District 6: Mayor Tait Finds His Candidate – Patty Gaby

Patty Gaby: Tom Tait's candidate in District 6

Patty Gaby: Tom Tait’s candidate in District 6

For months there has been speculation on who would be Mayor Tom Tait’s candidate in Anaheim Hills-based District 6. The question was answered last month when Anaheim Hills resident and close Tait family friend Patty Gaby filed candidate papers.

Gaby served for several years as a member of the Anaheim Golf Commission, was a member of the Anaheim Golf Commission – which was eliminated a number of years ago.  Mayor Tait secured Gaby’s a new commission appointment shortly after she filed candidate papers when a vacancy on the Parks and Recreation Commission suddenly occurred  – thank to Alfonso Rodriguez (a Moreno-nominee appointed less than a year before) resigned, citing “scheduling conflicts.”  Rodriguez teaches history at Anaheim High School and – along with fellow Moreno protege Ryan Ruelas – co-founded and advises the AnaheimBROS – the student political club that provides Moreno and his allies with campaign foot soldiers.

Mighty convenient timing.

This allows Gaby to use “city commissioner” as a ballot title.

Gaby is a teacher with the La Habra City School District. She joined the picket line when her teachers union went on strike in 2010 to protest a 2% pay cut the school board approved to deal with an projected $3.8 million budget shortfall.

No word on where Gaby stands on the Anaheim Resort unions attempt to impose an $18 minimum wage on targeted Resort businesses. Team Tait has rigged for silent running on this issue.

Patty Gaby’s fundraising ability is unknown, but she will likely be almost totally reliant on the Tait endorsement and political operation. It’s also safe to assume Democrat and savings and loan heir Howard Ahmanson Jr. will fund significant independent expenditures on her behalf, as he did for another Tait candidate, Denise Barnes in District 1 in 2016.

There are two other Republicans – Trevor O’Neil and Sergio Gonzalez – and a liberal Democrat – Grant Henninger – who have filed candidate papers. Gonzalez and O’Neil are both conservative, pro-business candidates who have both fielded robust campaigns.

Gaby’s entry rounds out Team Tait for 2018, along with incumbent Councilmembers James Vanderbilt and Jose F. Moreno, and council gadfly Cynthia Ward for Mayor.


  1. Great. Another Tait puppet on the city council who will do nothing for her district. Hopefully residents in District 6 will learn from the mistakes of those in District 1 and vote for someone who can represent them independently. What former Tait campaign consultant will run Gaby’s district office and will her number one priority be to double Mishal Montgomery’s salary to $300K per year?

    • Stand For Anaheim

      Duh- John Lewis, Matt Holder, Jon Fleischman and TJ Fuentes. I have met Patty many times. She is a disaster…..an absolute wet noodle and a mess.

      • Hey “Stand for Anaheim”, … a faceless, nameless naysayer. How convenient for you to characterize behind the ambiguous fake facade launching random grenades, like the great and terrible OZ! Patty is a person of integrity, honesty, and character who is willing to stand up and serve her community.
        Try it sometime!

    • You obviously don’t know Patty. She’s nobodies puppet.

  2. If she is Tait’s choice then she is a zero. The city does not need another Barnes. Come on District 1 recall Barnes.

  3. JULIE, Informed in Anaheim

    Matthew Cunningham, are you sure Howard Ahmanson, Jr. is a Democrat? I don’t think so. It’s difficult to trust anything you write here on your blog.

    • Angry District 5 Person

      JULIE, Informed in Anaheim….

      You’re 9 years uninformed…


    • Enough of the Petty Stuff, This is Serious

      Hey, Informed Julie – Check out the footnote on his bio below…he can register under any party likes, but hate is hate, and he pays to spread it. If any politician is funded by this man, maybe those are the ones you should not trust.

