District 6: Sergio Gonzalez Ends His Council Campaign

Sergio Gonzalez, a conservative Republican and retired firefighters from Anaheim Hills, is ending his campaign for Council District 6. He made the announcement yesterday on his Facebook page:

It is finished

Sergio Gonzalez

The Bible tells us, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” (Ecc 3:1 NIV)

Almost nine months ago, some of our city’s leaders convinced me to throw my hat into the ring for City Council. They and I both believed that my career as a firefighter and business owner gave me a unique perspective to help turn our city around.

This wasn’t an exercise in ego-fulfillment for me. I entered into this because I wanted to help my city. My daughters are in college, and I want the city they come home to visit to be more like the place they remembered. I wanted to make our city safer, with plans to improve our police and fire services. I wanted to fight back against the rising tide that has been treating local businesses with hostility, instead of open arms. I wanted to stand up for Anaheim Hills and put my four decades of firefighting service to use in crafting new fire prevention strategies that could stand as ongoing future policy to protect local homeowners. I wanted to make a difference.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be in the cards. As much as I am disappointed to have to say it, today I am ending my campaign for City Council. It has become clear that the realities of campaign politics require a financial largesse that unfortunately I haven’t been able achieve. It just hasn’t come together. Noble intentions cannot outdo something that isn’t in God’s plans.

I am disappointed, don’t get me wrong. Life will go on, though. I will still look to have my voice heard, blessed with the wisdom to have learned these past nine months who my friends really are. I plan to stay involved, unsure at the moment what that might mean. I still worry about the direction of our city, and remain concerned about the choices that are being made.

For those who have stepped up and helped, to those who this process has allowed us to reconnect, and to those who I have met during these past few months, saying that I am beyond grateful for your support barely begins to convey my appreciation for you. It has meant the world to me.


P.S. To those of you who donated after June 14th by check, your checks have not been deposited and will be returned. I will begin refunding deposited donations in the near future.


I’ve gotten to know Sergio during the last several months. He is a man of deep faith, a family man who is devoted to his wife and daughters and a patriot who loves our country. He launched a run for city council out of deep concern about the direction of his community, and that made the hard decision to withdraw when it didn’t appear to be in the cards. An ego-driven candidate wouldn’t do that, and it became apparent to me from our first conversation that Sergio is not an ego-driven person. The decision he just made is a tough one for any candidate, but in my experience, those candidates who process it the best are those most firmly rooted in faith and family.

It is heartening to read Sergio’s pledge to stay involved in Anaheim civic affairs. There is a battle being waged by highly-ideological progressive activists and union leaders to yank Anaheim city government irrevocably to the Left. What is needed is citizens like Sergio Gonzalez – folks who are committed to the first principles in which American liberty and limited government are anchored – to rally and fight back.  I think it is safe to say Sergio’s voice will continue to be heard.


  1. Well… good news for Trevor O’Neil, my fellow pianist, at least!

  2. Please sign this:

    this city wants to give our park land away for free

    And too bad about Sergio, he seemed like a credible guy. But this just saved him from turning into a corrupt politician like all the others.

  3. This is disappointing, I wish him the best and hope stays involved.

  4. Everyone sign Westheimer’s petition it is important.

  5. Westanaheimer – (sp) https://www.thepetitionsite.com/867/867/129/save-our-city-park-land/ Check this out and please sign please care . I am so sad about our parks and city. Consider signing and bit by bit we will represent ourselves and the city we live in.

  6. Since I live in District 6, I am a bit disappointed about Mr. Gonzalez ending his campaign, but not surprised. I wish him well.

    Additionally, I inspected the Park Petition site. If people want to garner support to win they need to provide a compelling argument. As it stands, there isn’t enough information on that page to draw an informed conclusion about the parkland itself or proposed nonprofit recipient, or why the city council is considering this route.

    • Bingo, it’s totally cryptic. In an effort to not offend anyone or avoid looking racist or classist, they end up being mystifying.

      I think I’ll write about this kerfuffle on my own blog.

      • Nothing cryptic about it DUI Vern. West Anaheim likes their green space and doesn’t want to lose more park space. It’s that simple. Those living in very dense apartments near Brookhurst need green space to play. Most of the residents living there oppose it. And most are Hispanic. So they’re racist for wanting that?
        Denise Barnes doesn’t support it. Is she racist too?

