Record-Breaking 24.2 Million Tourists Visited Anaheim in 2017

Anaheim Resort AB feat

Anaheim welcomed a record-setting 24.2 million tourists in 2017 – an increase of 1 million people over 2016 – Visit Anaheim announced yesterday; Visit Anaheim is the official destination organization for Anaheim. 2017 was the fifth record-setting year in a row in terms of tourism visitation to Anaheim. Last year’s increase represents a 5.1% visitor volume increase from 2016 to 2017.

All in all, Anaheim has experienced a 31 percent growth in tourism since 2012,.

The increase in visitor volume was accompanied by a boost in visitor spending to the tune of $8.62 billion additional dollars – a 6.2% increases in visitor spending over 2016. According to Visit Anaheim, this spending increase was spread across a number of sectors including hotel accommodations, which experienced a 1.7 percent increase in visitors.

“The numbers clearly prove the direct and positive impact tourism has on Anaheim and Orange County,” said Jay Burress, President & CEO, Visit Anaheim. “2017 was a monumental year for our destination, opening a newly expanded space of the Anaheim Convention Center as well the start of several new development projects. Tourism means an increase in jobs, revenue for small businesses and is a key spoke in our local economy’s wheel.”

According to Visit Anaheim:

Development projects have been on the rise in the destination with several highly impactful projects underway to sustain tourism for years to come. Most notably, Disneyland’s much-anticipated Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and updates to Downtown Disney, which will offer Anaheim’s 24 million annual visitors additional entertainment and attraction options. Anaheim visitors will also be offered more diverse hotel accommodation options due to two highly-anticipated four-diamond hotels breaking ground in 2017.

In Sept. 2017, the Anaheim Convention Center’s seventh expansion, ACC North, was unveiled, adding 200,000 square feet of flexible meeting space and cementing the Anaheim Convention Center as the largest convention center on the West Coast. ACC North allows meeting professionals the flexibility to design unique experiences for their attendees from education sessions, workshops, galas, marketplace connections and networking events. Additionally, many of Anaheim’s most impactful annual conventions hit record attendance or grew in size in 2017, including NAMM, Natural Products Expo West, VidCon, California Dental Association, OC Auto Show and LuLaRoe.

Visitor Growth 2013-2017

2013: 18,704,292
2014: 21,737,961
2015: 22,500,000
2016: 23,040,000
2017: 24,219,000 (preliminary)

Source: CIC Research, Inc.



  1. Such a thriving business hardly needs crony capitalism to prop it up.

    • When someone throws out “crony capitalism not once but twice,” I am amused at their idealism as it’s often the result of NOT knowing what it means or where and how it’s applied between business and politics. As founder and CEO of a North American company, I have had direct experience with each country, province, state, and city where we conducted business over the last thirty-five + years. Though my company’s services and agenda were very different from retail companies such as Disneyland, for contractual purposes, they are similarly structured. In some cases, near boilerplate. Company’s like mine provide a lot of revenue to various entities but seldom realize much in the way of tax benefits.

      Doesn’t take a corporate genius to see Disneyland’s corporate structure, risk factors and profit margins of Anaheim facilities are NOT “dependent” or a direct result of its contractual benefits with the City of Anaheim or any city for that matter; therefore, crony capitalism and associated risk factors do not apply. Disneyland in Anaheim would still show a profit even if the benefits it receives from the City of Anaheim didn’t exist.

      Anaheim City is obliged to give benefits to corporate businesses such as Resort district venues. If for no other reason than strengthen its revenue stream. Any business can prosper without the city, but a city the size of Anaheim cannot survive without a revenue stream from the business segment. The City of Anaheim is damned fortunate it has a huge revenue stream from the Resort District.

      • “Anaheim City is obliged to give benefits to corporate businesses such as Resort district venues.”

        Says who?

  2. OK, the number is BILLIONS more, so let’s look at the 6% increase, which makes the total amount over $143 Billion a year in tourism spending in the area.

    But, we can figure out that 1.18 Million visitors came in 2017, (and note, based on the official information released at the Walt Disney Company Quarterly Report phone conferences, DLR attendance is down, making a lot of the new folks Convention Center related).

    So how to allocate the average spending, if you divide the total spending by the total amount of visitors, that is $5,900 per person, or over $20,000 for a family of four.

    But we have to calculate the types of tourist, of course a NAMM attendant is booking private event halls, paying Convention Center rents (Visitors include the heads of businesses showing their products/services off), so of course, that is not a typical leisure guest.

    But the current attitude of some of the Anaheim city council puzzles me a lot. We should be embracing these funds, and all the sales tax, TOT taxes, local jobs and small businesses that support the Anaheim Resort District.

    We need to work with Disney to address the serious traffic and parking issues on Harbor and all around the Resort District.

    We now have the new Western Gateway project with a new hotel and parking structure, plus the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, and California Adventure expansion. These folks will need places to stay, Garden Grove’s Mayor just announced a Le Meridian and a Kimpton coming near Harbor and Chapman. Hotels Anaheim might have gotten if Anaheim was more willing to work with them.

    Same with the Beach Blvd improvements, Buena Park has fought for its new projects on the Boulevard, while we are still stuck with Stinkin’ Lincoln. Too bad the new Butterfly Pavilion is being built in Buena Park instead of Anaheim.

    The current city council has sat on the plans developed for West Anaheim by the previous council… What a shame.

    Seems like Mayor Tait is Penny wise and Dollar foolish, other cities offer incentives, and will continue to do so. So cities like Garden Grove and Buena Park benefit (BP has some new higher quality Hotels like the Hotel Stanford being built), and Anaheim loses the tax dollars and new jobs.

    I know Porto’s is getting my business.

  3. Thank you Patreon and OddManEditorial Staff 🙂God Bless Us All

  4. Editorial Staff, thanks so much for the post.Much thanks again. Really Cool.

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