      Howard Ahmanson, Jr.
      Howard Ahmanson, Jr.AKA Howard Fieldstead Ahmanson, Jr.
      Born: 3-Feb-1950
      Birthplace: San Diego, CA

      Gender: Male
      Religion: Born-Again Christian
      Race or Ethnicity: White
      Sexual orientation: Straight
      Occupation: Philanthropist, Business

      Nationality: United States
      Executive summary: Reclusive fundamentalist-Christian philanthropist

      Reclusive Christian philanthropist from Orange County, CA. During the 1970s, he became a disciple of R. J. Rushdoony, an Armenian cleric who preached the doctrine of “reconstructionism”, a brand of Christian fundamentalism which advocates governance by Old Testament law. He was instrumental in starting the career of conservative intellectual Marvin Olasky. Ahmanson is the heir to the Home Savings and Loan fortune, a California bank purchased by Washington Mutual in 1998, and manages his philanthropy through the private corporation, the Fieldstead Institute. He suffers from Tourette’s syndrome, so most of his public statements are made through his wife, Roberta. Among the projects financed by Ahmanson was California’s Proposition 8, an amendment to the state’s constitution to end gay marriage.

      In 1985, Ahmanson told the Orange County Register, “My goal is the total integration of biblical law into our lives.”

      [1] Switched from Republican to Democratic in 2009, per Washington Post 29-Mar-2009 interview. “I’m now a blue-dog Democrat for Bobby Jindal in 2012.”

    • Yes, Howard re-registered a number of years ago. It was in the news. He basically said he thought the GOP was becoming irrelevant and he would try to influence public policy as a Democrat.

  4. Here we go again! I wonder if she will go around asking the residents who actually fight for their district what the issues even are… like Denise did. Assuming she doesn’t have a clue she was just “plucked out of the crowd, by Tait” like Denise was.

    Look where that got district 1.

  5. Bummer…after that poll I was hoping for Pettibone just to see the fireworks and some good old fashioned hit mail or better yet a Pettibone/O’Neal debate.

    O’Neal has his sh^t together.

    Gonzales has the Murray/Disneyland/Chamber/Soar backing but O’Neal has the energy, grass roots, good money and brains.

    Plus, O’Neal is just as far right as Moreno is left. Those council meetings would be worth the price of admission if he gets in. O’Neal looks like he doesn’t take things lying down. Moreno vs. O’Neal is going to be like watching a heavyweight fight.

    Hard to believe Disney may not be backing O’Neal since he is backing Disney. If they were smart they would throw money toward O’Neal. He is starting to own the Hills.

    I can’t find anything about Gaby. Nothing.

    I am just so surprised by this selection. I see the Barnes similarities. I thought if not Pettibone even Chuchua might be the one. But I find it hard to believe this is a first choice.

    I did find out Gaby is an ARA member (and may get that endorsement) and someone who knows someone at the ARA said Gaby has positive name recognition in the hills. Someone also said she was in that original Tait poll but my friend who got the call says no.

    I am sure it won’t be easy for her especially because she is handpicked by Tait and all that money making sure this is the end of the Tait majority.

    I don’t see Gaby standing up to Moreno like Murray does. The only time I saw Barnes stand up to someone was when she told Murray that Murray “hurt her feelings”. I wonder if this is going to be more of the same.

    I am no longer in 6 but my people are. District 6 deserves a fighter. There is too much to lose for District 6 now that there are these district elections. Hopefully the days of Anaheim Hills getting all the attention are not over yet. With Murray and Tait terming out, and if, God forbid, O’Neal somehow does not make it, I wonder if District 6 will start looking like District 1 because all the funding starts going to District 3 with no one to keep it in check.

    Speaking of possible Tait candidates, is Ward still running for Mayor? I can’t even find one of those $99 template websites for her. No recent facebook postings?? I also noticed a possible signal when she “respectfully” went against Tait at the last two council meetings on certain agenda items. I think we can assume that the Tait endorsement, if it ever existed, is over if not before it sure would be now.

    I am thinking Tait waits to the end like he did with Moreno and then throws his hat in for the democratic Aitkin.

  6. Why call Grant “Liberal” Democrat. Poor standards on this blog.

  7. She has already begun circulating through communities. No reason to wonder there.

  8. I have known Patty for 32 years, having worked with her in La Habra. She is a fighter. If she believes in something, she will fight for it. I have never heard anyone describe her as a wet noodle or a mess. She was a tough yet fair teacher. She is very involved in her community and knows what the issues are. I have also known Denise Barnes for the past 15 years, having been involved in Scouting with her. Denise and Patty are very different people. I have always respected their community involvement and admire them for running and serving the community of Anaheim.

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