Jose F. Moreno Praises Advocates Who Sued County, Anaheim To Stop Clearing of Riverbed Homeless Camp

Big A encampment scraped AB feat

An Anaheim resident recently e-mailed District 3 Councilman Jose F. Moreno regarding the number of vouchers for West Anaheim-based motels that have been given to the homeless cleared from the Santa Ana River Trail. Moreno replied by praising the radical homeless advocates and criticizing Councilwoman Kris Murray for her efforts – Operation Home SAFE – to spur the clearing of the SART encampment.

“Reminder clearing the riverbed asap was county’s decision and fully pushed by Councilmembers Murray, Faessel and Kring. I asked specifically for due consideration and preparation for our city yet the push was labelled urgent and Councilmember Murray gave testimony to Board of Supervisors urging immediate action. I am grateful that advocates stepped and Judge Carter intervened to at least assure a temporary housing effort by made. If he had not so, where else would folks have slept? Certainly on our sidewalks and in parks.”

This echoes Moreno’s public shout-out to the advocates – who unsuccessfully sued the County of Orange and Anaheim to stop the Riverbed clearing – at the February 27, 2018 council meeting:

Some observations:

His blame-shifting notwithstanding, its worth noting that Councilwoman Murray made it crystal clear from the get-go that Operation Home SAFE was about primarily focused on getting the homeless off the SART as quickly as possible. Moreno knew that, voted for Operation Home SAFE  and publicly complimented Murray on the initiative.

Secondly, it is incredible that Moreno awards such accolades to the advocates like Brooke Weitzman, the ACLU’s Eve Garrow. Mohammed Aly and those practitioners of smashmouth activism, Mike and Jeannine Robbins. Those folks were doing their level best to preserve and protect the SART homeless encampment. The reason the County’s active enforcement efforts basically ground to a halt in early February is because these advocates were telling the homeless campers not to comply with the County’s slow roll eviction, assuring them Judge Carter would grant them a temporary injunction to stop the evictions.

It didn’t work out that way, as Judge Carter took that weapon away from the advocates and allowed the eviction to move forward. Judge Carter understands the SART is a public park built and maintained for public recreation; it is not intended to be a transient village. Advocates like Weitzman, Garrow and the Robbins would have preserved the SART encampment until the problems of every homeless person there was solved, i.e. never. They follow a radical view of “rights” that is far outside the mainstream of the American Founding, fight efforts to enforce laws against trespassing and camping in parks and have little regard for how their actions negatively impact residents and businesses.

Even after Judge Carter gave the green light for the County to clear the encampment, the advocates were abusing the process by encouraging homeless who weren’t living in the encampment to pretend they did in order to get 30-day motel vouchers.

Advocates like the Robbins heap scorn and abuse on other Anaheim residents to don’t tow their rigid ideological line. Mike Robbins has publicly compared Moreno’s constituents to Nazi death camp guards, David Duke and Klansman. Jeannine disparages them as “haters.”Not only has Moreno never acknowledged or condemned those attacks on his constituents, but he praised the Robbins by implication last week and by name in front of the Democratic Party of Orange County last fall.

And these are the people upon to whom Moreno is “grateful”, while sniping at Murray, Faessel and Kring pushing for the clearing of the SART. If it were up to the advocates, there would still be a a 2-mile squatters camp along the SART.

Moreno’s blame-shifting is understandable: he stands before District 3 voters in eight months, and his views on homelessness are out-of-step with the voters. Moreno supported repealing the anti-camping ordinance when he ran for city council in 2016, while his constituents support it. Last year, he publicly stated that enforcement only makes the problem worse, while his constituents want stepped up enforcement. The patience of District 3 residents with the “service resistant” homeless is exhausted, while Moreno agrees the homeless need to “be touched” 8 or 9 times before they’ll accept help and make the necessary changes in their lives.

The removal of the Santa Ana River Trail encampment was a remarkable accomplishment. It was study in human nature and a testament to the power of deadlines. The reason it was accomplished so quickly was the advocates weren’t allowed to sabotage it through litigation.

The County stood by while the SART encampment swelled to huge proportions during 2017. There was no way it could be cleared without some spill-over into Anaheim and Orange – contrary to rose-colored “folks in the condition of homelessness” perspective, there’s a not-insignificant number of homeless who do not want to go to a shelter, can’t make it through even 30-days at a motel due to an inability or refusal to abide by rules, or consider themselves “home free.” It is incumbent on local governments to continue enforcing laws against trespassing and camping on public property – while simultaneously offering a hand up.


