Mayor 2018: Lorri Galloway Raises $117,000 for Campaign

Lorri Galloway announce AB feat

Former Anaheim Councilwoman Lorri Galloway reported raising more than $117,000 for her mayoral campaign.

According to her Form 460 campaign disclosure report covering January through December 2017, Galloway raised $17,447 in contributions while loaning her campaign another $100,000. All told, her campaign cash-on-hand is $116,746.26.

Galloway is holding a Superbowl party campaign fundraiser on February 4:

Galloway fundraiser Feb. 4 invite

Galloway, a Democrat, announced her candidacy for mayor on October 11, 2017.  She was previously elected to two terms on the Anaheim City Council, serving from 2004 to 2012. During her tenure, she was an advocate for affordable housing policies such as inclusionary housing, but was also considered a pragmatist who could work with various parties to arrive at a compromise.

She and Mayor Tait voted against the original GardenWalk hotel deal in 2012 and the subsequent effort to require voter approval for using Transient Occupancy Tax rebates to attract 4-Diamond hotel construction in the Anaheim Resort. These events precipitated the Great Schism in Anaheim politics that continues today.

Galloway challenged Tait for re-election in 2014, finishing in second with 20.4% of the vote:

Anaheim mayor results 2014

Galloway finished first during her maiden council run in 2004 with 18.8%, and was re-elected in 2006 with 22.6%.

The other announced candidates are former Anaheim Councilman Harry Sidhu; OC Fair Board member Ashleigh Aitken; John Machiaverna, the executive director of the Boys and Girls Club of Anaheim.


  1. Can’t they leave already. It is time for new blood in Anaheim. Retreads, repeats and reuse. Time to clean house with new blood. These folks have had their time. No go away.

  2. So Lorri, the director of a local charity can afford to lend herself $100,000? It may not sound too kind, but I think somebody needs to examine those Eli Home books. Something doesn’t smell right.

    • Mayoral Candidate Lorri Galloway is honest, credible and transparent. This same claim was made by Mr. Fitzgerald several years ago and proved false. If you have a serious concern I recommend that you contact her directly and I am sure she would be more than happy to speak with you about your concern about the legal loan to her campaign.

      • Yeah, that loan is legal. So where does a charity worker get a hundred thou to throw around?

        Right. Doing well by doing good.

        • I don’t know where Lorri Galloway got a $100K to loan herself. And the reality is neither do you, Warren – although you don’t let that ignorance stand in your way.

          Lorri’s husband has his own income. They may be frugal savers. I once knew a councilmember who lived in a harbor-front home, with a dock and small sailboat. He and his wife were school teachers, and some folks with your gossipy mentality would whisper “How can two school teachers afford that house?” as if something wasn’t on the level. The answer is they followed conservative, frugal financial lifestyle principles that enabled them to build wealth over time on modest incomes.

          • Actually, I know exactly where she got her money from. It’s called the Department of Housing and Urban Development. $500K a year.

          • Classic, Matt – it’s taken me twenty minutes to stop laughing enough over that comment to be able to respond. Sometimes I feel you don’t get enough credit for your wicked sense of sarcasm.

            A little snide though, at the expense of a politician with a house in the Hills who just recently jetted off to Paris and back, who gets a new luxury sports car regularly, has new designer shoes and jeans every month, and doesn’t go a week without a pedicure.

            “Conservative frugal financial lifetstyle” – LOL, you are TOO MUCH!”

            • Yeah, that Lorri Galloway really knows how to stretch a dollar.

            • Only 20 minutes? Not 19? Or 21? Did you time it?

              Look, my point was Warren has no idea why LG has to loan her campaign. He simply assumes the worst. James Vanderbilt spent $200,000 of his own money to win election to the council in 2014. He works – or worked at the time – for state government. I don’t think there’s anything suspicious about that; I think he is a frugal guy who has piled up savings and investments. But I don’t see Warren or you writing “Where does a state worker get $200K to throw at a council race?”

    • I said the something when I learned an unemployed pianist, with NO measurable work record in ten years could afford $50,000 in rehab.