        • And YET … you refuse to let people like Gengler know what the proposed use actually is. It’s not included in your petition. Why is that?

          • Naysayers: Maybe that petition was not slick but it displays a caring for Anaheim’s parks. Maybe you should help the individual who wrote it and support the premise of it. Of course we need every inch of park space left intact. We are on the verge of becoming another Los Angeles. As we add more population, as we increase in residents and through tourism we need land to be able to relax and let our children play. Is shows we care about their future. We give them hope by offering a safe, good place to play. We destroy hope by cutting away land. We have other options. Why not build this person, who cared enough to start this petition, up? Why not support the individual by finding out about this issue and helping?

          • The petition says the city wants to give the land away to a local non profit group. I would guess that they did not include further details as they don’t care who the group is- they just don’t want to lose more park space.
            I don’t know more than that- I did not write the petition. What I do know from reading the commentary is that BRANDMAN tried to get this approved before he lost his election in 2016 and failed. He failed because residents said NO.
            Now MURRAY is trying to get it approved even though residents and the park commission said NO. Funny that the parks department is calling it un used space. I could drive around Anaheim and find other parks with “unused” space but no one is taking their space for non profits.
            So when you write about this “kerfuffle” on your blog, will you write that you support BRANDMAN and MURRAY in giving away park land or will you write that you support BARNES and district residents who oppose it? Wasn’t the whole point of districts for residents to get the things they wanted in the neighborhoods?

            • Parks should not be touched and should be left for people to enjoy. They are not for politicians to distribute. Put it to the people. Our people’s map is not working.

  7. SAVE/FIX our parks.

  8. NOBODY knows WHY a City Council member allegedly supports a Park give-a-way, nor do you all know what is behind it, or maybe you do and afraid of repercussions?

    I don’t fault support and see the importance of parks in our city but opposing this issue and not knowing the details doesn’t get my support and shouldn’t get yours.

    NOWHERE does the Petition say what the NON-Profit organization does, just appeals to sensibilities. I even read most of the posts hoping someone would offer more info, but NOTHING. Maybe they don’t know or might be knowing what that non-profit does or details cause a different potential problem. I suspect “yes.” Due diligence is a beautiful thing.

    I now understand. Access California Services targets Arab- American & Muslim- American communities, and proposed leasing about 0.7 acres of Brookhurst Park to build a new facility in a mostly unused area of the park. The park will NOT be eliminated or unavailable for public use. If the intent is to build in remaining space and only 0.7 of the park, why the resistance? As of June 16th, City Council said they were looking for a more suitable location but may revisit that park if a better place isn’t found. If the size remains at 0.7 acres, seems as though everybody wins.

    • A win for WHO, Gary? The neighborhood who does NOT want it? The District who said NO? The parks Board who rejected it? They are removing green space and trees to erect a massive building. How does this not take away recreation space? West Anaheim, under WAND’s leadership, has been begging for better parks and amenities for decades. The city has all out ignored us. Now a non profit close to Murray asks and gets the red carpet rolled out?
      If you see it as such a win, put it in your local park. I don’t any Anaheim Hills Parks losing green space.
      West Anaheim demands and deserves better. This council should listen to its residents. There are plenty of open commercial space that this non profit could re locate to yet chooses not to.
      You may not value trees and open park land, but WE DO.

      • I don’t make broad assumptions. Without looking at the property, 0.7 acres of “UNUSED” park space doesn’t appear on the surface to be problematic; as long as the park is still usable by the public, which appears to be the case. Given the City Council has tabled the subject to conduct research options, I’d say they heard the community. If there are plenty of open available spaces, as you assume, I am sure the council will find them and evaluate accordingly. The reason that NON-Profit chose that location was the 10k people per year they help are in the vicinity of the park, not where I live in the Hills where we have lots of trees, etc. Its win/win for people using the park and the non-profit helping residents. Your last remark is worthless.

    • I agree with Gengler. I gotta look into it more but it sounds like a worthy project that doesn’t really take away any public space and gives a new community center that everyone can use. By the way there are just as many Latinos served by Access California as there are Arab/Muslims. I’m sure there are some Latinos that oppose it if you-all say so, everyone’s got an opinion.