  1. Moreno does not speak for us flatlanders – it’s so pathetic we have no more words!

  2. Longtime Resident

    He also was pushing to keep the LaPalma check in center open against the wishes of parents and staff at Goals Academy.

  3. Larry Herschler

    I do not agree that Moreno took shots at Murray. His point, for once , is partially valid. The delay did allow Carter to do the job that The County and cities would not. Clear the trail. I still believe that after the thirty day period, we will again have the same issue. Where are these folks going to go. Most do not want help and will be back on the streets. Moreno’s heart is in the right direction, just not in this case.. I have a belief that if he and his family lived closer to the issue, his opinion would have changed. In fact, I believe he would have been leading the fight for removal.
    Murray gets kudos, however, Carte should get the credit.

  4. After pouring my heart out at last night’s meeting, and having only 7 show up, only 3 spoke, AND NO other support, I have decided no one cares enough. I will not fight for you anymore,

    I’ve deleted everything I ever wrote on it, and I do not want to hear one complaint from any of you. I’m done.

    You are on your own.

    Good luck.

    • It can be frustrating like that, J, being an activist on any side. Well, WE heard you.

      Maybe this motel phase is not gonna be such a terrible crisis as you think it will be. Good luck.

    • There are many people working around the clock to help. Thank you for showing up to a council meeting and sharing your concerns but giving up is on you and no one else. Nothing about this is easy and some have spent years on a daily basis to make a difference only to get spit on by acticists.. And they don’t quit. We have city staff and council members who are attacked every day but they still work hard to make a difference. Go ahead and give up. I’m glad the people I’m counting on don’t stomp off when it’s hard or they don’t get their way.

  5. Contrary to the usual baloney, Jose Moreno undoubtedly took shots at Councilmembers Murray, Faessel and Kring’s positive efforts. Annoying how communication breaks down when people let their predisposition skip words and rewrite the intent of others to feed their narrative. Jose Moreno’s actions are obvious; he was gloating over the efforts of radical advocates. Look closely, progressives and liberals put their agenda ahead at any cost, not caring a bit what most citizens want, or for that matter, in this case, what the homeless need or want. They don’t even consider the makeup of the homeless. What’s to gain from their actions? Makes a person wonder if progressives and liberals are chasing some unaccounted for or perfect answer and not accepting anything less, regardless or might there be an underlying ongoing plan in action?

    I was surprised but pleased by Judge Carters’ reasoning and actions. He at least saw the laws and conditions as priorities and saw motels a solution, though short-term, and quickly shut-down that actions of advocates. And amazingly within a stipulated time frame, cleared encampments from the county property including SART, while providing needed help and guidance to homeless. I pray that the assistance provided was enough to keep some of them from going back to the streets.

    What’s indeed a laugh though, Jose Moreno’s choice of words framing the actions of the advocates as if they purposely attracted Judge Carter’s attention, to save the day. The Judge saw motel vouchers as a solution for people that lived in the encampments. I abide by the law so can’t applaud advocates because of their deceptive behavior towards the Judge’s decree, and they eagerly misguided the homeless regarding motel vouchers, and who knows what else. What loon labeled them “advocates”; that implies they help, improve and offer guidance within laws, not interpret laws out of convenience and focus on being an obstacle.

    Also, I can’t disregard the ACLU’s obstructive participation. Wasn’t the civil liberties organization’s mantra in part, to defend individual rights and liberties provided by our countries Constitution. Homeless people living on the streets may or may not be a choice but illegally camping on public property is a choice but NOT a Constitutional right, much less privacy issue; therefore, doesn’t merit “non-partisan” (that’s a laugh) ACLU involvement. Nevertheless, they did join in, therefore no better than their advocate sidekicks that chose to disregard judicial process, causing the clearing of public property to take much longer, not to mention increase costs to cities and the county.

    That’s what liberals do well, spend other people’s money, without concern. When are citizens going see their leadership for what it is, a blank checkbook to piddle money away?

