Judge Carter Halts Clearing of SART Homeless Camp At Request of Left-Wing Attorney From Santa Monica

Carol Sobel AB feat

Last night, federal district Judge David O. Carter granted a request for a temporary injunction halting the velvet-gloved clearing of the Santa Ana River Trail encampment being conducted by the County of Orange, in coordination with Anaheim and Orange. The injunction was requested by Carol Sobel, a leftist trial attorney from Santa Monica who makes a handsome living suing public agencies.

Sobel claims the County is ramping up the eviction effort, citing this as her reason for requesting the injunction. According to the Voice of OC, Sobel wrote in her request:

“Plaintiffs file this Emergency Stay Request to block the County from citing and arresting Plaintiffs and others in the riverbed beginning tomorrow (Wednesday) morning,” Sobel wrote. “Despite the County’s prior representations to the Court that there were no imminent plans to cite or arrest the hundreds of unhoused persons in the Riverbed, the County has now decided to do so.

“In response to a query from Plaintiffs counsel, following reports that Sheriff’s Deputies and other County workers started telling people today (Feb. 6) that arrests were imminent, the County has now confirmed that it intends to cite and arrest people starting tomorrow (Wednesday) morning …,” she wrote. “Because irreparable harm will occur in just a few hours, the Court’s immediate intervention is critical.”

Another leftist attorney, Brooke Weitzman, filed a request last week asking Judge Carter to block the rolling eviction effort. Carter declined to grant a temporary injunction but set a February 13 hearing on the request to which all parties were invited.

While homeless advocates excitedly depict the eviction in terms more suited to describing a pogrom, the County’s effort has been a slow roll combination of enforcement and assistance. Predictably, as residents of the massive homeless encampment figure out the County isn’t going to peremptorily toss them out, willingness to accept help and or re-locate has dimmed. Again from the Voice of OC:

Senior Assistant County Counsel Marianne Van Riper told Weitzman, via email, Tuesday evening that sheriff’s deputies and public works employees “have observed that the rate of voluntary compliance with the District’s direction to leave the Project area have effectively stalled out, for whatever reason.

“Consequently, beginning tomorrow morning (Feb. 7), OCSD (sheriff’s) personnel will begin advising people remaining on the District Santa Ana Riverbed property that they must vacate or may be cited and/or arrested for trespassing,” reads Van Riper’s email.

The dip in the “rate of voluntary compliance” is not surprise to anyone familiar with human nature, and it will continue to diminish absent an increased willingness by authorities to enforce the law.

Who Is Carol Sobel?
Carol Sobel, the attorney who requested the temporary injunction, is a veteran of the legal Left. She practices in Santa Monica and has earned some large fees suing the LAPD, for example. She serves on the Board of Directors of the National Police Accountability Project, a project of the National Lawyers Guild, a  radical organization with a history of Soviet fellow traveling and sympathy and support for leftist revolutionary movements at home and abroad. The NLG is an active member of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers, which was a Soviet-front until the collapse of its progenitor, but continues as an advocate for radical Left causes.  Sobel is a past Executive Vice President of the NLG and a current member of the executive board of the NLG-Los Angeles. She was an ACLU staff attorney for 20 years.

In short, the restoration of a 2-mile segment of the Santa Ana River Trail as a usable public park is being stymied by a hard-core left-wing activist from Santa Monica – thanks to Judge David O. Carter.

As reported last week, the County has kept a running tally of enforcement actions and clean-up results from 2-mile long homeless encampment. Between January 22 and January 28, the County picked up:

  • 2,290 hypodermic needles
  • 62 tons of debris
  • 400 pounds of human waste

During the same period, the County also reported making 34 arrests, bringing total arrest in the SART encampment since mid-September to more than 500 arrests have been made in the SART encampment since September 15, 2017. The offenses include: assault, robbery, rape, trespass, possession of a controlled substance, possession of weapons, and other offenses for crimes against persons and crimes against property.


  1. Angry District 5 Person

    Judge David O. Carter is a Laguna Beach resident.

    He has no problem with an anti-camping ordinance, as long as it isn’t in his local park.

    Check out the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page for the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park. http://www.ocparks.com/parks/lagunac/faq

  2. This will never end. The folks do not want services and now is the time to send them all to Laguna Beach or Santa Monica. They can choose which city they want. Let’s get a bus and move them to these locations. Carol’s office in Santa Monica or Main Beach in Laguna. Let;s have the busses there on Friday. Clear the SARtT

  3. This what you get when you go to the leftist (low cap) judge carter. carter is interfering with law.

  4. Wow. Speechless. Total BS.

  5. Disgusted AnaheimHomeOwner

    It’s TIME… The residents of Anaheim, Orange & Costa Mesa need to file a CLASS-ACTION SUIT AGAINST THEIR CITY AND COUNTY OF ORANGE. If you’ve lost value in your home because of it’s location near the encampment messes. If you’ve lived here long enough you have paid taxes for them to clean up the river trail, and now youre paying taxes for the homeless to destroy the rivertrail. Those big new gates… we paid for them, for nothing now. I am also requesting the attorneys filing nonsense stays for the homeless mess along the 57 should be included in compensating us, the people that work everyday and are living with needles and imminent Hepatitis A outbreaks like San Diego has endured. We cant even touch anything without worrying about who and what touched it last. Our health and well being is important too. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN JOINING A CLASS ACTION SUIT, PLEASE LEAVE YOUR NAME. MORE INFORMATION TO FOLLOW.