      • “Every word [they] write is a lie, including ‘and’ and ‘the.” – Mary McCarthy

        It’s hilarious entertainment watching the mythologies you anonymous people build up about me and my friends, while all I have to do is sit silently and watch you-all do it. Carry on…

  3. Anaheim’s big issues are homelessness, gang violence and high housing costs. Who better that Galloway, who has spent her life focusing on these issues, has a history of truly serving the people of our great city and has worked with all sides to get things done. A “newby” can’t touch these issues.
    I know of The Eli Home and the good work they do and also know that Galloway isn’t rich from what she receives from the funding The Eli Home receives, it’s the other way around. A 501 (c) 3 charity’s financials are public. Check it out.

  4. Wait a second. What? Headline says she RAISED 117K. Text says she only raised 17K which sounds more believable. And yeah … how DOES she make herself a loan like that?

    Still, the problem HERE is allowing her such a deceptive headline.

  5. For those curious about the status of Vern’s 5th DUI arrest:

    According to court records, Vern was CONVICTED of FELONY DUI. He was SENTENCED on January 16, 2018 to 3 YEARS IN JAIL and 3 YEARS PROBATION. The sentenced was stayed for some reason, but he has to serve 10 days in jail and 4 days in jail in lieu of paying his fine.

    Vern was also sentenced to 18 months in Multiple Offender Alcohol Program.

    And that’s not all…Vern also has a FIREARMS RELINQUISHMENT hearing on February 14. Mr. Liberal is apparently a gun owner and has to surrender it.

    In fact, as a CONVICTED FELON, Vern also cannot VOTE.

    Vern is one of Cynthia Ward’s biggest cheerleader. What does Cynthia have to say about all this? Does she accept the support of a CONVICTED FELON?

  6. Sounds like I really struck a nerve here.

    Was it when I questioned (at my own place) how Galloway could lend herself $100K while her Eli Home workers have to take turns going without their paychecks?

    Hmm… $100K… that’s almost exactly the same amount the Eli Home got from the Orange County Trial Lawyers Association in December. Someone should look into that.

    • How many and what kind of firearms do you have to relinquish, Vern?

      Have you already served your days in jail in lieu of paying the fine? How much was the fine, by the way?

      Does the 18 months in a Multiple Offender Alcohol Program include the your recent stint in rehab?

      And do you REALLY think you’re in any position to question anyone’s credibility or honesty?

      • I prefer to keep you guessing about my firearms. In fact I think I’ll let you guess about all of it, I enjoy the theories you people come up with.

        And yes I can question any politician’s credibility or honesty, ESPECIALLY certain ones.

        • then be prepared to have them question you about your felony conviction. And — per your own managing editor — lecherous behavior.

    • Eli Home workers deny your paycheck claim. Additionally, as you’re having an issue with Brandman moving his residence, I will point out Vanderbilt moved from Anaheim Hills to district 2 in order to run for that seat in 2018. An error of omission on your part?

      • If you actually read the Brandman piece you’ll see I don’t make a big deal about his carpetbagging, as I know Vanderbilt foes would come back like that. I just describe the picturesqueness of him moving so late at night. I realize Carpetbagging Purists (like maybe Bushala) would see (or pretend to see) no difference, but Carpetbagging Relativists MIGHT see a difference … between moving two years ago to a place near where you work and into a building your parents own that you’ve lived before and ANNOUNCING that move at Council, on TV, on January 12, 2016… versus moving quietly late at night a few months before the election to a place where you have no roots. SOME might see a difference there.

        As for the Eli Home workers’ claim – at least one of them knows it’s true that that happens to him over there when finances are tight. But of course they gotta say what their boss tells them. I obviously haven’t been in touch with those people since she made that allegation last fall.

        • And no James didn’t move from Anaheim Hills to District 2 either. But who ever accused you of knowing Anaheim?

          • Enough of the Petty Stuff, This is Serious

            Absolutely correct – James moved from District 3 to District 2…that makes is so much different than moving from Anaheim Hills to District 2, doesn’t it?

            Would’t it be great it everyone focused on who can best represent the entirety of Anaheim’s population and worked on building up rather than tearing down our City?

            • I totally agree, and if you read my story you’ll see that’s what I focused on.