  6. This article is a bunch of tripe. Murray’s “City wide State of emegency” unfairly blamed Anaheim in public opinion for the lack of action on our County’s part. She was actually at a group meeting regarding the river bow/horse trail encampments while a group of justifiably upset residents talked of arming themselves and one participant even offered a gun to those who didn’t have one, meanwhile Kris Murray sat in the audience silent while Mayor Tait and Faesel took the heat. All her proclamation did was give our City a black eye that may take years to recover from and embarrass the County to move the homeless encampments near Fountain Valley to the one near Anaheim Stadium with NO ACTUAL plan of what to do next. The Federal government says we can’t criminalize being homeless if there is no place for them to go. The lawyers know this and that’s why they went to court to make sure our County had a PLAN. THEY DIDN’T! Now the County uses the excuse that they had to act rapidly to placate the Judge. They have had their homeless “plan” for EIGHT YEARS, what were they waiting for? Thank you Dr Moreno!

    • Of course Murray has always been grandstanding. Isn’t it obvious that they’re trying to make this a big lawn order theme for the 2018 city elections? They better hope the problem gets bad again or that won’t work.

      • No one needs to “make” this an issue, Warren. It IS an issue. A big one.

        Then again, you don’t think homelessness is an issue, as you’ve commented here many times.

        • I can’t wait for you to transform that marshmallow Jordan Brandman into a public safety superhero. That will be so fun to watch.

  7. What a joke. I attended that meeting at city hall hosted by Tait and Faessel. Neither of them responded to the anger expressed by residents. Kris Murray was there but what did you expect her to do? She wasn’t asked to participate by the two men who hosted it. Jose Moreno was there too standing in the corner offering no encouragement to his ally the Mayor. You conveniently leave that out. The council approved Murray’s plan UNANIMOUSLY – that plan was the first action any city or the county took to stop encampments and crime on the riverbed. It is County land and her plan forced everyone to get involved. Without it the judge wouldn’t have even had the chamce to weigh in. Now Jose and his band of activist supporters want to blame Murray and other council members for action he supported. The real irony is he has done nothing in over a year to help residents or the homeless. Just a working group with undefined ideas about adding more affordable housing. No action. Just words. And over and over he takes the side of ACLU and people who sue the city. I heard he was also harping st CityNet for not passing out more vouchers. What a joke.

  8. Moreno is a progressive fool, he would just as soon let Anaheim turn into San Francisco than make the needed decisions to keep Anaheim safe and clean. We don’t need Hepatitis A outbreaks or poop maps. He needs to go in November, he is hindering responsible city governance. It is also no surprise that Tait could not figure out a solution.

  9. Amazed anyone would bash city leaders when confident in their proposal. I am optimistic people that see accomplishment don’t see it as grandstanding. Petty people on the other hand… Anyone that’s been a leader knows recommendations are never perfect and don’t always work out as planned. So, when they do leaders are rightfully pleased.

    It’s evident some people don’t see the county homeless condition as a grave social problem that can’t be allowed to continue, as is. The fact it piggybacks laws and enforcement and often infringes on the rights of others like my family makes it a wide-ranging problem that never should have been postponed. Caring citizens recognize those that listen and problem solve from negative people that create obstacles, attend a meeting yet get nothing done. Additionally, conditions don’t have to worsen for citizens to know who does the job they were put there to do. I am relatively new but see who’s on the council for attention, political career and or push a narrative, and who just cares about Anaheim and its future. Anaheim citizens are fed-up. Consider JMAC for Mayor.

  10. A government of the people for the people is what we are supposed to have but is that really the case. Has America has forgotten and changed the golden rule of “do under other as you would have them to do on you”?, to “those with the gold makes the rules”(Disney). The biggest corrupter in OC is disneyland and if they could paid employees 4 dollars a hour they would. In 2016 the Anaheim city council (ACC) at that time was a half million dollars in debt for pension, and 2 years later now is 2 billion. Disney invested a million dollars into Anaheim election and 3 to 2 passed a 30 year exemption against the best interest of the residents of Anaheim. The decisions of the Board of Supervisors in my opinion are not in the interest of citizens of Orange County but in the interest of the rich and not the citizens. Did we forget what our country is supposed to be about or did we forget our history that included EVERYONE. Did we forget what the principles of what my father/military fought and died for? It’s was the simple principles for FREEDOM and OPPORTUNITIES. LIFE, LIBERTY, and the pursuit of HAPPINESS. Give me your tired,your POOR,these, THE POOR,these, the HOMELESS, tempest-tossed to ME. I lift my lamp beside the GOLDEN DOOR. I love America more than I love any other country in the world and for that reason I have earned the right criticize the United States.