      I don’t care, Westside, that I happen to be agreeing with Brandman and Murray here, and disagreeing with Barnes. Nobody is right all the time or wrong all the time. And Denise is reacting to her community and trying to fulfill what she’s always portrayed as her number one priority – park space in West Anaheim. But I’ve driven to that park and walked around it plenty of times – this isn’t gonna harsh anybody’s recreation.

      • I am confused- You support a community center right next to another community center?
        And the new community center will have limited if any access to the immediate community? HUH?
        I drive to the park all the time and see people reading a book at that site or walking their dog. IT IS USED.
        Why would you not stand with Barnes who is protecting the community interests?
        Talking away open space is taking away open space. We should do all we can to KEEP what we have. Not give it away.

      • Fed UP: You are so right! Parks are for the use of the public? Why should land designated for public use be given/sold away? Put the project in Anaheim Hills see how you like it, you have more room that those living in Anaheim, offer up your park lands Gary Gengler. This city should be investing in its parks. What happened to the city’s research into what the residents wanted to see in their local parks. If you have city land that is designated as park land then it should be put to a vote BY THE PEOPLE before it is not used in said manner. I to am fed up. Go for it West Anaheimer, BRAVO. Keep going! Push for your neighborhood. Maybe you can clearly add to the petition so that your naysayers can understand fully.

        As was said before there are PLENTY of space that can be designated for this same project before taking park land from the residents that wish to enjoy it.

        I believe that there are laws that designate how much land should be designated for park land and it deals with the population.

        Commenting from AH is not appropriate and should not be considered as it does not involve AH and they do not suffer from many of our issues.

        • I’ll repeat what I know. The reason that NON-Profit chose that location was the 10k people per year they help are in the west side vicinity of the park, not where I live in the Hills, which isn’t at all convenient to public transportation. Anaheim Hills isn’t convenient to much in the City of Anaheim. They did not propose taking the park from public use either, just an unused slice. Where ever the facility ends up, it has to be accessible by the people that use it, NOT miles away from where public transportation doesn’t travel. And it doesn’t take a genius to see this for what it is…

          Given the City Council has tabled the subject to research options, I’d say they heard the community. If there are plenty of open available spaces in the vicinity of the people that use it, the council will find them and evaluate accordingly.

          My last thought is I will comment on anything I want. I don’t need your approval. Besides, that petition doesn’t say only people near the park can sign it. It’s misleading and now I believe its on purpose. People like you don’t help your cause.

  9. Why is it the city’s job to find a site for Access California? If this group has the wherewithal to fund the construction of a two-story community center, it can certainly afford to re-locate from its current location to a larger building, without permanently erasing this park space. This smacks of cronyism. Judging by the public comments, this group is obviously connected to liberal political activists. Now the council want to use city resources conducting a site search for Access CA? Are we now going to do this for all non-profits? Or just the politically-connected ones?

    • Did you read your post? They need a delete button so when we say things that have no patience, we can say to ourselves oops and delete. It’s a non-profit that proposed relocation to a spot that needs City Council approval. that’s how the city got involved, the non-profit also provides a valued service to the people of Anaheim, which the city appreciates so helping them to find a location is what partners do. Anaheim is NOT paying its relocation costs either. Just looking into possible locations that may better meet the non-profit’s needs while appeasing residents in the park vicinity.

      What’s disturbing there’s always people that are so far out of touch with how things get accomplished by civic leaders, they throw out “cronyism” as if its the reason for everything, it’s not. Oh, I am not connected to any liberals. Since the seventies, I have been a Constitutional Republican and fiscal conservative, not ‘a’ conservative, as there’s a difference.

      • As a “fiscal conservative”, why would you support the giving of land owned by taxpayers? Bill 92801 was right on with his post. What more information do you want? Seems like you are stuck on WHO the non profit is rather than focusing on the fact that WE DON”T WANT TO LOSE OPEN SPACE. But by all means don’t take the facts from “people like us”

  10. I watched the council meeting. Councilmember Moreno, I believe, asked staff to look into finding a suitable location for Access CA at another city-owned property or facility. My question is why that should become the responsibility of city staff? If the Brookhurst Park proposal doesn’t work out, it’s Access CA’s job to find itself a bigger facility, not city staff’s.

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