UNITE-HERE Local 11 Wants A $25 Minimum Wage In The Anaheim Resort

UNITE-HERE Local 11 is spearheading the initiative campaign to impose an $18 minimum wage on targeted Anaheim Resort businesses.

At its Leadership Conference last month, Local 11 passed five resolutions setting their 2018 agenda.  One of those is a $25 an hour minimum wage:

There’s asterisk to that demand noting it applies only businesses receiving local government subsidies – that $25 minimum wage demand targets every hospitality business in the Anaheim Resort.

The upshot: anyone who thinks the militant hotel workers union plans to stop at an $18 minimum wage for luxury hotels that get a TOT rebate is dreaming. Local 11 has bigger, more long-run fish to fry: taking political control of Anaheim city government. The shift to by-district elections was the first step, since the at-large system made it very difficult for liberals council candidates to win. That, in turn, paved the way for electing their close political ally Jose F. Moreno in District 3 in 2016.

This year, it’s passing their $18 an hour minimum wage initiative, re-electing Moreno and electing Ashleigh Aitken (who is all-in with UNITE-HERE) to the mayor’s office.  In 2020,the agenda will be taking District 4 and taking out Steve Faessel in District 5. The more sway UNITE-HERE Local 11 holds over the Anaheim City Council and City Hall, the more they will be emboldened use that power to demand things like a $25 minimum wage or card check neutrality be included as conditions of approval for hotel development projects – assuming

It’s not as if UNITE-HERE is surreptitious or clandestine about its goal. Politicos and business that don’t see it, don’t want to see it.


  1. What happens to the journeymen electrician or hvac guy? when a vacuum technician or dishwasher makes as much as skilled trade?

    • Journeymen electricians make a hell of a lot more than $25/hr.

      • Yeah. And the journeyman electrician’s skillset is a hell of a lot more valuable than sweeping up popcorn or serving churros.

        Get real – do you really think someone should be paid $25 an hour for washing dishes or serving hamburgers and Cokes at Tomorrowland Terrace?

      • Please, before flapping your lips a SIMPLE minded google search would have hopefully prevented you from making a fool of yourself. Couse, it’s too late for that now but next time least try not to sound foolish. As it stands your lack of research doesn’t even deserve a standard wage.

        Here: Electrician Journeyman Salary National Hourly Rate Data data is…
        Hourly Rate $17.42 – $35.44
        Hourly Tips $0.17
        Overtime Rate $24.74 – $51.71
        An Apprentice Electrician earns an average wage of $14.21 per hour. Keyword “apprentice”

        I am not clear who exactly is hoping to get $25 per hour wage in Resort district, but one thing is clear, they are NOT worthy of journeyman wages.

  2. I think there is a typo.

    In 2018, it is Districts 2, 3 and 6 up for Election.

    In 2020, It will be Districts 1, 4 and 5. So Denise Barnes and Steve Faessel up for reelection, and Lucille Kring will be termed out.

    A lot of West Anaheim voters are unhappy with Ms. Barnes. So a lot of political capital will be needed to save Dr. Moreno’s seat in 2018, and Ms. Barnes in 2020. Steve Faessel is popular with District 5 voters, since the SART got cleared.

    But I think UniteHERE has lost their minds, and will alienate more Anaheim Voters when they learn about the $25 minimum wage.

  3. People tend to forget what occurred 101 years ago with the rise of Communism and socialism. If they follow the basic tenets of Communism which are: When people work together as equals, they achieve greater things
    No-one should have more than anyone else – everybody’s needs are equally important
    Governments should make sure that everyone’s needs are being met
    There is central control of the economy. If they achieve this then there will no longer be a Disneyland nor pro sports or any form of capitalism. If they find jobs they will be working for what the govt wants to pay them which may be as little as a few dollars a day. Private ownership will cease to exist except for an elite few. There is no other country on earth like the United States so no country will exist to rid the USA of communism. Perhaps they should follow the sage advice of Sen. Bernie Sanders and move to Venezuela which he touts as the apex of Socialism. NAZI Germany was hailed as the Socialist Utopia of it’s time. They should all be careful what they wish for. People need to read and grasp history for the sake of humanity and our survival.

  4. Sergio Gonzalez, sage advice. Regrettably, I don’t believe for the most part people supporting the lunacy are even aware of history or tenets, much less their effects.

    Sad, but from what I see, most followers haven’t shown an interest in knowing the truth about either government style or bad decisions regarding wage hikes. Glaring hooks such as more money per hour and benefits without having to improve skills or experience sound damn good. If it sounds too good… God, I hope they haven’t been told either governing style would be radically different than elsewhere, because neither has altered its tenets since their beginning.

    China is a helpful example of how effective its government can be at concealing the ugly underbelly of limits and controls over everyone’s daily lifestyle, and I mean everyone. In addition, we can’t overlook that comrades with power are located all over China, watching to ensure the people, their lifestyles, behavior, and incomes remain within government guidelines. To see the extent of lifestyle or bourgeois control and what happens when… check out 06/23/17 NPR.org “China’s Government Tightens Its Grip on Golf”; its enlightening.

    Another fact, under both regimes, tenets would never tolerate $15, $18 or $25 per hour for blue collar labor as its simply too much money.

  5. I have nothing against their (somewhat outrageous) demands. The marketplace is free and the workers can collectively bargain against Disney to negotiate a better pay. Personally I think the PR would be great for Disney but they don’t have to give in at all. Bottom line is it’s not going to cost me anything since I can choose to go to Disneyland or not.

    What I do hate is public sector unions especially Fire/Police and Teachers. They do cost me money and are totally corrupt with fraud against the taxpayers. I find it ironic that many people who are against Disney employees collectively bargaining generously vote for endless raises and benefits to corrupt public unions.

    • It may not if you live outside of Anaheim. Are you aware that one Hotel developer has said he would not bring his project, revenue, and job creation to Anaheim if that hourly proposal isn’t stopped? If I recall one developer isn’t even developing inside the resort area but peripheral vicinity, and he’s at a standstill till he sees the outcome. He knows as well as many of us businessmen that excessive hourly rate pkg is not only a job killer but affects all businesses throughout Anaheim. It indirectly affects all Anaheim residents through the fluctuation of revenue into City coffers, our cities ability to respond to department needs and services, as well as small business job creation. You say collectively bargaining as if Socialists and Communists are not driving the excessive wage pkg.

      Since you provide no proof to your ladder accusation it’s not worthy of addressing.

  6. The minimum wage is for people with little or no skills in whatever field their working in ! So you don`t want to work for a $7.50 min wage ? Look for a better job ! Improve your skills ! Then look for an even better job ! Continue to improve your skills in whatever field your in to where your worth paying that $25 an hour ! BUT NO ! It`s easier to demand $25 an hour with no skills , Driving up prices ,Everyone else`s wages to where that $25 an hour buys no more than that $7.50 an hour did !

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