    Civil rights belong to all of us, not just the rich, not just for the middle class, but for the poor and the working poor. Sooner or later, a man hatred move from his heart, moves to his words, then to his hands, until he becomes the creature of evil himself. That is for the number one political enemy of the homeless in O.C., we call him the “spinmaster” Todd Slicker. He shows up went the camera come out to the riverbed for promoting his agenda of running for District Attorney. He always posing for the camera and photo shots and went there is a negative he turn it into a positive even if it a lie. Is this the new prejudices of orange county “the homeless” or was that the way it was before or because the ACC ok it so that 200 homeless from Fountain Valley encampment ended up on the riverbed by design. Or the homeless from La Plama park ended at the riverbed also by design also. First the BOS and the ACC ONLY done something sufficient only after having the law suit file against them. When the judge asked how much the money the county had towards Supervisors DO & Slickers scramble and came up with the figure 700,000 million dollars. The replied you been chipmunk the money and that not a compliment BOS. They didn’t tell you that they already spent 200,000 million on solving homeless in O.C.. Where in the HELL did that money go to? The worst part is that again have put a bandage on the problem. The solution is very simple and the BOS has fought it all the way and that is affordable housing. There is one problem and that is affordable housing would stifle the raising cost of rent in O.C.. DID you know that the HUD list for subsidize housing in O.C. is about 90,000 and a ten year waiting list? When a new building like the ones build in the Angel Stadiums parking lot. The George apartment start at 2,000 a month for a single and up to 4,000 a month for a 2 bedroom apartment. No wonder they wanted the riverbed so they could make the other rents in the area to go up also. Where do they get this people that on the BOS. This members all for what i’m investigating and finding out don’t have the voter interest at heart. The “spinmaster” arrested a evangelist while at Wahoo taco because the man got on his nerves wanted to prove a point claiming it was for his safety. You don’t leave a restaurant to go to your car and get a gun/cuff and return the scene claiming fear for your safety ( A ATTORNEY AND A POLITICIAN SHOULD KNOW BETTER) . Plus being fired when he was being groom for the lead job was fired for how he was treating the employees showing his true colors. Next is Steel whom is formerly before coming a BOS was a board member on the Board of Equalization (BOE). The board with no accountability and definitely and a lack of leadership. This board was so bad off that shortly after Steel left the Governor (because of no accountability of the funds) took over the department and rename it to “department of tax and revenues”. Mrs. Steel was so thoughtful that she gave all the employees under her “a Christmas ornament dated the year prior”. Also was her husband “a big republican mover” under a FEDERAL INVESTIGATION FOR MONEY? LAST I have to say is that the OC Register must be ran by DISNEY/AFFILIATE BECAUSE in my opinion try to push the agenda of Disney. It’s try to sway the voters of O.C. in a direction that benefit of more Disney control. Just think MORENO praise advocates who sued the county which is portrait in a negative way(advocates were out there voluntary throughout the whole process) but opposes a working wages for the employees of DISNEYLAND. Employees sleeping in cars homeless and food insecure while the editors and owners of OC Register sleep in their bed I SMELL A RAT!!! i KNOW THAT I AM GOING TO RECEIVE SOME HEAT FOR MY OPINION AND BECAUSE DISNEY/TODD IS YOUR DADDY LOL! VOTERS OF ANAHEIM AND OC WAKE UP DISNEY IS NOT OWN BY WALT AND FAMILY ANYMORE! BIGGEST CORRUPTER IN OC, ASKED CEO BOB IGNERS IF HE IS PAY A LIVING SALARY 46.5 MILLION

  12. Thanks for the mention, Zach!

  13. In the beginning Moreno did start requesting (demanding) staff reports on the homeless issues. He wanted it in the agenda every meeting. Meeting after meeting these stats were coming out and looked like Anaheim was doing good but they had this riverbed issue and clearly no one knew what to do. The advocates were all at the mic saying “do something to help -do something to help” We learned that this was not even Anaheim’s property. The council was relying upon the non profits and city staff to handle the issue and if you listened it was actually getting handled and resources were available and being provided. The advocates coming up to the mic weren’t listening and every meeting it was “help them” “do something” but they were helping and they were doing something. The only thing was this nagging Riverbed issue was not getting resolved and in fact was growing.

    Anaheim Council was relying upon the nonprofit entities and staff to handle the homeless issue. The homeless were being provided resources. But we still had this problem with the Riverbed.

    Then at one city Council meeting where Kris Murray introduced her SAFE program. That was the start of everything. All the councilmembers voted for the resolution. Even the pro Tait supporters were praising Kris Murray under their breath.

