District 3: Mitch Caldwell Raises $104,000 – Primarily From Anaheim Residents

Businessman Mitch Caldwell, a long-time neighborhood activist and former Planning Commissioner, has raised a formidable warchest for his inaugural campaign for Anaheim City Council. Caldwell lives in District 3 and is challenging incumbent Councilman Jose F, Moreno, the left-wing Democrat who was narrowly elected in 2016 with 36% of the vote.

Caldwell’s campaign report covers the period from January 2018 through June 30, although he didn’t officially become a candidate until mid-March of this year.  During those three-and-a-half months, Caldwell raised $104,901. Of that, $54,901 was from individual contributors and the other a $50,000 personal loan.

Approximately two-thirds of Caldwell’s contributions were from Anaheim residents or Anaheim-based businesses, with some contributions from the building trades.

Caldwell grew up in Anaheim and has lived in the city for 56 years. is a Democrat who operates a successful roofing contracting company. He was a co-founder and long-time president of the Anaheim Neighborhood Association (ANA), a post he recently stepped aside from in order to run for city council. He successfully led the opposition to a City Hall plans to demolish historic home in downtown Anaheim to make for for high-rise commercial building construction.

He has been endorsed by Anaheim Councilmembers Kris Murray and Lucille Kring, Anaheim Elementary School District Trustee DR Heywood, and a long-list of neighborhood leaders, residents and business people.

A third candidate, Robert Nelson, is also running in District 3. Nelson is a Republican who also ran in 2016. He loaned his campaign $6,998, paid himself back $2,739, forgave the remainder of the debt to himself, and did little campaigning. He was viewed by a number of observers as an anti-Jordan Brandman stalking horse for Moreno then and is likely serving the same role now.

The are 18,757 registered voters in District 3. The partisan breakdown is as follows:

  • Democrats: 9,079 (48.4%)
  • Republicans: 4,186 (22.3%)
  • No Party Preference: 4,748 (25.3%)

January-June 2018 campaign reports for Moreno and Nelson are not yet available; the deadline for submitting them is the end of July.


  1. Just like 2 RHINo republicans Murray and Kring endorsing a Democrat. They should be kicked out of the Republican party.

    • I’m ultra conservative and I would hands down support Caldwell (and any viable Republican OR Democrat) over the Che Guevera loving Moreno. Any true conservative would. Kudos to Kring and Murray!

    • Then you certainly include Tom Tait as a RINO for his strong endorsement of Jose Moreno.

    • City council elections, for the ignorant and not so informed, are non-partisan elections. Candidates run not as Republicans nor Democrats nor NPP but as community members. As an Anaheimer that I am from birth, not a Jose-come-lately, I support a true member of our community, Mitch Caldwell.

      • I second Joe Lopez. We need to elect who will best serve all people in Anaheim for the betterment of Anaheim.

        We all need to keep educating our fellow residents. Now is not the time to give up, now is the time for those lifelong or long term residents of Anaheim to fight with our votes to return Anaheim to its former glory.

  2. He’s running against Moreno, and thats good enough for me. I’d support a recall if other people wanted to. I don’t want to wait till November for Moreno to dissappear.

  3. Maria H: I completely agree. moreno must be run out of town. Recall Moreno Now.

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