Kris Murray Denounces Unions’ “Campaign of Deception” for $18 Minimum Wage

At the June 19, 2018 city council meeting, Councilwoman Kris Murray conducted an epic take-down of what she termed the “campaign of deception” being waged by the Resort unions and their political allies regarding the $18 minimum wage initiative:


  1. Anaheim Avenger

    That’s leadership – Go Kris, Go!

  2. Larry Herschler

    Actually support Kris on this. Go Kris go. Otherwise all this is political gamesmanship. Otherwise known as same old, same old. Watch the next council election and watch the you voted or did not vote for this

  3. These workers deserve a living wage. And if that causes some businesses who are too cheap to pay it to make less money or go out of business, so be it. A business can’t be allowed to finance itself on the backs of their workers.

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