    From there we all know the rest of the story the advocates sued, Judge Carter got involved and then it ended. And they were gone from the Riverbed.

    But Just look at the River bed now. Before the lawsuit was filed there was 2 miles of encampment. After the lawsuit was filed they’re all gone. I still don’t get how that’s a big win for the lawsuit and certainly not a win that’s worthy of any praise. Praise to the advocates who filed this lawsuit -no way. We know from other lawsuits like this, for example Moreno’s district lawsuit and the Cater lawsuits, the big motivater is they get their attorney fees. I’m not hearing of any attorney fees being awarded to the attorneys who filed the Riverbed lawsuit. Which to me means it was a complete route and for once a win for the property owners and taxpayers. The praise should go to Kris Murray for starting something and Judge Carter for finishing it. Period.

    • JJ: Let’s not forget it took that video published on Anaheimblog and KFI to get any of our “leaders” to make any decisions to move on this issue. It took the public to stand up for themselves and say we have had enough. Once the leaders could not hide from the glaringly bad publicity the laws were enforced and the trail was cleared.

      • Anaheim: Good point. Thank you. I missed these crucial points. The video was a key factor. The other thing I thought about too was the counsel meeting where Council Member Stephen Faessel actually got angry or should I say stearn at the lack of anything being done regarding the riverbed issue both at his fellow council members and staff if I recall. This was early on. That stance he took that night started a momentum in the right direction as well. But when the video came out it was game on.

        • JJ: I think the video came out before Faessel took that strong stance. The video and its public airing was the catalyst. It gave strength to the voices of those living by the trail in Faessel’s District that had been contacting him, demanding for help. I do commend Faessel for standing up strongly then and representing those he is there to serve. It should never have come to any of this. It had been going on a long time before anyone took “a stand.” Why did our leaders let it get to the point that it has? Why did they not act sooner? Why did it take bad publicity and the screams of the residents in the affected cities? It shows who they truly serve – themselves.

          In this upcoming election we have to examine past behaviours and vote accordingly.

          The first to go is Moreno. We also need to break up the AUHSD rat pack.

  14. Well said JJ.

    Hopefully the trend continues, the new proposition gathering signatures is a good first step to reverse props 47, 57 and AB 103 will help get more criminals off the street. www,keepcalsafe,org

    The county moving forward with the Mental Health Facility in Orange is another one, but we need to find a way to keep those in treatment and taking the medications through the court system.

    I am tired of those who keep committing thefts including package thefts from our porch’s, breaking into cars in our driveways, etc. getting away with it without any real penalty.

    I do not want Anaheim and Orange County becoming another Los Angeles or San Francisco.

    We got the SART encampment closed, and need to keep doing things like that (like The Santa Ana Courthouse issue).

    And we need leaders to make it happen, and get rid of those who want to turn the area into another Los Angeles.

    So we need to vote, and get our friends to do it. It starts in June with Senator Newman, and then in November, we need to get a new Mayor and city councilpersons who will continue the fight that Councilmember Murray has been doing for the last eight years.

    • David: Right on. Let’s do this. I think those lawyers were from Los Angeles if I am not mistaken. So you are right maybe that is what they had in mind was to make Anaheim more like where they live and work which is in Los Angeles. The courthouse is another disaster. Before they put them all up in the flag pole area about six months ago and fenced off the grass area, I went by there and saw bookshelves leaning up against the courthouse wall and not with books but with belongings. They also had dressers drawers. Talk about planting roots to stay. Not just tents but furniture. You can smell that area from a 100 yards away. Here again and I just noticed this: it is County Property again just like the Riverbed. County property appears to be sanctuary for the homeless.

    • JJ: I think the video came out before Faessel took that strong stance. The video and its public airing was the catalyst. It gave strength to the voices of those living by the trail in Faessel’s District that had been contacting him, demanding for help. I do commend Faessel for standing up strongly then and representing those he is there to serve. It should never have come to any of this. It had been going on a long time before anyone took “a stand.” Why did our leaders let it get to the point that it has? Why did they not act sooner? Why did it take bad publicity and the screams of the residents in the affected cities? It shows who they truly serve – themselves.

      In this upcoming election we have to examine past behaviours and vote accordingly.

      The first to go is Moreno. We also need to break up the AUHSD rat pack.

  15. JJ and David Michael – totally agree! Newman first, then Moreno. Keep commenting and raising the public’s awareness. Strength in numbers.