  6. Anaheim homeowner

    I detest the ability of people who do not live near this disaster to make decisions for us. No matter how you explain ir, it’s what this judge has done. Literally the person wanting this injunction is from another area, and the judge who agreed with it….both from other areas.

  7. Judge Carter had previously invited those “affected” to speak out on the 13th. I suggest
    It would be worth blowing a vacation or sick day (the advocates don’t have jobs) to come speak up/ speak out.

    It’s high time phony liberals from the hills, who post pictures of their kids sipping $11.00 frappe’s at Nordstrom in Brea stop meddling in the affairs of hard working HOMEOWNERS Anaheim.

  8. In the end, if the people ‘in charge’ won’t do their jobs, it will up to the people to do it. And if citizens head down there to clean out those slums, it’s going to get really ugly, really fast.

  9. I am a liberal and I take affront at all of the comments regarding liberals. This is not a liberal/conservative issue. I have been very upfront about my feelings on this issue. The river trail needs to be cleared. I have offered solutions and have been dismayed that nothing is being done. I suggest we head to Carter’s house or Carol’s house and protest there. Yelling on a site that nobody but us read will do nothing. These folks might appreciate the situation more if we head to their places of residence. Now please stop blaming the liberal establishment and provide some other solutions, Let’s go their residences and fight for our causes there.

  10. So all I can hope is that this is a temporary order and next they have the full hearing on the injunction and Judge Carter does the right thing. Judge Carter still has to rule on the full injunction. I heard that a temporary restraining order is just that i.e. temporary and that the temporary order is issued to keep the status quo until the full injunction hearing. The status quo in this case is Judge Carter keeping everything consistent with his original order requiring there to be a place available for the homeless before they get removed. So he keeps that status quo until the full injunction hearing.

    But now thanks to Kris Murray’s resolution and the efforts being made by the Supervisors like Spitzer we have developed new facts not available before and those new facts are that some of the homeless don’t want a place to go even though there is a place for them. These facts were not available when Judge Carter issued his original order. They were developed by some smart people.

    So if they are trespassing and there is a place for them to go but they don’t want to go why can’t they be removed as the government has then complied with Judge Carter’s order but the homeless just don’t want to go.

    Therefore while Judge Carter maintains the status quo of his original order he now takes these new facts into consideration at the full injunction hearing and maybe issues a new injunction fixing this problem or giving some guidance in his order on what we are supposed to do.

    So if Judge Carter stays with his original ruling under these new circumstances it is bad news for us but it has to be appealed. The problem with the appeal is that I think it would go to the 9th circuit. If you recall when Trump appealed his travel ban it went to the 9th circuit (from Hawaii?) and they were calling them the 9th “circus” in the news because they had been overruled so many times by the US Supreme Court (something like 80%).

    So not much hope in the 9th circuit but then they appealed the travel ban to the US Supreme Court and what was the ruling there? Unanimous reversal! After going through the entire process the US Supreme Court overruled the 9th circuit unanimously. Now please people I am only using the Trump Travel ban as an example for procedure because it is the only example I can think of where someone appealed a ruling and it was overturned by the US Supreme Court. I am not supporting the Travel Ban for the purpose of this article so hopefully we don’t get sidetracked.

    But there it is. Judge Carter does the right thing at the injunction hearing. If not we appeal to the 9th circuit and without much hope there we appeal to the US Supreme Court and there we find the justice we deserve.

    • Angry District 5 Person

      I don’t believe the County of Orange elected officials have the heart to defend the quality of life of residents in Anaheim and Orange by pursuing an appeals process. The rest of the County benefits by having the anti-camping ban not enforced on the Santa Ana River Trail but enforced in every other county park.

      The rest of the county has a convenient place to push their homeless and drug addicts and then look down their noses at the angered Anaheim residents and call them ‘Nimby’s’.

  11. I think those that have been involved in the removal of all the trash should find the home of Judge Carter and share the trash with him. Send the homeless over there to camp out and, of course, deliver to him the 1,000-plus needles that have been recovered. I think it would be a nice present. Of course I agree there should be a class action lawsuit against the municipalities that don’t enforce our present laws.

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