$18 Minimum Wage in Anaheim? Not On My Watch!

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Anaheim voters will soon be asked to sign a petition for a ballot measure that would increase the minimum wage in the Resort District to $18 per hour.  Don’t do it.  Masked by the notion of securing a living wage for hard-working men and women trying to raise a family, this initiative is really part of a grand scheme to force the unionization of thousands of hotel, hospitality, and restaurant workers in Orange County’s tourism hub.  Labor unions are not getting what they want, so they are now threatening to exact their vengeance on the entire Resort economy through the ballot box.

Trevor O'Neil

Trevor O’Neil

At $18 per hour, Anaheim would have the plaintive distinction of having the highest minimum wage in the country – more than even the “progressive” enclaves of San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, and San Jose.  As the minimum wage policies of those cities demonstrate, these sorts of mandates exacerbate the very problem they set out to address. They do nothing to improve housing affordability or lower the cost of living; instead, they have the reverse effect due to the inflationary cost of providing goods and services due to the mandate itself, killing jobs in the process.  Further, an artificially high minimum wage floor takes away the incentive for workers to improve their skills and move up the career ladder and punishes those workers who have worked hard to do just that.

The unions argue that the City of Anaheim has provided economic incentives to some Resort area businesses, such as sales and room tax rebates, and because of that they should be forced to pay more to their workers. These economic incentives are not uncommon among cities and are used as tools to grow the economy and create new jobs. In Anaheim, these incentives have brought in and will continue to bring in millions of dollars in net new revenue to the City, which goes to fund public safety, parks, utilities, and other vital city services without the need to raise taxes on residents.

As a business owner myself, I am no stranger to these sorts of strong-arm union tactics.  In 2014, the Service Employees International Union tried to force the unionization of California’s private in-home care industry by threatening us with a similarly extortive ballot measure.  I led the statewide coalition to fight it, and we prevailed.  That’s the kind of experience and leadership we need in Anaheim.  Our economic prosperity, and therefore the health of our entire city, depends upon it.

Don’t sign the petition.

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Trevor O’Neil is a candidate for Anaheim City Council, District 6.  Trevor is a business owner who has served on the Board of Directors for his state and national trade associations, is a former Chamber of Commerce Board Chairman, and is currently a Board member for the Orange County Taxpayers Association.


  1. Why is it every time liberals think it is 180 from what actually works?

  2. A Disneyland Employee

    Hi there. I actually work at Disneyland, and let me tell you, that this article is a bit misleading. Not every company will be forced to raise their minimum wage. Just large hospitality businesses benefiting from Anaheim City subsidies. Aside from that, the minimum wage level of said companies wouldn’t outright be raised to $18/hr, but instead to $15/hr starting in 2019, and increase $1 a year until it goes $18 in 2022, which, by the way, the actual minimum wage is slated to hit $15 by. This measure isn’t a cash grab move by unions. It’s the unions acting on a survey conducted on Disneyland employees showing that we are lacking a living wage. Many of us have difficulty making rent and putting food on the table. A surprising fraction of us have multiple jobs. I, for one, work until 3am most nights, get paid minimum wage minus union fees, commute for an hour (I live less than 30 miles away), and have developed stomach ulcers and severe back pain that was classed as ‘stress induced’. I’m not asking you to vote in favor of the ballot, I simply ask that you do a bit more research and get some perspective. Thanks for hearing my side.

    • What do YOU know, you just work there!


      Of course this measure is not presented honestly on this blog. You have accidentally come across the blog whose vested interest is in maximizing the profits of Anaheim’s largest corporations, utilizing traditional conservative Republican talking points whenever it’s helpful.

      I need to get off my lazy liberal butt and write about this myself, in (what I believe is) a much more fair and accurate way. As the old saying goes, “The lie is getting halfway around the world while I’m still out shopping for boots.” Still, it is good to know what the arguments AGAINST our measure will be, this blog is where they are trotted out and focus-grouped.

      You’re going to hear them repeat the word “union” in every sentence, as that is understood to be an expletive in the circle they’re accustomed to; I hope this is not as effective as it used to be. They have latched onto the figure $18, which as you point out is dishonest, but it’s been working, I’ve even heard advocates say $18. No, the planners of this measure know very well that $18 is unlikely to pass, with voters who make less than that; $15 sounds more reasonable, and it’s also more true – $18 isn’t for 5 more years.

      Also, this particular piece (above) takes an extra step into propaganda land, morphing the measure into a minimum wage bill for all Anaheim. As you say, it only applies to businesses who have enjoyed huge generous SUBSIDIES from Anaheim taxpayers over the past decade – that definitely includes DISNEY; it would also include the Hong Kong-based hoteliers WINCOME GROUP, but I’m not even sure if it would affect them, they may very well be a responsible employer that is already paying a living wage. (I’ll find out.) In any case you probably know that most of the businesses in the resort district pay better than Disney, and bless your heart for being selflessly loyal to the Magic Kingdom while also being honest.

      I’ll be less polite when I write about this on my own blog…

    • A Disneyland Employee wrote:

      “…………. I, for one, work until 3am most nights, get paid minimum wage minus union fees, commute for an hour (I live less than 30 miles away), and have developed stomach ulcers and severe back pain that was classed as ‘stress induced’. ”

      I CALL BS.

      First, 30 miles is LAX, Riverside, Pasadena or maybe Dana Point…..Not uncommon by Southern California standards.
      Let’s presume that you live in the Inland Empire (which has a MUCH LOWER cost of living than costal Orange County) If you do live in the IE, there is NO WAY you have a one hour commute (REVERSE DIRECTION) at 3:00 AM, unless you walk to work.

      Second, what do your health problems have to do with minimum wage? Stress? Maybe you have a pregnant teen daughter that caused the stress, maybe your husband drinks too much, that is not a corporations responsibility.

      Lastly, you should go back to Jr. High, if you are in fact travelling 30 miles TWICE a day for minimum wage LESS Union dues, you are STUPID. Plain STUPID. Baker’s in Ontario (Archibald) is starting cooks out at $13.65 per hour, assistant managers make $16.75 and NO Commute.

      Wellington Foods in Corona has DOZENS of openings right now. And if you spent 18 mos. in a trade school, you could EASILY be making $22 – $26 per hour to start in the tooling, medical or desisign/fab trades, which are BOOMING inland.

      So whine all you want about your stomach, your commute, it is your life, FIX IT.

      And the whole notion of Vern Nelson talking about work, preposterous.

  3. I have forty plus years of predominately good judgment that’s led to a stable and profitable P&L and my self-made status. That’s right; more successful decisions over bad decisions and working 10-15 hours per day and weekends lead to advancement and success. This is America and California, land of opportunity. I have no sympathy for people that moan “it’s too hard” and must work 2-3 jobs to just get by. You’re living in the wrong location for your skills. I left my family and home state behind forty years ago for California where opportunity existed at every turn and still does today.

    If you’re not making enough money to enjoy a particular type of lifestyle, you need to improve your judgment, work values, skills, attitude, and initiative. If you’ve got a laundry list of excuses for why none of that can happen you’ve made it simple; lousy choices and decisions are why your life is what it is. Trying to pass of menial work ethics and excuses as deserving of higher income are what unions seek out. Unions create or better nothing just protect mediocrely at a higher cost to business; till you wake up one day and learn you lost your job to technology.

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