              • Enough of the Petty Stuff, This is Serious

                I did read your story, before I read your comment here about Jordan moving on an unrelated story about Lorri Galloway. It is very clear you and many others here and elsewhere have agendas that don’t reflect the reality of what folks go through on a daily basis. You’re so wrapped up in scoring off each other you lose focus on what transitory points you’re all trying to make. Sitting through multiple City Council meetings here in Anaheim you can readily see there are plenty of speakers who want their 3 minutes of fame each week and very few of you (and I say you because you are often one of them) who are interested in bettering this City for all. I’m all for passion projects…but when the same folks, many of whom do not share ideologies, work in tandem to highjack the Council meetings, it is clear you do not wish to see the peoples’ business conducted. Instead, you’d rather post pictures of a private citizen moving and create a salacious story about it happening at night as though that proved anything to anyone. You know how you operate, I know how you operate. I call BS on those of you only willing to see part of any story. All of you, on any “side” (though those sides seem to change depending on what gets the most air time) need to take stock, refocus your energies on polite discussion of differences so common solutions may be achieved and forget all the finger pointing and character assassination. You cannot contribute to progress if you cannot listen. Having a personal agenda and a platform to push it doesn’t make it fact or helpful. Be kind, even if you dislike the other “side”. If you can’t be kind and respectful, stop. You are not helping to find solutions, you are simply getting your jollies fanning the flames and that is entirely selfish.

                • Reasonable enough commentary. Hey, we DID wish Jordan a “pleasant evening.”

                  And I patiently listed all my problems with his record.

                  Have a nice day.

            • I predicted this sort of district shopping during the long debate over by-district elections (that wasn’t prophecy but a simple grasp of human nature). Notwithstanding the overblown rhetoric over “neighbors representing neighbors,” leveling carpet-bagging charges when a candidate moves a mile within the city is unlikely to resonate with voters. Both Vanderbilt and Brandman have won at-large elections. Both moved to District 2 from downtown Anaheim. Does anyone think they aren’t familiar with the issues in West Anaheim?

              It’s not as if “home grown” candidates are rushing to represent District 2 on the council. The only long-time D2 resident to file is Rudy Gaona.

              Partisans of either candidate can make arguments for or against James and Jordan. But – to my amazement – I find myself agreeing with Vern: arguing over who is more of a carpetbagger is silly.

              The more serious weakness of Anaheim’s by-district election system is that districts are represented by councilmembers who attracted support from as few as a quarter of district voters. The charter ought to be amended to require a run-off between the top-two vote getters in each district (and in the mayoral race, as well). If adherents of the “neighbors representing neighbors” are serious about their rhetoric, they would support such a reform to ensure each district is represented by someone who earned majority support.

          • My apologies here Vern; James is FROM Anaheim Hills. So that discussion about roots in the community…he’s from Anaheim Hills and has lived in other parts of Anaheim. Brandman can claim the same. And what exactly are your roots in Anaheim Mr. Huntington Beach? Do you miss your childhood bedroom that you rented from your parents before getting married and moving to Anna Drive? Please….

            Oh, and as for moving late at night, I’ve helped more than one friend movie after dark because that’s when they could do it; End of the month; there’s a workday in the middle of the week. can’t get time off. I’ll also note, Brandman holds no office, so who cares that he moved at night.

        • On the Eli Home claim, see my post where I have statements from employees there willing to share their paystubs with responsible parties. Since you’re talking allegations and not actual proof, there are many who believe you were responsible for your then-girlfriend/now wife’s shiner in the fall of 2014; you deny it, but there are allegations you had something to do with it. I would not surprise me if you did.

  7. And which Eli Home employees are going without paychecks? Can you give a single name?

    I’m providing facts about you that go directly to your integrity and reliability. All you have are unsupported accusations and innuendos (what else is new).

  8. I have been declared for a while and either your bias or ignorance is not fair to your readers.

  9. I attended a christmas gala she held 4 years ago. She had mail-order PHD ‘pastor’ Stephanie Stieler give a speech asking everyone to ‘open their wallets’ to her, and Galloway has 3 different kids get up to the podium to tell their story of how they were whisked away from their dysfunctional homes. The kids were crying as they spoke of the abuse they went through before they were saved by the Eli home. While there was an awkward air permeating from many of the guests, no one seemed upset or acknowledged the fact that she was re-traumatizing these kids for her campaign. I wouldn’t be surprised if they Eli home was used for trafficking, but maybe that’s a stretch. Nonetheless; shady people with poor taste to say the least.

    • Eli Sabachthani

      Checks out, sounds like the experience of a lot of kids she’s supposedly “helped” over the years… like the Anna Drive kids she was paid to counsel and then became her “youth campaign volunteers”… until they started to realize they were being used.

      And using “Pastor” Stieler was REALLY taking advantage of the mentally handicapped.

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