Unstableheim: Community Services Director Brent Dennis Quits To Take Tucson Parks Position

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Anaheim Insider here.

Brent Dennis has resigned as Community Services Director for the City of Anaheim, leaving to take a similar post with the City of Tuscon, Arizona.

The day after presenting the City Council with an update on the city’s strategic parks plan on February 27, Dennis submitted his resignation. In an e-mail, Dennis said he delivered the news “with mixed emotions”:

“I have personally and professionally enjoyed working with you over the past two years to collaboratively advance so many positive initiatives for the benefit of the residents we all serve.  I will be moving on to the City of Tucson, Arizona as their new Director of Parks and Recreation on April 2, 2018.  I am excited about the new leadership opportunities in Tucson, but I will greatly miss each of you.  My final day here in Anaheim will be Friday, March 30th.”

Dennis went on to state that his colleagues “will always have a great friend in Tucson.”

Dennis was hired as Community Services Director less than two years ago – in September 2016. Prior to that, he was general manager of the El Dorado Hills Community Services District.

The Community Services Department joins a growing roster of Anaheim city departments headed by interim directors. Anaheim now has an Interim City Manager, an Acting Police Chief, an Acting City Attorney, an Acting City Clerk, an Acting Human Resources Director and an Interim Deputy Planning Director.


  1. Acting Assiststant City Manager, Acting City Clerk and soon acting Parks Dir. Don’t forget the acting Planning Manager,..

  2. Why is this happening?
    I think one of the arguments I heard was that at least as to the first round of people leaving after the 2014 district elections was that their leaving was directly related to Mayor Tait getting his majority back and part of his and Councilmember Moreno’s efforts to “drain the swamp” from their perspective.

    The other side of the argument is that the staff is leaving because they want to. This is like the argument made about the White House today and that is that the White House staff are leaving in droves because the leadership is in turmoil and they want to get out of there because they can’t work there any longer.
    Well whatever it is I think 2018 brings a new change and I think the majority shifts back to what it was pre-2014 District Elections. As set forth below, I think the days of the pro Tait majority are over after this year and we will likely see new staff coming in.

    Moreno (District 3) and Vanderbilt (District 2) would both have to win their races to have a chance at holding onto the majority. If they both win then they still have to either win the Mayor’s race or District 6.
    If Cynthia Ward wins mayor, then of course they got it but is that really going to happen? If Galloway wins I don’t think they keep the Pro-Tait Majority Rule. If Aikin wins I still think they lose the majority.

    That leaves the mighty Harry Sidhu. If he wins I don’t see him as continuing the Pro Tait “kindness” legacy and therefore I still see the majority shifting back to pre-2014 except for those occasional swing votes by Council Member Faessel where as always he does the right thing and votes in favor of the City and its people at all costs.

    If Vanderbilt and Moreno win but they don’t get the mayor seat, then they must win District 6. But there is still no one endorsed by Tait in District 6 unless maybe Pettibone or Chuchua steps in both of who were mentioned in that earlier poll along with Gillespie. Pettibone’s recent response two weeks ago which was overheard when asked by a local gadfly if he is running was quoted as saying “hell no”. Chuchua who has got to be in his early-70’s is running for School Board on a pro union platform. No word from Gillespie before, after, during, ever. I am still betting Trevor ONeal is not Tait’s endorsement especially after you read his recent Facebook post, forwarded to me, wherein he strongly favors Disney over the workers. I would also bet the farm Sergio Gonzales is his own man and is not going to go along with what I am calling the Pro Tait majority if he gets elected. He is also endorsed by Kris Murray (BTW: I can tell my grandkids I was at the council meeting when Kris Murray first started the movement to get the Homeless out of the Riverbed-Go Kris!!). Finally, Grant Henninger is not part of the Pro Tait camp.

    Also, if Brandman beats Vanderbilt in District 2 then its game over. Good luck to both. Can you imagine how much money they are going to pour into that District 2 race with the majority at stake? I know I am right when I say this because I checked it out and that is Vanderbilt was self-funded in 2014 except for maybe that one IE hit piece on Gail Eastman but even then, that was not his money per se as it was an IE. Brandman should be well funded.

    And just to finish this out, if Moreno were to lose in District 3 game over. But so far no heavy weight is going against him and he is probably stronger now then he was in 2014 especially with the “Mayor Pro Tem” title.

    It looks to me like the council goes back to the pre-2014 majority after this year and we have new staff coming in starting in 2019. This short run for the Tait Majority is over but probably not without a good fight I am sure. Tait did get to have a taste of having the majority in his favor for his last four years before he termed out. Plus there was a lot of pay back for him over the last four years going on at those council meetings.

  3. 7th, yes SEVENTH senior city position now in interum.


    What does that say about the city and it’s politics?
    Anaheim is a joke, what a disaster of a city, where’s the leadership…

  4. Sounds like the city is in the same position as the high school district. Since the Matsuda Jabbar coup things have been nuts. All but two principals have been purged, test scores have dropped to lowest in the county, new matsuda leaders are crying at staff meetings and being but on leave.

    Sad thing is that Matsuda is such a skilled politicitian that he has overcome his lack of standing with the majority of teachers by teaming up with key leaders inside the union. Looks like he will get away with his miserable leadership. By the way he is only kind to his friends and family, everyone else is subject to his lies and political tactics that have destroyed the careers of dozens of good people.

  5. NO TO MORENO: Who are Moreno’s opponents? He is not well liked in his district. He is the one everyone needs to get out. He is the wolf in the chicken coop, the wolf dressed up as grandma, whatever – He is the wolf in Anaheim. He has ties to the school board/administrators group and I don’t know why Tait is so enamored with him but he is the one that needs to go. Does he get to put Pro Tem on the ballot? NO WAY ON JOSE.

    This whole majority will go down as those in power during Anaheim’s worst days.

  6. Moreno is unfit.
    He’s a moron.

    He’s is a huge blame for ruining Anaheim.

  7. I wrote Dennis and told him I didn’t blame him one bit for leaving. Anaheim is so poorly managed. It’s pathetic.

  8. Tait is responsible for this situation. Talented people do not want the hassle of working with him. His ideas are foolish and he is not a good leader. Tait and Moreno put unqualified and incompetent cronies in these top positions and everyone else suffers as these buffoons fumble their way through managing. Matsuda is a perfect example. Tait obviously longs for the failed leadership of Raul Quezada. November cannot come soon enough.

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