Anaheim City Employee Union Backing Moreno, Henninger for Council

The Anaheim Municipal Employees Association – the union that represents about 700 Anaheim city workers – is backing incumbent Councilman Jose F. Moreno in District 3 and Grant Henninger in District 6. Both men are Democrats, with Moreno occupying the far-left Berniecrat section of the spectrum.

The AMEA – which is an affiliate of the powerful Orange County Employees Association – has made the maximum contribution of $2,000 to each candidates campaign. Both AMEA and OCEA have also endorsed Ashleigh Aitken for Mayor.

Moreno has been an outspoken critic of contracting out for city services. While he did recently vote to contract with a private security firm to provide services for city parks while they are closed, Moreno was clear he viewed it as a stop-gap and preferred to have those services provided in-house by city employees. The District 3 councilman has opined on more than one occasion that he thinks Anaheim city government is short-staffed and the city payroll should be expanded.

While that is music to the AMEA’s ears, hiring more more pensioned city employees isn’t a very sustainable strategy: as Finance Director Debbie Moreno recently told the city council, city revenues are “barely able to keep pace with PERS increases.”

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