  16. Again leading voter down the wrong path with the wrong information, because the real truth will made people understand. It took a legal federal law suit against the cities of Anaheim, Orange, and Costa Mesa (which involved board of supervisor) to get Judge Carter to even get involved in the first place. Get it straight, the complaints, the organization backing the law suit, and the attorneys filing the law suit are all living in OC. IF a private organization can file a law suit and get things done in a human matter, than why couldn’t our city council/board of supervisors did nothing but grand standing for the camera. All talk and the minimum action. Wasn’t Kring or Murray who ok it for the 200 people from the Fountain Valley to come to the riverbed? You sound like you both work for Kring and Murray, two of the council member who voted for DISNEYLAND to have a gate band tax for 20 years. Disney gave 1,900 dollars to incumbent (everyone who ran), $776,000 for political action committees whose campaign spending $476,000 to help Murray and former council member Gail Eastman. For the simple reason that they voted for the gate band tax, especially while the city was facing a half million deficit that is now $2 billions is not the actions of a council member to serve the citizens of Anaheim, unless you elect them to serve Disneyland. For that along which is mismanagement of over seeing the budget Kring and Murray NEED TO BE REPLACE. Don’t let them distort the truth VOTERS of ANAHEIM, they talk to you like you only have a half of brain. Last for you half wits the advocates didn’t want the homeless to stay in the riverbed but a plan for somewhere for them to go. Advocates knew about the $900 millions, now $700,000 millions and still there is ONLY A BAND AID still be done. In UC Irvine report done only for OC (which makes it hard to dispute but some still try) If we house the homeless with resources would save 46 million a year. We should house them in temporary housing and move to permanent housing. Having them a good chance to turn their lives around, all will not take it but many will as they already have. WHEN COMPANIES BUY THE VOTES OF OURS COUNCILS/BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OUR DEMOCRACY AND OUR WAY OF LIFE IS THREATEN. KRING/MURRAY NEED TO GO BECAUSE THEY ARE BOUGHT AND OWNED BY DISNEYLAND. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THEN WORDS, $2 BILLION DEFICIT SPEAKS FOR ITSELF.


  18. Yep, there’s a problem alright. Some people ramble on including all sorts of irrelevant and confusing remarks.

  19. Here is a quick solution repeal/fix AB109 and Props 47 &57, put criminals back in jail. Enforce current anti-camping laws, stop coddling people who don’t want help and fill the river trail with boulders and trees spaced every few feet to prevent another shanty town from forming.

  20. I have lost all faith in the city with Moreno being on council.
    He has ruined this city, and his praises for the advocates reinforces why Anaheim is in this condition.

    Moreno is a very self serving politician, and that’s all he is.

    If you cannot see that, you deserve everything he has fought for.
    If you agree with me, it’s sad but it’s too late. He did too much damage.

    I applaud the activists who tried to fight for west Anaheim, when there was a chance. You know who you are, not the talkers, but those who actually did something.

  21. sir iti ka 2nd round counselling date sart kab se h .

  22. Has anyone seen the Anaheim stie – why redesign the flag?

  23. City of Anaheim is even ruining the flag. The site is so unprofessionally presented. Whose idea was this? What about our city history. Must this council take everything from its residents. We need to stop this foolish idea. THIS COUNCIL NEEDS TO BE DISBANDED

  24. Please post this and do a story on it. We need it stopped. Send it to KFI – here goes Anaheim again -Terrible Idea Tait

  25. Irvine resident on the news last night saying it’s just too unsafe to house the transients there. HAVE YOU NOT A CLUE TO WHAT WEST ANAHEIM HAS BEEN GOING THROUGH???

    The motels are not even ZONED for homeless shelters but we’re converted overnight, right next to children’s batting cages, and across from a youth center.

    Step up Irvine. You have the roomph to house them away from kuds, in a controlled environment.
    WE DO NOT.

    Stop thinking about yourself.

  26. A radio host said Irvine should not be the place for a homeless encampment and it would lower their property values which isn’t right because they have spent so much money on their homes.

    I ask is it okay to have them anywhere near homes? It would lower value of any home. Is Irvine better because they cost more? No how Irvine is better is they are run by a council that cares what happens to the residents of the city they serve. Unlike Anaheim where the mayor who lives in the hills of Anaheim away from the situation.

    I like the show but too bad they used that commentary. No city, no homeowner should have their property devalued. No residents should be endangered.

  27. State your opinion please to the temporary City of Anaheim Manager to NOT change our city’s flag.

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