

Caldwell, a 56-year resident, self-made successful businessman and neighborhood activist has a long history of community involvement and civic engagement. Founder of the Anaheim Neighborhood Association, Caldwell is former Chair of the City’s Planning Commission and has served on its Charter Review Committee.

Says Cheatham, “Mitch Caldwell brings to the council two very important qualities for success, competence and integrity. He’s a man of his word, and will help to insure your family is safe by restoring the 21 positions Anaheim Firefighters lost 10 years ago. A vote for Mitch is a vote for your safety.”

If elected, the challenger has vowed to fully staff and equip Anaheim’s fire and police departments. Caldwell also includes on his to do list compassionate action to address Anaheim’s record levels of homelessness and bringing neighborhood results back in focus on the Council.
Originally established in 1964, the Anaheim Firefighters Association represents the nearly 200 professional firefighters, paramedics and EMTs of the Anaheim Fire & Rescue Department.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Caldwell is running to unseat incumbent Councilman Jose F. Moreno, a left-wing political activist and professor of Chicano Studies at CSULB.

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  1. Absolute sickening wake up call I got the other day. Thought I was gonna be robbed by the sound of his voice at the door. Scared my husband and kids to find out he was trying to replace Moreno. Absolutely sickens me by hearing his voice and explaining what needs to be done for Anaheim to be so called “fixed”.

    MORENO has my vote and I could care less about what anyone else has to say, I’m voting for Dr. Moreno!

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